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How to Get More Email Signups for Your Blog Sites

How to Get More Email Signups for Your Blog Sites

Email can be regarded as an essential tool for the effective communication between you and your readers. With it, you can send the daily newsletters to all your email subscribers, get the reading feedbacks about your web contents, better promote your website and many more. However, to maximize the benefits brought by the email, you need to have a large number of subscribers who can receive your messages. Otherwise, all your efforts are just going to waste.

In the following, we’d like to introduce some effective tactics concerning about how to get more email signups for your blog sites.

Ensure the Easy and Fast Signup Process

To begin with, you need to make the signup process easy and fast. After all, the biggest barrier for email subscription is the lengthy, complicated and time-consuming signup form. In common cases, you only need to ask for the first name and the email address of your potential subscribers. With these two things, you can address them in a personal manner, which can greatly increase the open rate of the emails.

There is no need for you to ask some other things like the physical location, website URL, gender, birthday, job, education and many more. You just need to keep the capture form as simple as possible, and do not give people the chances to click the Close button.

Personally, we think an effective email signup process only needs three steps.

  • Enter the name.
  • Enter the valid email address.
  • Click the Signup or the Subscribe button.

Easy and Fast Signup Process

Display the Call to Action for Email Signup

In fact, the magnetic call to action can result in a huge boost for your email signup. After all, before encouraging people to subscribe to you, you firstly should make them notice this call to action. Generally, there are three factors you should consider to this point.

  • Color – Surely, it would be better for the call-to-action button to have the bright colors that are eye-catching, obvious and can draw people’s attention in the first sight. In the same time, you also need to consider the webpage color scheme, for the high color contrast is not good for the overall page design.
  • Placement – For this aspect, you have multiple choices. For instance, you can choose a fixed location on the sidebar or the central location on the landing page. Even, you can display the lightbox for email signup that has the vivid popup effect.
  • Label – Personally, we highly recommend you to enter some simple and easy-to-understand label into the call-to-action button, such as “Click here”, “Signup here” and “Subscribe to us”.

Call to Action for Email Signup

Achieve the Strong Incentive and Encouragement

Now, you need to encourage and attract your visitors to click the signup button. To achieve this, you should ensure two things – amazing web contents and the free giveaway.

Amazing Blog Contents

Firstly, you should give people a strong reason to sign up for your email. And the best way to achieve this is by creating the high-quality, truly worth-reading, inspiring and informative web contents that can teach and amaze your visitors.

With this insurance, most of them will be happy when you ask for their email address, for they have enough confidence in the quality of your email message.

Free Giveaway or Small Gifts

If your contents are not every attractive to entice people for the email signup, you can promise some small gifts or giveaway that can act as the exchange of people’s email addresses. For instance, if your website offers some services, you can promise a period of free trials. Also, you can offer the download sources for some valuable e-books, guidelines and reports without any charge.

Free Giveaway for Signup

Remove the Sense of Fear

It is possible that you already ensure the enough reasons, incentives and convenience for people to subscribe to your emails. However, they may still hesitate and worry that you will send them a lot of useless, sales and spam messages uninterruptedly, especially if they have already signed up with too many websites. After all, almost all the people hate to clean the junk mails whenever they open their mail boxes.

In this case, you need to kill and remove this kind of sense of fear. For this aspect, we have three valuable suggestions.

  • You can be open and transparent, telling people what they can get from your newsletters exactly, such as the weekly digests, newly releases, top recommendations and many more. This gives people a sense of reliability that all your emails are worth opening.
  • In addition, you can leverage the social proof, indicating that there are a large number of people who have already joined your email list. People generally have more confidence in something that other people trust.
  • Even, you can directly claim that you also hate the spam emails, so you will never send these things to your subscribers.

Worry-Free Signup

Display the Signup Form in Multiple Locations on Your Site

After tested using Google Analytics, we have found that you can get more email signups if you locate this special form at multiple places of your blog site. This gives people more chances to notice it and a strong incentive to make a call to action. After all, you can never know at which point your visitors are ready to subscribe to your newsletters.

Here, we’d like to list some options you can consider.

  • Firstly, you can consider the fixed location at all the pages of your site, such as the sidebar, the footer section and the header section.
  • The second location is your Contact Us page. As researched, we have found that if people navigate to the Contact Us page of your site, it means they at least are interested in your site and want to reach out for getting the further information about you. In this situation, why don’t you capitalize this kind of interest by inviting them to sign up for receiving your emails? Personally speaking, this is an effective and straightforward recommendation but is seldom performed by webmasters.

Footer Email Signup

Integrate the Email Signups with Other Forms of Your Site

It is possible that your website has multiple forms to achieve different purposes, such as the contact form, the registration form for the upcoming events or the subsequent comments, the donation form and many more. Generally, all of these forms require people to enter their email addresses.

Surely, you cannot directly grab these addresses and put them into your email list. However, you can give people an option for signing up. For instance, you can display a checkbox on these forms, inviting people to join the mailing list after filling out all the required form fields.

Make the Signup Easy to Forward

In order to improve your online reaches, you can display a “Forward to Your Friends” link in each email message. This is a useful practice for turning your current subscribers to the website advocates, giving them the freedom to easily send your meaningful messages to other people who might be interested in your contents.

Ensure the Value of Your Newsletters

If you cannot make sure that all your email messages are of the valuable information, then, all the things you have made previously are just in vain. In this case, to eliminate the unsubscribe rate of your email, you need to keep the promise you have made to all your subscribers and ensure the meaningful messages all the times.