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How to Create a WordPress Coming Soon Page with the Maintenance Mode

How to Create a WordPress Coming Soon Page with the Maintenance Mode

Are you looking to change the template on your site and modify the overall design? Are you looking to add a new section or provide some new products on your site to better attract your readers? Are you looking to make a major update for all the scripts, plugins and applications installed on your site? No matter which situation you are in, you’d better turn off your website and showcase a “Coming Soon Page” with the maintenance mode before making any critical changes. By doing so, you can enjoy two major benefits.

  • The maintenance mode makes your website inaccessible, so people will not encounter the bad reading experiences or even the website downtime.
  • The Coming Soon Page generates the great momentum and expectation for people to check your site again.

In the following part, we have introduced the detailed steps about how to create a WordPress Coming Soon Page, telling people what will happen on your site in an attractive manner.

Initially, the creation of “Coming Soon Page” requires you to have enough coding knowledge and skills. At present, however, the process can be easy and time-saving with the Maintenance Mode plugin.

Step 1 – Decide the General Settings

After installing this powerful plugin on your WordPress admin, you can start the creation from the Settings tab. Here, you can find the WP Maintenance Mode button. Simply click it to finish the general settings of this plugin.

To begin with, you need to decide the aspects for the overall status, searching robot crawling and the user role.

Maintenance Mode General Settings

  • By default, the maintenance mode is deactivated, so you firstly need to turn on this function by choosing the Activated option.
  • Once your site is in the maintenance mood, the common readers surely cannot access your site. However, you also need to decide whether the searching spiders can crawl your website content or not. Personally, we recommend you to disallow the search robots to bypass this special mode.
  • In fact, even your site is down for maintenance, you still can grant the rights to some of your users for accessing the front-end and the back-end of your site. But now, for the sake of security, you’d better only give the rights to the administrator of the website.

After finishing these general settings, you also need to decide some advanced configurations as listed in the following.

Maintenance Mode Advanced Settings

  • The meta tag of robots allows you to decide whether your blog posts or webpages can be indexed by search engines and can be showcased in the searching result pages. Personally, it would be better for you to choose the noindex and the nofollow options.
  • If your users have logged into your site, you can redirect them to your Coming Soon Page but not the WordPress dashboard.
  • When turning off your site, you need to make some special pages bypass the maintenance mood, such as the login page. Also, you can exclude the feed, archives and some IP addresses based on your certain situation.
  • You can turn on the notice function to inform you of the activation for the maintenance mood.
  • The plugin allows you to showcase the link for your dashboard on the Coming Soon Page, but we do not recommend you to do so.

Step 2 – Determine the Overall Design of the Coming Soon Page

As for the design of the Coming Soon Page, there are main two aspects for you to decide – content and background.

Page Content

This part requires you to enter the title, heading and the textual contents of this special page. In fact, the majority of visitors will not come back to your site again if they find nothing valuable on the Coming Soon Page. In this case, you need to deliver your message in an attractive and concise manner, arousing people’s interest to check what you will offer later.

Note that you can decide the color of the heading and the textual contents freely.

Page Content


As for the background of your Coming Soon Page, you can choose from 3 options – the custom color scheme, uploaded background from your local source and 11 build-in backgrounds offered by this plugin. Personally speaking, the image background works much better than the plain color.

Pre-defined Background

Step 3 – Add Some Additional Modules for This Page

Only having some simple words appeared on your Coming Soon Page may not be enough. You’d better also add some additional components such as the countdown notification, subscription button, social networking icons and your contact information. Luckily, this plugin allows you to add these parts easily.

Countdown Notification

Here, you can decide the exact starting date, the remaining time for the countdown and the color for the text.

Countdown Notification

Subscribe Button

The subscribe button is pretty useful, with which people can be informed when your site is alive upon the subscription, and you can collect the email addresses of your potential readers.

Note that the text and color of this button can be determined by you, and you can get the statistics of how many people have subscribed to your site from this part.

Subscribe Button

Social Networks and Contact Information

This plugin allows you to display the icons of social networks for Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Dribble, Facebook, Twitter and Github. You simply need to enter your accounts so that people can view your social profiles easily.

As for the contact method, you can offer your email address and decide the showcase effects based on your preference.

Social Networks and Contact Information

As everything is configured properly, now, you can click the Save Settings button and check the front-end page. Note that if your update task is done, you need to deactivate the maintenance mood for turning your site alive.

Coming Soon Page Sample