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DreamHost VS HostGator - Web Hosting Comparison for Business Sites

DreamHost VS HostGator – Web Hosting Comparison for Business Sites

We have worked out an in-depth comparison of shared web hosting between DreamHost and HostGator, according to the speed, reliability, price, feature, and technical support. We have used and reviewed two providers for over 3 years and had a deeply understanding on various aspects. This DreamHost VS HostGator comparison is based on our real experience and customers feedbacks, in purpose of helping readers learn about two providers comprehensively and make the best decision easily.

DreamHost VS HostGator > Overview

Founded in 1997, DreamHost is an experienced web hosting provider serving for thousands of customers around the world. It is designed to be easy to use that everything is built with the customer in mind. With over 15 years development, it has become a famous web hosting provider, with more than 1500 servers, state-of-the-art data centers, and 100+ full time employees.

HostGator is established in 2002 in Houston, Texas, by the Founder and Chairman Brent Oxley, from their dorm room at Florida Atlantic University. So far, it has grown to be a world-leading provider of web hosting services. Offering reseller, Shared, dedicated hosting and VPS services, HostGator is able to serve customers ranging from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies. With more than 12,000 servers under management and 4000+ employees, HostGator is powering more than 900,000 customers in more than 200 countries all over the world.

In below, we compare the numbers of servers, data centers, employees, and customers between DreamHost and HostGator. Customers can learn about the differences, and be aware of that HostGator is more powerful than DreamHost.

Rating HostGator DreamHost
Technical Support
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DreamHost VS HostGator > Pricing & Feature

DreamHost has a single shared web hosting plan starting at $8.95/month. With the 34% discount, however, the price is down to $5.95/mo.

HostGator shared web hosting has 3 plans named as Hatchling, Baby and Business, starting at $4.76/mo, $7.16/mo and $11.16/mo with a 20% discount. However, HostGator provides a secret 30% discount for customers using the exclusive promotion code EUNGE30OFF. Besides, HostGator supports monthly billing starting at $6.26/mo, which is an ideal choice of customers who have limit budgets or want to take down the risk of purchase.

Compared with the better price-value, the HostGator web hosting plans are actually more rich-featured than DreamHost. Check out the features as the following table.

HostGator DreamHost
cPanel Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes No
SSL Certificate Yes Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes No
Live Chat Support Yes No
Money Back Guarantee 45 days 97 days
Discounted Prices $3.46/mo $5.95/mo
Discounts 30% 34%
How to Claim EUNGE30OFF Not Recommended

From the comparison, we can know that both providers offer unlimited basic sources, however, HostGator is more rich-featured on advanced technologies and support channels. On the other hand, DreamHost offers a longer money back guarantees.

With HostGator, you can be ensured with all the basic hosting features such as a flexible cPanel, unlimited server resources, email accounts, sub-domains and FTP accounts. In addition, you can get some additional offerings that are free with each hosting package, which include $200 advertising credits, more than 4,500 website templates, website builder named as Weebly and the transfer service for database and domains.

Even, if you are the advanced webmaster looking for some geek features, HostGator offers all the up-to-date programming languages and modules such as Perl, Python, Fast CGI, Ruby on Rails and PHP 5. Besides, the phpMyAdmin is pre-configured for the management of MySQL database.

If you sign up with DreamHost, you can also get a list of useful features such as unlimited storage and bandwidth, PHP 5 support, SSL secure server, CGI access, SSI, Rails, Python, Perl and many more. However, as compared with HostGator, this web host offers less advertising credits for search engines of Yahoo and Bing. In addition, instead of providing the widely used cPanel, this web host includes a custom and self-made option into the hosting package. To be frank, this web-based control panel is powerful and is full of functions, but fails to achieve the same level of ease of use and intuitive user interface as that achieved by cPanel.

DreamHost VS HostGator > Speed

Generally, the fast speed is kept by the strong facilities. DreamHost rents data centers in Los Angeles and the websites hosted on DreamHost are faster than commons.

HostGator houses all high performance servers in SofltLayer top-level data centers, which allows customers can utilize the best networks to power the websites and ensure the maximum speed. Besides, websites hosted on HostGator are accessible through a fast and stable Cisco Network, along with some other fiber providers like AT&T/SBC, and Level3, etc. All these facilities ensure the websites on HostGator can keep fast speed.

We have 2 same WordPress sites with 100 articles, and 20 image posts hosted on DreamHost and HostGator, the site on DreamHost is loaded within 326 ms while the site on HostGator responses 338 ms averagely. Below is a table to compare the server response time, and it shows that HostGator is 48% faster than DreamHost. Read about more information in the following statistics.

DreamHost VS HostGator > Uptime

Over the past decade, DreamHost has grown to over 1500 servers, state-of-the-art data centers, and about 100 full-time employees. DreamHost focuses solely on providing a quality web hosting experience backed by the absolute technology, and guarantees a hosting uptime of 99.9%.

HostGator has partnered with SoftLayer for all primary data centers and network providers. SoftLayer is one of the world’s largest web companies, offering data centers with strong security, power, safety and cooling system. In addition, HostGator system administrators monitor all servers 24×7 which can ensure the peak performance.

DreamHost vs HostGator > Room to Grow

If you have run your website for a long time, your initial hosting package might be less powerful with the growth of your web content and improvement of online traffic. In this case, you need to upgrade your hosting plan for more disk storage, RAM, monthly bandwidth and many more. In this case, both HostGator and DreamHost give you enough room to grow by offering not only the shared hosting, but also the VPS and dedicated solutions.

However, the difference is that HostGator allows multiple packages for the shared hosting, so you can make a wise decision of which plan suits your needs and budgets perfectly. DreamHost, however, only has a single plan.

DreamHost VS HostGator > Technical Support

Technical support is one of the most important thing of a web hosting provider, especially for customers who have little technical knowledge or skills. Due to this, DreamHost provides 24×7 Los Angeles-based Email support. If customers want to have more support, they can find useful information in the Wiki, Discussion Forum, and Status Blog.

On the contrary, HostGator provides rich support ways including live chat, email and phone. All supports are valid for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and customers are able to get immediate assistances at any time and via any way. Besides, there is also an online Support Portal that customers can create a support ticket, discuss in forums, watch video tutorials and so on.

With HostGator professional and friendly support representatives, customers can always get effective helps. As we received 134 HostGator reviews from the sister site, nearly 97.7% of the customers are satisfied with the technical support. Read about the below chart for more information.

DreamHost VS HostGator > Conclusion

After the thorough comparison of DreamHost VS HostGator, HostGator wins in overall scale, price, features, reliability and technical support.