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How to Create Facebook Business Page to Better Market Your Business Online

How to Create Facebook Business Page to Better Market Your Business Online

Achieving a great popularity in the social platforms, especially the large ones, is not an easy task. Many people choose to post some funny GIF images as these pictures can attract customers effectively. However, if you are wishing to market your business on these platforms, this method may bring you a negative effect. After all, having too many irrelevant things may make people doubt your professionalism. In this case, an independent page attached to your social account can come into play, for it allows you to publish the information that is related to your business only, and in the meanwhile, takes advantage of your established follower base to achieve an easy promotion.

Previously, we have introduced the steps for creating Google Plus page. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to create Facebook page for your business.

Choose a Page Type

To create a Facebook business page, the first thing you need to do is to choose a page type. Facebook has categorized all the businesses into six types, and you can pick the right one from this page. Here, we have to mention that you cannot do it carelessly. If you enter into the wrong business category, you may miss your target followers largely.

Choose a Page Type

Among the six categories, the type of Brand or Product might be the most popular one among our readers. After choosing it, you are also required to choose a sub-category to better define your niche or industry. Then, you can enter your brand name and click the Get Started button.

If you choose the Local Business or Place, you also need to enter the exact geographical location of your business, including the city, state, and street address. Even, you are asked to offer your phone number for easy contact.

Complete the Page Information

In fact, you have already got your Facebook page started now. However, to make the page more attractive and convincing for business, you also need to enter the rich information to help people learn your page easily. Also, completing the page information is beneficial for your page ranking in search.

Facebook for Business

  • Page About – You firstly need to add some introductory words to inform people of the main idea of your page. Note that you’d better enter all the keywords related to your business and your niche, increasing your chances to be searched by people. Also, you are required to enter your website URL that needs to be 100% accurate. Besides these, you also need to decide a unique Facebook address for your page, helping people find your page on Facebook easily.
  • Profile Picture – You can use the logo of your product or brand as your profile picture. As this is a business page, you cannot use your personal profile the same as your Facebook account. Everything needs to be professional. In addition, the image you choose needs to be unique and is highly related to your business, coming with the high definition.
  • Favorite the Page – To find and enter your business page easily every time you login to your Facebook account, you can add this page to your favorites. Thus, you page can be listed in the left column of your Facebook homepage.
  • Share the Page – You can share your newly-build page to all the people who follow you or followed by you. This is a great way to increase your page popularity by making use the established follower base from your Facebook account.

Start Running the Page

After entering all the things needed, now you can start running this page. In fact, all the preparation jobs are done already, and now you only need to share the information related to your business. We have found that many people use this business page to promote their website by sharing the articles published on their website. Here, we highly suggest you to automate the posting from your website to Facebook.