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How to Create a WordPress Review Site with a Professional Design

How to Create a WordPress Review Site with a Professional Design

For most people who are looking to buy something, checking real customer reviews has become a key process before making the purchasing decision. After all, the voices and opinions got from the real users are much more convincing and objective than any advertisement, and can tell you whether this item is worth buying or not.

As checking or writing reviews for movies, books and any product has become a ubiquitous part of blogging, starting the review site is in the arising condition. Even, many people rely on this kind of site for earning the referral fees or the affiliate commissions.

In the following, we’d like to introduce some tips and steps on how to create a WordPress review site that comes with a professional design.

Finish All the Preparations

Before the creation practice, you firstly need to finish some preparations that have the key influences on the proper running of your review site.

Decide the Review Niche

Due to the fierce competition in the review field, we do not recommend you to pick a highly competitive and hot niche. For instance, there are a large number of review sites that showcase the smartphone reviews, but few of them are talking about the smartphone accessories.

Here, we need to mention that the key to set up a successful review site is to choose the right niche. The niche needs to have a low competition, and can arouse the interests of you, your readers and advertisers.

Pick Up the Right Hosting Provider

No matter what kind of website you are going to set up, choosing the perfect web host is an essential process. Especially, if your site is used for money making, the reliability and performance achieved by a web host can impact your profit generation greatly.

In the following, we’d like to introduce the top 3 best WordPress hosting providers that have got the large user base and customer satisfaction for tens of years.

Install the Great WordPress Review Theme

Having a proper WordPress review theme installed and configured can ensure a high level of professionalism of your site. As researched, many readers regard the overall design of your site as a determining factor of whether you are trustworthy or not.

Here, we do not recommend any specific theme for you, for there are a large number of options you can choose from the WordPress Theme Directory and some marketplaces. Instead, we’d like to list some tips for the selection of WordPress review themes.

  • The simpler the better. Do not pick up the functional one for it may overwhelm the functionality of the review plugin you will use later.
  • To maintain the reviewing professionalism, do not choose a theme that has a colorful scheme or strange design.
  • This is not a must-do practice for all of you. Especially, if you only want to insert a review section into your existing blog site, you can surely pass this step.

Install the Required Review Plugin

Now, you need to leverage the power of WordPress review plugin to add the review system. Personally, we think the WP Review plugin is a good option, with which you can review anything you want using the point rating, percentage rating or star rating. In addition, this plugin is a lightweight one with the full freedom of customization, with no serious influence on your website running speed.

After finishing the installation and activation process of this powerful plugin, now, you can find a WP Review button in your WordPress Settings section. Just click it for the general settings of this tool.

Firstly, you can decide the overall styling of the item review by deciding the color schemes of review box, font, background, heading background and border. Note that you’d better choose the proper color that can fully meet the overall color scheme of your webpage. In addition, for the highlighting purpose, you’d better pick up some bright colors. Here, we personally suggest you to start multiple tests to figure out how your review is displayed and whether it fully fits your personal requirements.

Also, if you want, you can check the box of backlink to tell people how can this plugin power your review site, but we sincerely do not recommend you to do so.

WP Review Styling

Next, you need to configure some default settings for your review. For instance, you can choose the review location between the options of Before Content and After Content. Also, if you want to display the review content in the central of your pages, you can choose to use the automatically generated shortcode.

After that, you need to add or delete some review features. For instance, if you are going to review a smartphone, you can add the features of price, manufacturer, key specifications, screen size, operating system, carrier and some others. You can simply add as many as you like.

WP Review Default Features

Add and Display a Review

Now, you can edit a review article for a specific item. In the editing screen, there is a newly added Review meta box available at the page bottom, with which you can display the review content easily.

Review Type and Headline

Here, you firstly need to choose the review type. There are 3 options for you to pick, which are Star, Percentage and Point. This time, we take the star review as an example.

Then, you can add a review heading. Here, you can add the product name or some words like “We Recommend It” or “This Is Not A Good Option”.

Review Type and Headline

Review Items

Next, you need to decide the review items. In fact, you already set up some default reviewing aspects when configuring the general settings of the plugin. But now, you can make further modifications to showcase the review in a better way.

In addition to the items, you also need to add the stars you give to each aspect. The rating system is ranging from 1 to 5.

Review Items

Also, you can customize the display location and color schemes to overwrite the default settings.

Review Description

If you want, you can also add some personal opinions of your reviewed item. Just edit the content as you are writing a blog post.

Below the editing box, you can click the box to hide the description and the total rating if it is necessary.

Review Description

User Reviews

For a truly quality review site, there need to be two rating systems. One is for the reviewers and another is for the readers. In this case, we highly recommend you to enable the user review function and do not forget to choose the rating type. In this case, your readers can find out the opinions from you and from many other people about a specific item.

User Reviews

That’s it! Now, you can publish this post and check the final result. Here, we’d like to showcase the screenshots of the three review types, and you can pick one based on your preference.

Star Review

Star Review

Percentage Review

Percentage Review

Point Review

Point Review

Special Notes for the Creation of WordPress Review Site

In addition to the basic steps for starting the WordPress review site, we also want to show you some special tips for the better running and management of this kind of website.

Pay Attention to the Homepage Design

Here, you can check some hot review sites to get the inspirations of how to showcase a professional design for your homepage. Frankly, you need to have a large search box available so that people can search for the reviews for some specific items. Also, there need to have some areas like “The Top 5 XXX” to get your readers the general suggestions.

Review Site Homepage Design

Add the Buy It Button

If you have joined some affiliate programs, you’d better showcase the Buy It button below or next to your review content. Generally, if your reviewing item is really worth buying, people will click that button to make a purchase instantly. Thus, you can earn the affiliate commission easily.

Add the Rich Snippets

The rich snippets can give you a highlighted effect when your content is showcased on the search engine results. This feature allows people to check the rating of your reviewed item before they enter into your webpage. As researched, the utilization of rich snippets can boost the amount of your organic traffic greatly.

Showcase the Sidebar Reviews

Sometimes, the sidebar is a great area to showcase some top recommended options, along with their ratings. In this case, if you use the WP Review plugin, you can leverage its default WP Review Widget to showcase a sidebar review effectively.