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DailyRazor Review - Pros and Cons for Shared Web Hosting
DailyRazor Review 3 5

DailyRazor Review – Pros and Cons for Shared Web Hosting

DailyRazor is a professional web hosting provider, serving for numerable individuals and business owners all over the world. This company claims to set reliability, performance and security as their top priorities, aiming to achieve the most advanced hosting solution.

Now, you may be wondering whether this web host has kept the promise. To find the answer, we have done a comprehensive DailyRazor review in the following, from which you can figure out whether it is worth trying by knowing its pros and cons. Note that we only review its Linux-based solution but not the Windows-based one.

DailyRazor Review
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  • Feature
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Price

The Pros of DailyRazor Web Hosting

Founded in 2004, DailyRazor is an experienced web host realizing the importance of affordability for customers. Therefore, it has done great in this aspect, plus some other pros.

Affordable Hosting Charges

DailyRazor has three hosting packages named as Personal, Professional and Enterprise, charging you starting at $3.5/mo, $5.65/mo and $9.4/mo respectively. This level of hosting rate can be afforded easily by common webmasters. However, you have to note that these prices are available for the three-year billing only. Other billing circles that are less than three years simply charge you higher.

Rich Features

DailyRazor has a long list of feature offerings that cover all the aspects you might need, from the basic hosting features to the advanced web programming.

All the three packages include the unlimited allocation of server resources and email/FTP accounts, free domain name, free site builder, regular backups, PHP 5, CGI, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, cPanel / WHM control panel, Softaculous and many more. The difference among the three plans lays on the allocation of MySQL 5 Databases and PostgreSQL Databases. You can choose one simply based on your needs.

Multiple Promotional Activities

DailyRazor launches multiple promotional activities at present, including a 15% discount for the web hosting plans, a 30% discount for domain registration and transfer, and a 20% discount for SSL certificates.

The Cons of DailyRazor Web Hosting

The drawbacks of DailyRazor web hosting are coming from our real hosting experiences and customer reviews on the web.

Unsatisfactory Uptime and Speed

DailyRazor claims to use the Intel Dual Processor Quad Core Servers and places them at advanced data centers located in Houston and Dallas, featuring uninterrupted power backup and redundant network. Therefore, this web host states to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime on the Internet.

However, as we have checked its customer feedbacks on Google, there are a lot of complaints and negative reports about the hosting reliability.

DailyRazor Uptime Complaints

Besides, based on our real testing with its Personal plan, this web host has achieved a 99.82% uptime from February to June this year. During these months, our sample site was down 17 times with 6 hours and 46 minutes downtime.

DailyRazor Uptime Chart

DailyRazor utilizes the RAID 10 drives for performance improvement, so its page loading speed is not bad, but also, not extraordinary. Based on our testing, the average server response time achieved by this web host is around 700 ms.

DailyRazor Speed Chart

Refunding Complaints

We have found a refunding complaint from a thread of, demonstrating that a customer cancelled his account, but DailyRazor didn’t refund him for 10 days.

Although he finally got the money back when he pushed to launch a PayPal dispute, this kind of complaint still can be a shotgun for the professionalism of this web host.

DailyRazor Refunding Complaints

Besides, there are some other people complaining that this web host does not accept an email or ticket request to cancel the account and get a refund. Instead, you have to call the support people routed to US, causing great inconvenience for people outside US.

Poor Support Service

DailyRazor claims to offer a 24/7 technical support, assisting customers via live chat, phone and email. As we have researched, however, many of its customers are complaining the efficiency of the support service. Below are some common complaints.

  • The support ticket is closed as soon as it opens.
  • A ticket needs about 20-30 minutes for getting a response.
  • The support staffs are not professional enough, keeping asking people to be patient without a proper resolution.
  • Some support representatives are not US-based, coming with poor English speaking.

No Vivid Knowledge Base and Blog Page

DailyRazor has a knowledge base for newbies to learn the basic knowledge of its hosting service. However, as concluded, there are no more than 400 articles in total, far behind some reliable web hosts like BlueHost.

Besides, although this company has a Blog area for launching the important information, the area has not been updated since October, 2014. It seems that there is not big advancement happened after the year of 2014.


To be frank, we do not think DailyRazor is a proper web hosting provider due to its reliability, performance and customer service. If you are looking for a web host for website building, we sincerely recommend you to have a look at the following three options, remaining all the pros of DailyRazor but not having its drawbacks.