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Best Drupal SEO Modules - Optimize Site for Search Engines

Best Drupal SEO Modules – Optimize Site for Search Engines

Whether you need to create a corporate website, or just plan to build a personal blog, Drupal – a famous CMS and blogging platform – is a pretty good option to you. It contains more than 26,000 modules for different functionalities ready to match your special needs, such as managing panel pages, editing attracting contents, handling databases, and so on. However, all the efforts are meaningless if people do not have access to your website. Thus, making your site search engine friendly and obtaining a good ranking are a necessity.

In the following, we would like to introduce you the best 10 Drupal SEO modules, with which you can improve the rankings of your website in the search results page and hence drive more traffic to your site.

Search 404

  • Downloads: 221,993
  • Last modified: January 19, 2013

Search 404Search 404 is a powerful Drupal SEO module that can avoid showing the error 404 page when you have some changes on your URL. That is to say, visitors can still have access to your website through old links from corresponding pages as long as the keywords remain in the URL. For example, if a visitor goes to, Search 404 will search for “you are beautiful” and show the related resulting pages other than “404 page not found”.

Besides, this Drupal SEO module also features management of 301 and 302 redirections, Lucene Search, Xapian Search, Search API using custom paths, and many more.

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Easy Breadcrumb

  • Downloads: 25,619
  • Last modified: April 2, 2014

Easy BreadcrumbEasy Breadcrumb module is compatible with Drupal 6.x and 7.x. It is developed to be an SEO module whichcomes with a plug-and-play block. By utilizing the URL and the title of the page that you have already worked out, Easy Breadcrumb can obtain the segments of the breadcrumb and the responsive links automatically.

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Global Redirect

  • Downloads: 523,054
  • Last modified: June 15, 2012

Global RedirectGlobal Redirect is an extremely powerful SEO tool that is used to check the URL of your Drupal website, making sure that the page represented is not a duplicate of any other URL. In this way, Global Redirect helps to prevent your web page from being swallowed by the search engine.

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CRM Core

  • Downloads: 18,969
  • Last modified: March 5, 2014

CRM CoreWith CRM Core, you can feel easier to handle contacts, activities and relationships in your Drupal web page. It comes with plenty of useful basic features. For example, you can take advantage of user synchronization function to make the contacts tied to user accounts, or you can use the report tool as a storehouse to place reports that relate to contacts. Moreover, this Drupal SEO module also expands its functions with other Drupal components, such as views, VBO, ctools, rules, services, search API and more.

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Drupal SEO Tools

  • Downloads: 38,782
  • Last modified: April 17, 2014

Drupal SEO ToolsDrupal SEO Tools module is a powerful suite of tools for Drupal and it is mainly applied to optimize your content and make the page search engine friendly. The fantastic tools that are integrated into the suite include keyword research & management &extraction, link handling, content autolinking, cornerstone content & silo management, Google Analytics w/ API integration and Google Webmaster Tools, etc.

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  • Downloads: 2,770
  • Last modified: March 11, 2014

ShareaholicAlthough developed only for few months, Shareaholic has received unimaginable popularity. It is because this module comes with a suite of extremely powerful applications, such as share buttons, related content and analytics. With share buttons, your visitors can feel free to share your content to the popular social network like Facebook, Twitter and many more. Related content can recommend relevant posts to your readers, which contributes a lot in keeping them on your website and increasing the view of your page.

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Word Link

  • Downloads: 3,497
  • Last modified: January 10, 2014

Word LinkAs we can infer from the module’s name, Word Link is a tool for Drupal that makes it possible to convert particular words in your contents or comments into links. Besides, with this module, you have the control over the amount of the words to be converted, as well as the content types and fields that the words are going to influence.

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SEO Compliance Checker

  • Downloads: 131,487
  • Last modified: May 14, 2012

SEO Compliance CheckerSEO Compliance Checker module for Drupal is developed to check the nodes which are being created or modified and then come out the results in a table, telling you whether the node contents are compliant with the preset user-defined rules or not. In this way, you can easily learn what goes well and what needs to be paid more attention.

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  • Downloads: 674,926
  • Last modified: March 18, 2014

MetatagMetatag is such a module for Drupal developed to provide structured meta data, helping to get good rankings in search results list greatly. After all, search engines usually take note of the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag. What’s more, it also features exportable and flexible API that can be utilized to define meta tags of your own.

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  • Downloads: 2,383,357
  • Last modified: September 8, 2013

PathautoPathauto is a Drupal SEO module which can be used to automatically create search engine friendly URLs with keywords in them to get a better position in search results page. In addition, URLs with keywords are welcomed by web visitors, because they are capable of learning the content information easily through these keywords, thus they can avoid visiting some irrelevant pages and improve efficiency.

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