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How to Create an Online Quiz in WordPress

How to Create an Online Quiz in WordPress

Creating online exams, tests or quizzes is not a bad idea to drive website traffic and increase click-through rate. Besides, you can use online surveys or quizzes for distance education, corporate training, pre-employment screening and many other uses.

Frankly speaking, it is not as tedious as you may think to setup an educational WordPress site where you can conduct quizzes, award certificates or just run your courses. At this place, we would like to give a simple method of how to create a personalized quiz by using this highly-customizable “Quiz Master Next” plugin. Now, keep on reading and access the rest of this tutorial.

Background Information About Quiz Master Next

As a nice-looking and impressive quiz tool, Quiz Master Next will provide you with the most flexible way to create multiple tests, quizzes, contact forms and surveys as well. In the further, this multi-purpose plugin has a wealth of options in store, including multiple results pages for every quiz and unlimited number of questions.

More importantly, this Quiz Master Next plugin gives you the ability to display different results pages and customize all the texts that your visitors will see. Its points-based system will evaluate and grade your quiz on the basis of users score. Above all, it is always available for free download through the following URL.

Website URL:

Create an Online Quiz - About Quiz Master Next

How to Create an Online Quiz by Using this Plugin?

As above, creating an online quiz will be totally hassle-free since all you need to do is follow our instructions as below. Note that, the entire process can be divided into five main steps.

Step 1 – Install & Activate Quiz Master Next
Undoubtedly, you shall firstly enable this “Quiz Master Next” plugin in WordPress. To achieve that goal, you must login in the dashboard of your WordPress site and navigate to “Plugins” > “Add New.” And then, just search “Quiz Master Next” within this plugin repository and click the respective “Install” and “Activate” options to get it enabled. Upon activation, you will find out this newly-added plugin under this “Installed Plugins” tab.

Create an Online Quiz - Install & Activate Quiz Master Next

Note for Beginners: If you are still obsessed about the installation process and want to know more details, you may refer to this tutorial.

Step 2 – Create a New Quiz
As you can see in the below screenshot, a new “Quizzes” section has been added to the left admin menu. Here, you are expected to make a hit on this “Quizzes” option and have a quick look at the quizzes statistics about your WordPress site. It is quite normal that you will see nothing when you use this plugin for the first time. Now, all you need to do is click this “Add New” option to get it started.

Create an Online Quiz - Add New Quizzes

Once clicked, you will be prompted to create a “Quiz Name” for your quiz. Here, you can fill in your preferred quiz title and press the “Create Quiz” button to take effect. Beware that, it takes a little while for this plugin to generate your new quiz.

Create an Online Quiz - Create Quiz Title

Step 3 – Configurations to Your Quiz
As is displayed in the following picture, your newly-made quiz will appear on this “Quizzes” page. To edit and add a question to this quiz, you will have to click this “Edit” link lying under this “My Personalized Quiz” title. By the way, you also have the ability to edit and change your quiz name by simply clicking this “Edit Name” option.

Create an Online Quiz - My Personalized Quiz

On this “Quiz Setting” page, you will be asked to “Add Questions” to your quiz firstly. In this pop-up window, you are allowed to create your questions, add new answers and supply correct answer information. Pay attention that, the “Correct Answer” option next to the right choice should be checked.

Create an Online Quiz - Create Questions & Answers

In the meantime, there are lots of quiz types for you to choose from, such as “Multiple Choice”, “Drop Down”, “Multiple Response” and “Horizontal Multiple Choice”, etc. Also, you can decide whether use small-text/large-text comment field or just leave it as it is. To put an end to your configurations, you shall define the “Question Order” and “Category”. Do not forget to click this “Create Question” button to make it work.

Step 4 – Grade this Quiz
As is mentioned above, this “Quiz Master Next” plugin makes it possible to build up a grading or evaluating system. To do that, you will have to enter the “Options” tab on the same “Quizzes” page. As below, this “Options” tab has a good number of settings in store for your own quiz. To name a few, you can decide which system that your quiz will be graded on from several options, including “Correct/Incorrect”, “Points” and “Not Graded.”

Create an Online Quiz - Quiz Options

At the same time, you can decide whether users need to log in to take your quiz by clicking the respective “Yes” and “No” options. Also, you can specify the number of questions and entries for each quiz. To be frank, each option under this tab is quite self-explanatory, and you will have to “Save Options” once you’ve completed everything.

Step 5 – Add Your Quiz to Posts/Pages
Here, all of your quizzes created by this “Quiz Master Next” plugin can be added to your pages or posts with a line of configuration code. To get this unique quiz shortcode, you will need to go back to the “Quizzes” page where there is a full list of your created quizzes. Among all those options, you will see this “Quiz Shortcode” next to the “Leaderboard Shortcode”. Now that you have acquired your quiz code, you only need to copy and paste it into any WordPress post/page.

Create an Online Quiz - Quiz Shortcode

Till this step, you have added an online quiz to a WordPress site successfully, and your visitors will be able to answer questions. Here is an example of how your WordPress quiz will look like.

Create an Online Quiz - Example Quiz Website

Top WordPress Quiz Plugins

To be frank, WordPress quiz plugins have come a long way in recent years, and there are innumerable highly-quality options in addition to the above-introduced “Quiz Master Next” plugin. Here, we have picked out the top quiz options as below.

  • HEXAM – that allows you to provide tens of exams, tests or quizzes in your website. Besides that, you can set the number of questions and answers for each quiz with auto-generated results.
  • mTouch Quiz – that allows you to create a multiple-choice exam or quiz with touch-friendly user interface. More importantly, you can decide when the correct answers will be displayed, and in the meantime, specify point values for every question.
  • Chained Quiz – that allows you to create quizzes, in which the next question depends on the previous answer. And more, you are able to decide what to do when some specific answers are chosen – go directly to the next question or just finish the quiz.
  • Quizzin – that allows you to embed online quizzes and assessment system to your WordPress website by including a short HTML code. In the further, you can integrate each quiz with unlimited number of answers, among which one should be selected as the correct choice.