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What is Effective Landing Page Design for Personal Blog Sites

What is Effective Landing Page Design for Personal Blog Sites

The page that meets you when you open a site is a landing page. Landing pages refer to an efficient channel that is used to turn traffic into useful members of your blog. Landing page is directly a page on a site formed for a specific purpose of inciting a quest to do something or to take on a certain action.

These pages are specifically designed strictly for the task of increasing the rate of conversion optimization. Therefore, it is important to make an effective landing page design for your site.

Purposes of Landing Pages

The creation of landing page plays a crucial role in introducing the site mission, guide in smooth navigation of the parts of the site, and highlighting a range of topics. It also does a great deal of work to introduce the business, but it is not useful for eliciting preferred specific conversions.

Landing Page Designs

Landing Page DesignsThere are two classes of landing pages – those that are anticipated to sell a commodity directly and those that are anticipated to create leads those visitors can enter their individual details.

The former are mostly advertisements where you can find a firm has included all that they offer to the visitors and what a visitor has to do to get the goods. Mostly the most prominent company offers are shown here to woo the visitors from taking an action of buying the goods and services from the site.

The latter is the registration or the login page where visitors have to enter their details to be members of the site. Registration forms occur in various designs depending on the theme and the plugin that the site owner has used.

No matter what your landing page are, you need to make them as attractive as possible. In the following, we have listed some tips and principles.


SimplicityLanding pages should be simple and feature compelling images with very visible that commands call to action. The use of ads, marketing material or links on the homepage or parts of the page is also effective.

Homepage has to remain simple to achieve its goal of being a landing page. Simply put, they should introduce the visitors about the content intended without further ads. If you decide to put a picture, it must speak to the visitors without their efforts for struggling to get its meaning.

Concise Headline and Copy

The headline of the landing pages does not have to trigger interest of the potential buyers who are not aware of service or commodity. The marketing headline copy needs to be gotten rid-off.

A headline that is simple and prominent must be used to attract attention of quests, and explain benefits and the features of landing pages. The headline should also be easily visible to catch the attention of the potential buyers.

Video and Images

VideoAn image is everything in marketing or selling the firm to clients. A video clip is worth a million of words and an image is worth a thousand of words. Video is an option to replace the long chunks of copy of headlines that sustain objective of landing pages.

However, you should make the video short as most of the visitors may not have much time to watch a 20 minutes video.


Testimonials, commodity reviews or service and social proof issues on a landing page provide confidence to visitors in making their decisions regarding the products to enter their individual details, and purchase the product or service.

The landing page with testimonials elicits the visitors to take action for they can have trust on the company, and thus want to buy the products.

Contact Form

This is the most common feature with many blogs. Sometimes, it may appear as a popup or as a full page contact form. When the landing pages are anticipated to lead generation, a contact form is appropriate.

At this point, the landing page is trying to collect as much data as possible at this point. The page should not be asking too much information because the clients may feel there is no surprise. It should be brief and precise to sustain simplicity and avoid scaring away the visitors.

Contact Form


Forming efficient landing pages also concerns conversion rate testing. For the maximum conversions to be realized, perfect elements must be combined. This requires the vast understanding of web development and online designing trend.

Data is Essential

Testing tools enable the site to organize landing pages and execute multivariate testing to perfect the page. The tools can report the stats for the site after the change of a landing page. Stats enable you to know how your landing page is faring. It helps you know the effective landing page design and the ones to be terminated.


Landing pages main function is to boost traffic and conversion rate optimization. Complex homepage must be avoided where possible. Simplicity is what everyone is going for to stay relevant. You should also know what your readers want to ensure that you provide the best that can get them somewhere. If you feel difficult to design this kind of webpage, the use of some well-designed landing page themes is also a great option.