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DreamHost VS GoDaddy - Which Web Host is Better for Shared Hosting

DreamHost VS GoDaddy – Which Web Host is Better for Shared Hosting

DreamHost and GoDaddy are two well-known web hosting providers. The former one offers a set of hosting solutions, such as shared, VPS and dedicated hosting while the latter focuses on domain registration, as well as shared hosting.

As many webmasters wish, we make this comparison between DreamHost and GoDaddy to help them make a suitable choice. By collecting verified customers’ responses and evaluating the features, prices and speed of the two companies, this comparison is expected to be objective.

Rating DreamHost GoDaddy
Tech Support
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Pricing Policy & Packages

Pricing PolicyDreamHost releases a single shared plan with $8.95/mo regularly. With the newly released 34% discount, however, this hosting charge is down to $5.95/mo effectively.

GoDaddy comparatively offers three shared plans – Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. As this company offers some discounts, the prices of them are reduced to $4.99/mo, $5.99/mo and $7.99/mo individually.

When comparing them, DreamHost is slightly cheaper than GoDaddy.

Usability & Features

DreamHost offers more features and resources than GoDaddy at the same price level. For instance, DreamHost includes more FTP accounts and email accounts, as well the advanced programming language of Ruby that GoDaddy lacks. However, as comparing with the truly top-notch web hosts like BlueHost, DreamHost is also not so rich-featured. The following comparison table is made by selecting the shared plan of DreamHost, Deluxe of GoDaddy and Plus of BlueHost.

Features DreamHost GoDaddy BlueHost
Plan in Review Happy Hosting Deluxe Plus
Web Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited 500 Unlimited
FTP Account(s) Unlimited 50 Unlimited
PHP5 Yes Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes Yes
Ruby Yes No Yes
cPanel No Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 97 Days 30 Days Anytime

With regard to some development features, the two companies have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, DreamHost offers the programming language: Ruby on Rails while the other company not.

In addition to that, GoDaddy utilizes the most user-friendly and easy-to use cPanel while DreamHost offers a self-built control panel.


DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based company who uses data centers in East Coast of America. All the data centers, featured in colorful and branded air handler units, contain about 1.5 megawatts of IT capacity and 5,500 servers. Having been involved in a number of high-profile outages over the past years, this company has tried to improve the condition of their servers and networks.

No one can deny that GoDaddy does a great job on hosting uptime. This web host promises to offer 99.9% uptime and they are true to their words. However, as for speed, although this company has invested numerous money in building their data centers, they still receive a lot complaints from their customers because of the slow page loads.

If you are wondering the speed of the two companies, DreamHost works better than GoDaddy. From the chart in below, you can get more specific information about their server response time in the past 30 days.

Technical Support

It is an acknowledgment that technical support is of importance for both hosting providers and customers. For this part, both of these two web hosts pay much attention to this aspects, offering great support service at anytime via multiple channels. However, DreamHost slightly lacks behind for they do not offer the phone support. If you really need the call-back service for free, you have to pay additional $14.95/mo to get the premium support service.


Based on this in-depth comparison, we can summarize that both of them are not the worth-trying options for they all have some exclusive pros and cons. In this case, you truly require a quality and affordable hosting solution, you’d better have a look at the following three web hosts.


This is one of the leading hosting providers serving for millions of websites for tens of years all around the globe. With rich experiences in this field, they know how to achieve the truly quality and worth-trying hosting solution.

Initially, this web host charges you starting at $7.99/mo. With this promotional link, however, you can get a cheaper price of $3.49/mo. With all the necessary hosting features available along with some free extras and advanced add-ons, you can be ensured with the fast, secure, reliable and easy hosting experience.

Even, with their self-developed server machines and self-owned data centers, they succeed in achieving almost no downtime and super-blazing hosting speed.


This is another reliable hosting solution. By leveraging some DELL branded web servers and locating these machines at different world-class data centers, this hosting provider claims to ensure at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites. As we have tested the hosting reliability achieved by them, they have fully kept their words.

HostMonster charges you at the price of $3.95/mo via this special promotional link. To achieve an easy hosting, they offer the cPanel control panel for you to manage your hosting account, along with the script installer to help you finish the installation process of your preferred applications effortlessly.

InMotion Hosting

This hosting provider regularly sets the hosting charge starting at $6.99/mo. But now, they allow a 50% discount if you sign up through this promotional link, charging you starting at $3.49/mo only.

This web host focuses on the aspects of hosting speed and reliability greatly. In this case, they only utilize the robust branded server machines and their data centers are all of advanced technologies. Even, they adopt the SSD drives and cutting-edge networking, aiming to ensure the most reliable and fast service for you.

In addition, the support service offered by this web host is of high quality, which is 24/7 available and can be got via multiple channels.