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How to Create a Dynamic Header for WordPress Posts

How to Create a Dynamic Header for WordPress Posts

It is the goal of every blogger or site owner to have the best for the website. Many ways have come up through which you can increase the traffic to your site and get more readers. Most of the ways devised today are to lure the visitors into opening and reading the content on the blog. Images and videos have been used extensively at anywhere of you site to create interest in readers and get them reading the content. One of the locations is the header section.

The beautifying of header is one of the methods that people use to make their posts captivating. It is easy to upload and has a great and fast effect on your site. Creating a dynamic header for your site today can give you results within a few days. Here is how you should go ahead.

Create the Header for Your Site

It is easy to create a dynamic header through a WordPress plugin. You should strive to have a header for each of the posts you upload to make your pages and posts look elegant, and have an effect on your readers.

The Dynamic Header Plugin makes it more fun to have a header for your content. The plugin is customizable meaning that you can use your header image and set it to your liking. It also has other great features to enable the end user edit the header more to their wishes.

WordPress Header

Dynamic Header Plugin for WordPress

The plugin is a product of Nicasio Design & Development. It is easy to use, and thus most common with many WordPress users. First, you need to download it before anything else, and then install the plugin to start using.

With this plugin, you can create your own header image as you like or download a header image online. Ensure that the header image you have is captivating to your readers.


You can down the plugin from After that, open the downloaded .zip file from your computer and select the Install Now Option. The plugin can be uploaded to your site.

Upload Plugin

Open your WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin from the plugins menu. You need to create a writable /wp-content/header-images/ after installing the plugin. You can get more information on how to create this from your web host, from your support files or your FTP client documents. The directory may bring an error at the top of the plugin if it is not writable.

Activate Plugin

Uploading the Header

Open the Add New File page and upload the image you have created or downloaded. Image types accepted here include .jpg, .gif, .swf, .png and .jpeg. After the upload, use the code below on your theme. Note that header.php is the theme file that controls the header on your site.

Upload Header Image

Show WordPress Header

The code above is compatible with every WordPress theme online, and thus applying it is easy and effective.

Editing Page

After uploading the header, you should now select the pages or create new pages where you want the header to appear. This can be for a blog, full width or gallery. Open page on your WordPress menu and customize the image on the plugin box shown below the page. Then click Publish button.

Edit Page Header

The header can appear on the pages or the posts you selected immediately. You can open the pages or the posts you have selected to preview the header.

More Editing

After creating the dynamic header, you may want to remove it. Go to the Pages menu and select Edit page. From here, you have the option to change or remove the headers that you have earlier added. Remember that the header should be of high quality, should be relevant to the content of the page or a post and should be the right size to have the effect you desire.