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The Best Facebook Apps for Business Pages - Great to Optimize the Business Page

The Best Facebook Apps for Business Pages – Great to Optimize the Business Page

The social media platform has provided a new suitable medium where all businesses can interact with the customers, effectively seek more ideas about products, notify on new products and services as well as advertise existing ones. By creating Facebook business pages, however it is easy to target the right customers as well as increase the market. Just a profile cannot do this comprehensively; you still need a page app to make your page more accessible by users and clients.

Many of these existing Facebook apps for business pages are free and very reliable. However, every business has varying needs and requirements, and it is for this reason that we’d like clearly describe to you some of the best Facebook apps so that you can choose the one that is suitable for your business the most.

YouTube Tab

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YouTube TabThis tool has the highest potential viewers. Getting your product here means you are ready for a worldwide show. The YouTube tab can:

  • Integrate the YouTube page to your facebook pages.
  • Provide a seamless visual and audio display platform enabling customers to interact with you even more.
  • Contains a hashtag search feature.
  • Has an embedded YouTube player where anyone can stream right from the Facebook page.
  • Provide you with comments about your video right on the Facebook page.

YouTube tab is an easy-to-configure app and you can easily set it to meet your specific needs and demands from the administrator panel.


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StatigramStatigram is an app that allows the Facebook page acts as a central hub where you can cross-promote your products to other social sites like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. This app can easily feature Instagram photos and Twitter posts in your Facebook page. It is very popular since it is cheap and very effective in linking other social sites to Facebook.


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TabfusionThis Facebook app is also very helpful to most business professionals who wish to aggregate content from several social sites including Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, Vimeo, Pinterest and YouTube. This app assists the user:

  • To create custom tabs.
  • To add an unlimited amount of information to their pages.
  • With customizable Pinterest feed which can be integrated to the Facebook page.

Static HTML

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This is a very effective app when it comes to facilitating the creation of iframes on your Facebook page. It enables most business personnel to easily make promotions by removing the coding process of HTML and creating custom tags instead.

Static HTML


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ShortStackShortStack provides business professionals with several features that aid in maximizing the engagement between users and the page as well as encouraging the participation from the audience. After all, what is the need to have a million likes in your page while none of these followers contribute to your topics? Thus, ShortStack is very important in:

  • overseeing active participation and interaction in your Facebook page.
  • Making sure that users view and click links to your business site.
  • Bringing more potential buyers to your site thus increasing sales.


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NetworkedBlogsIt is crucial for almost any online business to own a blog. Blogs are important in providing engaging content, valuable backlinks and enticing information that encourage customers to buy your products. Therefore, integrating a blog with a Facebook page would be a great development in ensuring that you gain traffic from all possible venues. Linking the two can help your blog receives more traffic that can lead to the creation of a larger market for your products.

Constant Contact

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Constant ContactIn the business world, targeted advertisement is very important. Whenever you advertise a product to a person, you need to be sure that he or she somehow needs it; thus, the probability of him or her buying it is very high. Constant Contact ensures that you target your customers effectively by collecting contacts from Facebook profiles of your followers. It also automatically transfers them to your mailing list for easier messaging.


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HootSuiteThis is one of the very useful Facebook apps for business pages since it assists in streamlining of schedules and also makes posts for businesses by adding pictures and videos. It also manages and monitors feeds as well as benefit for the promotions. It is beneficial in:

  • Automating advertisements.
  • Notifying followers and posting on product releases.
  • Acting as a virtual personal assistant.
  • Actively scheduling Facebook posts.
  • Monitoring feeds in Facebook page.


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HeyoThis app allows business owners to sell their products right from their Facebook pages. It solves the hassle of having to click too many links that increase insecurity. Mostly, customers can get to know about your Facebook page before your business’ website, therefore if they can buy products directly from that page, it can save them time and also give you more potential customers.


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ParatureAll the businesses need to have efficient customer service. Parature allows clients to offer feedback or comments that can be helpful to your business. It entices users to post their feedback on the quality of the service, page’s profile and any other services offered by you. It clearly acts as a liaison between suppliers and the consumers.