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How to Create WordPress Custom Login Page to Replace the Default One

How to Create WordPress Custom Login Page to Replace the Default One

Over the years, the default WordPress login page hasn’t changed much. Although there are many premium themes offered by WordPress for website customization, these theme designs have not touched the login page even a bit to style and enhance the process of WordPress access, so the admin is coming with the same monotonous look. If you have just started with WordPress and are looking for some easy ways to customize the login page, then below are a simple set of guidelines as to how you can beautify your theme page.

WordPress Custom Background

You can very easily change a boring background to an eye caching one by adding any color of your choice. This can be easily achieved with a bit of CSS. WordPress adds a .login class to the body of the login page, by default, enabling you to use this class to add your own background. All you need to do is to add the following CSS code to the login-style.css file.

Custom Background

With this code you can get a classy navy blue background.

WordPress Custom Logo

To get a nice logo of your own choice, you can use the default .login h1 a class. Upload a logo of your own choice to the /login directory, taking note of its height and width. Then add the following code to your style sheet.

Custom Logo

Replace the dimension of the background size of your own choice. Do not forget to replace “logo.png” with your logo’s file name.

WordPress Styling

It is very simple to style your login page the way you want it to look using CSS. Before moving to the codes, you need to add this CSS to your login-styles.css file. Now you can follow the following set of codes.

WordPress Styling

WordPress Login Logo URL

By Default, the URL is link to You can easily modify this with a URL pointing to your own website by adding this code to your functions.php file. Below is a comprehensive code to do so.

Login Logo URL

WordPress Image

Add further charm to your page by placing a beautiful image of your choice on the login page. Once your WordPress login image is ready, use your control panel to change it into Thesis/ images/ custom folder. With this login image placed on host server, you can edit the custom_functions.php file to request the image of our choice. For this, follow the given set of instruction.

Custom Image

So start right now to build your own WordPress login image providing a very interesting and eye capturing grandeur.