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DreamHost VPS Review - Is It Good to Choose
DreamHost VPS Review 5 5

DreamHost VPS Review – Is It Good to Choose

DreamHost is one of the most trust-worthy web hosts on the market, offering a wide range of hosting solutions for webmasters, including the web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and the managed WordPress hosting. Initially, we have demonstrated the DreamHost web hosting review, and now, it is time for their VPS service.

Note that this DreamHost VPS review is mainly based on the aspects of cost-effectiveness of hosting packages, reliability and speed of overall hosting service and the responsiveness of technical support.

DreamHost VPS
DreamHost VPS Review
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The General Information of DreamHost VPS Hosting

There are 4 VPS hosting plans offered by DreamHost, each of which is coming with different allocations of RAM, disk storage, bandwidth for each month and the hosting charges. This gives you enough freedom to choose the plan that suits your hosting requirements and budgets the most.

Besides, with the easy process for plan upgrade, DreamHost gives you enough room to grow your website, even if your initial purchase is the most basic Start Here plan.

  • The plan of Max It Out allocates you 8 GB of RAM and 240 GB of disk space.
  • The plan of Go Bigger allocates you 4 GB of RAM and 120 GB of disk space.
  • The plan of Most Popular allocates you 2 GB of RAM and 60 GB of disk space.
  • The plan of Start Here allocates you 1 GB of RAM and 30 GB of disk space.

In addition to the generous volumes of RAM and storage, all of these plans also allow unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting and a dedicated IP address for free.

DreamHost VPS Hosting

The Pro Aspects of DreamHost VPS Hosting

After hosting our sample site with this hosting provider for around half a year and collecting the reviews from hundreds of verified customers, we have found that their VPS hosting is great when it comes to the cost-effectiveness, uptime, hosting speed and support efficiency.

Highly Cost-Effective

As compared with the average VPS hosting charge that is ranging from $15/mo to $150/mo, the VPS solution offered by DreamHost is undoubtedly affordable. By purchasing through this special promotional link, you can purchase the 4 hosting plans at the price of $15/mo, $30/mo, $60/mo and $120/mo effectively.

DreamHost VPS Promotion Link Activation

As the truly cost-effective hosting service should not only be affordable, but also be rich-featured, DreamHost offers a long list of useful features to meet the needs of the majority of VPS hosting customers.

  • Enough allocations of server resources are offered as we have explained in the above part.
  • The support from Ubuntu can guarantee the uninterrupted security updates, resulting in fewer loopholes and vulnerabilities for your virtual private server.
  • The web-based control panel makes things easily to scale your VPS server up and down, manage your domains, control your emails and do something more. After checking the demo, it does not include many learning curves and can be used with much ease.
  • The latest version of Node.js is supported, which can be installed with a few clicks of buttons from the control panel.
  • The support of RVM, namely Ruby Version Manager, allows you to add and remove multiple versions of Ruby language on your server.
  • PHP, MySQL, Perl and Python are included into each hosting plan with the latest advanced versions.
  • Secure Shell, Password Protection and SSL are offered to increase the website security.
  • $100 advertising credits are offered for Google AdWords.

Great Hosting Reliability

DreamHost is famous for its great hosting reliability, promising at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites. To get the precise and detailed statistics, we have started an online monitoring of a sample site that is hosted with this hosting provider. After testing for about half a year, we have found that DreamHost is reliable enough to achieve a 99.99% uptime in the real world.

To be frank, this great record does not surprise us after checking their utilization of web servers and the infrastructures of data centers, both of which have the direct impact on the hosting reliability.

Web Servers

All the servers selected by DreamHost are DELL branded, meaning that all the machine components must be highly robust, being resistant to any physical shakes. Besides, with your self-owned virtually private server, you can be protected away from some noisy neighborhoods who may disrupt the stable running of your site.

Data Centers

DreamHost does not set up the data centers from the group up, but rent multiple centers as the server locations from the world-class IDC company of Alchemy Communications. Each of these data centers is state-of-the-art with around 42,000 square feet and the following technologies that can guarantee the proper working of server machines.

  • Fully redundant powerful solutions and network connectivity.
  • Real-time monitoring for all the facilities.
  • Seismic design to withstand almost all the natural disasters.
  • Advanced fiber optics, fire suppression system, cooling system and raised floors.

Fast Hosting Speed

When monitoring the hosting reliability, we also have checked their server response speed in the same time. According to the result, our sample site can be loaded within 4 seconds and can respond each server request with 326 ms on average.

What contributes to the great results include the quality servers, advanced data center infrastructures and some speeding up technologies. In the following, we have showcased what technologies they have used for boosting up the overall performance.

  • CloudFlare CDN – This service copy and store the static files of your website into all the web servers that are located at 64 data centers around the world. Once your readers send a request for accessing your site, their browsers can be responded from the nearest server. The short physical distance between your readers and the servers can speed up your page loading at least 300% faster.
  • DreamSpeed – This is the exclusive CDN service offered by this hosting provider. It works similarly as the CloudFlare CDN, but can work better for the websites hosted by DreamHost.
  • SSD – The SSD drives used by DreamHost are at least 20% faster than the common SATA hard drives. Check the following chart to know the differences.

DreamHost SSD

Responsive Technical Support

DreamHost offers the 24/7 technical support to resolve all your issues related to VPS hosting timely. Unlike the support staffs of many other web hosts who can only deal with the most basic issues, the support representatives of DreamHost are all professional and knowledgeable, being able to offer the quick answers to both simple and technical questions with great efficiency.

According to our personal hosting experience with DreamHost, we have found that we can get the response within 15 minutes when sending them an issue via the email or ticket system.

As for the live chat support, we also can get a fast reply. However, if we inquire something technical, they simply recommend us to convert to the email or ticket support.

The Cons Aspects of DreamHost VPS Hosting

The drawbacks of DreamHost VPS hosting are quite clear, but do not lead to some huge impacts on your hosting experiences.

  • The official support channels of DreamHost do not include the phone support. If you need this kind of service, you have to pay extra money of $14.95/mo for the free call-backs.
  • DreamHost allows the 97 days money back guarantee for their shared web hosting, but does not demonstrate clearly whether this policy applies to the VPS hosting. This may lead to the confusion for customers.


Without doubt, the VPS hosting offered by DreamHost is worth choosing. With it, you can give your website a fast and stable running, leverage all the features you require at an affordable price, and be assisted by a group of professional engineers.

DreamHost VPS