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DreamHost vs 1and1 - Budget Hosting Comparison

DreamHost vs 1and1 – Budget Hosting Comparison

Both DreamHost and 1and1 are budget web hosting providers. To figure out which of them is the better option that promises richer features, better uptime, faster page loading speed and more responsive support service, we have made an objective DreamHost vs 1and1 comparison in the following, demonstrating their commons and differences clearly.

Editorial Comparison

Before moving forward to the detailed comparison, we’d like to showcase an editorial comparison chart to give you a general impression of the hosting services offered by these two web hosts with the help of start rating. Note that the results are coming from our real-world hosting experience and performance testing.

Rating 1and1 DreamHost
Technical Support
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DreamHost Pros and Cons

DreamHost is an experienced web hosting provider that has been serving customers since the year of 1997. At present, this web host grows to serve more than 400,000 customers and 1.5 million of websites among hundreds of countries all over the world. This large customer base is the best evidence to prove the high quality of its hosting solution.

As for the pros and cons, DreamHost does a good job in terms of uptime, page loading and the worry-free purchasing. The only minor drawback is related to its support service.


  • At least 99.99% uptime. DreamHost is undoubtedly a reliable web host. It adopts more than 1500 high-quality web servers that are coming with the robust components and have been configured properly to work better. Besides, this web host has a large equity stake in Alchemy, renting its cutting-edge data centers with carrier-neutral facility, SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 certification, high level of redundancy for power and network, as well as all-time-rounded monitoring system, all of which are aiming to guarantee an uninterrupted running of the servers.

    Backed by these infrastructures, DreamHost succeeds in achieving great hosting reliability. According to our personal testing for this web host, it achieves a 99.92% uptime for our sample website.

  • Worry-free purchasing. DreamHost allows a 97-day money back guarantee, with which you can have your money promptly refunded right after you canceling the account within the initial 97 days. Besides, DreamHost guarantees at least 99.99% uptime. If there is a failure of this commitment, you can get the customer compensation.

    In addition, to better promise the website security, DreamHost offers the site backup every 2 weeks and the database backup every 5 days.


  • Lack of the free phone support. DreamHost offers an efficient support service that is available 24/7 via emails, live chat and the ticket system mainly. If you are looking for a phone support, however, you need to purchase its Premium Support at a normal price of $14.95/mo, requesting the free callbacks from the support team.
  • Linux only. DreamHost does not support ASP.NET, Window and the FrontPage extensions. It only works for the Linux environment.

1and1 Pros and Cons

1and1 is a cheap hosting provider that offers a wide range of hosting solutions for personal bloggers, business owners, high-end platforms and many more. This web host has done great in terms of the price and uptime, but lacks behind many other web hosts when it comes to the page loading and the feature offerings.


  • Cheap hosting charges. This web host sets its hosting charges starting at $0.99/mo only with the annual billing circle, much cheaper than the majority of web hosting solutions. Even its most powerful Unlimited Pro plan can be purchased at the price of $9.99/mo.
  • Good uptime track record. 1and1 is also a reliable hosting provider, being able to achieve 99.97% uptime on average for our sample site during the past months. After all, this web host has a business line with DELL, thus only utilizes the DELL-branded web servers that are 100% factory tested to guarantee the highest level of website stability. Besides, 1and1 rents a US data center coming with the superior security, powerful redundancy and network connectivity, ensuring an unceasing running of all the located servers.


  • Slow page loading. According to our real-world testing using Pingdom, 1and1 requires 757 ms on average for server responding. Showed from the following statistics chart, during the first few days of the previous month, our sample site that gets hosted with it even requires 814 ms.
  • Fake unlimited hosting. This web host claims to offer unlimited web spaces for all the customers. However, after checking its Terms and Services, we have found that the so-called unlimited packages actually have some restrictions. They are initially configured with 50 GB of available web spaces. If your consumption exceeds that availability for more than once a day, your account may be terminated without any warning.
  • Poor Starter plan. This plan is the basic plan offered by 1and1. With it, you can only get 300 MB of RAM, 1 website and 1 database for 1 account. No free domain included.

DreamHost vs 1and1 on Packages

When comparing their packages, the hosting charges and the feature offerings are the core aspects.


This web host initially charges you starting at $8.95/mo. But now, DreamHost releases a 34% discount. With it, you can get the service at the price of $5.95/mo.

Besides the cheap price, you can also get a free domain name, the domain privacy service, SSDs, sufficient bandwidth and disk storage, unlimited domain hosting and email accounts, powerful control panel, 1-click script installer, $100 Google AdWords credits, and many more.


This web host launches a special promotional campaign at present. With it, you can sign up with its four packages at the prices from $0.99/mo to $9.99/mo.

As for its hosting features, different packages have different feature offerings. Here, we mainly focus on its recommended Unlimited Plus plan, providing a free domain, 1.2GB RAM, unlimited server resources, 1and1 CDN, 140+ apps and many more.

Frankly, both of them are not as cost-effective as BlueHost. Check the following table for details.

Features 1and1 DreamHost BlueHost
Unlimited Server Resources Yes Yes Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes
Domain Privacy No Yes Yes
CDN Yes Yes Yes
SSD Yes Yes Yes
Advertising Credits No Yes Yes
PHP5 & MySQL5 Yes Yes Yes
Perl, Ruby and Python Yes Yes Yes
cPanel No No Yes
Money Back 30 days 97 days Anytime
Price $4.99/mo $5.95/mo $3.49/mo

DreamHost vs 1and1 on Page Loading

Based on our testing on their hosting performance respectively during the past 5 months, DreamHost is undoubtedly the faster option. Check the comparison chart as following.


According to this comparison, both DreamHost and 1and1 are not the good option recommended by us. Instead, we sincerely suggest the following three web hosts, with which you can enjoy a better hosting solution at a cheaper price.