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How to Create WordPress Landing Page for Better Website Functions

How to Create WordPress Landing Page for Better Website Functions

Website design is an important factor for many webmasters, among which the creation and customization of landing page can never be ignored. After all, this is the first thing that visitors can notify when entering a website, directly influencing them to leave this site or go on to browse. Besides, the existence of a landing page can help readers easily know what the main point of your website is, thus figure out whether your content is the target they are searching for.

There are several ways to create WordPress landing page. In the following, we have come out three methods that are most used by webmasters.

Reasons to Create WordPress Landing Page

Landing pagesLanding pages are the webpages that come up on the screen as a result of clicking on an SEO optimized search result or an online advertisement. In other words, it is the webpage used by marketing executive effectively to capture leads and sell products directly. It is known as an efficient marketing tool because the conversion rate of a landing page is appreciably higher than the basic webpages. The main reason for this is the absence of complication from the landing page, i.e. there are no sidebars, menus or widgets.

Use WordPress Dashboard

This is the most technical method involved in the creation of landing pages. You should implement the steps only if you have a fair knowledge of using WordPress. Otherwise, it is recommendable to appoint an experienced developer to perform this function on your WordPress site.

Starting with the method, you should primarily go to Editor menu presented in the Appearance section. Here, all the templates that are available in your currently activated theme can be displayed. You need to check all the templates and see if there are any full-width templates. This can also be checked while creating a new page. You should focus on the full width templates because you need to get a full-width page from your activated theme to your hard drive. This can be done by using your FTP.

full width template

The next step is to save the page as a document and to open that document through any editor. Now, you need to name the new page of your site as the code showed in the following and save the settings.

template name code

Now, you can customize the landing page as per your preferences and execute the marketing strategies of your product through this page. You can create as many landing pages as you want by following this technique.

Use WordPress Plugin

Plugins have always been the hot-topic in WordPress sites. There are several plugins that facilitate in the development of landing pages in a WordPress site. Taking Landing Pages Builder as an example of the plugin, we can discuss how to use a plugin to create WordPress landing page.

Landing Pages Builder

Landing Pages Builder is a powerful plugin that can be installed and activated within minutes. It sets up all the basic features on the WordPress site. You just need to add a suitable template for creating a landing page. The page can then be managed and customized from the admin panel of your WordPress site. Overall, it provides you with a user-friendly interface and useful features without involving any need for coding.

Landing Pages Builder

Use WordPress Themes

Tremendous numbers of landing page themes are available in the online store of WordPress. These themes are primarily developed to facilitate the creation of landing pages for the marketing of a product or a range of products. Out of the millions of themes, we recommend you to use Idea Landing Page WordPress theme.

This is a premium theme that comes with a set of 16 color schemes. You can use the most suitable color scheme to create an eye-soothing color combination between your product and the background.

Idea Landing Page

It is a responsive theme that performs well on multiple gadgets such as desktops, smartphones and tablets. Adding to it, this theme has a responsive swipe slider that can enhances the user experience. Also, it is an SEO optimized theme that provides assistance in improving the rankings of your website on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP).

Focusing on usability, the theme can be installed easily like all other themes for WordPress and managed from the admin panel. Adding to it, the user-interface is simple yet stylish, rendering a mind-boggling experience to you and the visitors. Overall, it is a useful template that creates the landing page easily and allows you to execute the marketing activities of your product.