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How to Disable Comments in WordPress Posts for Better Security

How to Disable Comments in WordPress Posts for Better Security

WordPress is the leading platform for websites and blogs in the advanced internet world. It renders a suitable platform for various types of websites and blogs in order to meet the diverse needs of potential website owners. When it comes to commenting section of a website or blog, one can divide the websites into two categories – the websites that desire to receive comments and the ones that don’t want comments. The websites that do not want to offer a comment section to its visitors or subscribers look for an appropriate method to disable comments in WordPress, with a view to preventing comment spam. In the following, we have come out some tips regarding this situation.

Benefits of Disabling Comments in WordPress

Disable CommentThe idea of not having comment section puzzles up the mind of various owners because comments play a vital role in the search engine optimization (SEO) of the website. However, there is a big collection of individuals, groups and organizations that don’t want to have a comment section.

The primary reason behind the preference is the increasing amount of spam through comments. Statistics highlights that there are tremendous numbers of WordPress websites that get affected dangerously by comment spam and fail to recover completely due to loss of information.

Therefore, the prevention of comments section in a WordPress site is the preference of those website owners who rate security over SEO. Apart from it, disabling the comment section prevents the scope of receiving comments and, hence, the notifications. This factor is applicable in case of websites or blogs having a tremendous amount of posts because these websites receive dozens of comments on a regular basis.

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

When it comes to the methods to disable comments, there are several ways that can completely prevent the comments from the website. However, the best methods have been discussed here so that the administrators can follow and implement them to disable comments.

Using the Admin Panel of WordPress Site

WordPress doesn’t leave any loopholes that can disappoint its users. Options are available for disabling comment section from the admin panel of a WordPress site. The customization for the presence of comments section can be made at two points of time – by default and while making some edits.

While editing a post or page in the website running on WordPress, the administrator can move to the Discussion Meta box and choose to disable the “Allow Comments” option. If the Discussion box is not available in the list of options, then the administrator is required clicking on the Screen Options dropdown and make sure that the Discussion menu must be checked.

Discussion Tab

For disabling the comment section on the website by default, the administrator has to go into the Settings menu followed by Discussion. Here, he needs to deselect or uncheck the option that says, “Allow people to post comments on new articles”. Doing so can remove the comment box from the posts that can be updated in future.

Discussion Settings

Using WordPress Plugin

Plugin is always the best part of every WordPress website. The majority of things that every website owner desires to have on his website are offered for WordPress through the plugins. When it comes to Disable Comments plugin, this plugin removes all the comment-related fields from the website.

Disable Comments Plugin

Whether it is a basic website or a WordPress multisite, Disable Comments plugin is powerful enough to avoid the comment box from the website. It should be noted that this plugin is useful only when the administrator desires to disable comments from all the posts.

Disable Comments Plugin

No Page Comment Plugin

No Page Comment plugin is a simplified plugin for websites running on WordPress. It is a plugin that disables as well as enables the comment box after the installation. It renders the flexibility to choose whether to allow or deny the access to comment box in a website. Overall, it is a safe and secured plugin for websites running on WordPress that assists in disabling the comment box of a website.

It should be noted that the installation of the plugins is somewhat similar. The administrator needs to download one of the two tools and upload it to the server. The next step is to visit the admin panel and activate the plugin. Once the plugin is activated, customizations and modifications can be made from the Settings tab.

No Page Comment Plugin


As comment can act as a useful tool for the SEO of a website as well as for interactive purposes, many website owners desire to offer comments section in some pages while avoiding it from the rest of the pages.

An administrator can customize the settings at any point of time by enabling or disabling the comments on WordPress. The idea of avoiding comments from the website is only suitable for those websites that need to secure its content by preventing harmful spam from the website. Overall, one should analyze one’s requirements before choosing to disable comments in WordPress.