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CoolHandle Review - Pros and Cons for Shared Web Hosting
CoolHandle Review 3 5

CoolHandle Review – Pros and Cons for Shared Web Hosting

Founded since 2001, CoolHandle is a US based web host that offers the CloudLinux-based shared hosting solution. Initially, this company was set up by a group of IT gurus. In earlier 2010, however, it has been acquired by ProNetHosting.

CoolHandle claims to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction by offering a standard-new and quality-guaranteed service. Is it true? To come out an objective CoolHandle review, we have got a hosting account since August, 2014, mainly used to track its hosting performance. And in the meanwhile, we have started an online survey and research, collecting the customer feedback for its hosting services.

CoolHandle Review
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CoolHandle Web Hosting Plans

CoolHandle has three hosting plans for customers having different hosting needs. All of these packages are coming with a free domain name, the domain privacy service, no set up fees, cPanel, instant backup and restore service, CloudFlare CDN, as well as the necessary programming languages including PHP 5, Cron, CGI and Perl, etc.

In terms of their differences, check the following.

  • Starter – This plan is suitable for some small website owners and bloggers, restricting the number of domains (sub-domains, parked domains and add-on domains), FTP accounts and MySQL databases to 5.
  • Business – This one can be used to support the medium-sized websites or some small-scale e-commerce stores. It sets the domains, FTP and databases to 100, and allows for the dedicated IP address (charging $4.99) and private SSL certificate.
  • Pro – As for some large and professional websites, this package is just the case. It sets no restriction to all the features, and offers a free dedicated IP address along with the SSL.

As for their charges, the three packages are priced at $29.95/mo, $39.95/mo and $49.95/mo.

Pros of CoolHandle Web Hosting

CloudLinux Supported

CloudLinux has been pre-configured into every CoolHandle web hosting account. This special technology simply isolates all the websites hosted on a single shared server. Therefore, once one of these sites goes in trouble, the rest will not be negatively affected.

Besides, it sets a consumption limit of server resources using the kernel technology. Thus, webmasters do not need to guard against their neighborhoods who always over consume the system resources.

Great Uptime Track Record

The web servers used by CoolHandle are all rock solid and Intel-based, increasing the level of reliability and stability greatly. To make sure that they are working properly at all times, CoolHandle simply places them at a state-of-the-art data center that is located at Los Angeles, being the neighborhoods of other 12 world-class Internet providers.

The infrastructure of the data center is advanced, coming with HVAC, UPS, fire systems, security monitoring, building-entry monitoring and many more. Besides, CoolHandle focuses on redundant connectivity with some multi-homed networks. In this case, they can handle the traffic bursts effectively at any time, for they always have some additional capacities. This is the main reason as why this web host can guarantee a good uptime track record.

We have monitored the uptime of our sample website hosted by CoolHandle using Pingdom. The following chart is a small piece of our monitoring result, showing that the site is online all the times from August 27 to September 17, with no downtime at all.

CoolHandle Uptime

Fast Hosting Speed

Theoretically, the hosting speed promised by CoolHandle can never be slow. After all, the service is supported by top-notch web servers and data centers. Even, every hosting account can enjoy the content delivery network offered by CloudFlare.

Again, we use Pingdom to test its real-time speed, and find that the page loading time is 4.58 s with 125 requests. Not bad really!

CoolHandle Speed using Pingdom

Then, we go back to our performance monitoring on Uptime Robot, checking how our sample site performs during the past 24 hours. According to the following screenshot, we find that the average response time is ranging from 350ms to 400ms. Again, the score is not bad.

CoolHandle Speed using Uptime Robot

Cons of CoolHandle Web Hosting

High Hosting Charges

For most customers, the first impression about CoolHandle hosting service must be one word – expensive. Yes, as compared with the common web hosting plans, these three packages already triple the charging. Even, they are more expensive than some budget-friendly VPS hosting solutions.

For customers who place a 3-month order in one time, they can enjoy a relatively low price. But even the discounted prices cannot be afforded easily by common website owners.

Many Complaints about Credit Card

After searching on the web, we have found many customers complained that CoolHandle withdraws their money via credit card without their permissions. There are so many “CoolHandle lies…”, “CoolHandle steal…” and “CoolHandle withdraw…” complaints on the web.

CoolHandle Complaints

No Refund

This can be the worst thing of CoolHandle. If customers are not satisfied with the web hosting, they are allowed to cancel the account, but, they cannot get the cash refund. Even the pro-rated refund is not available. Also, this is the main complaint of many customers.

CoolHandle Refund Policy

Ineffective Support

To contact CoolHandle support team, customers have three options – call the toll-free number, send an email and open a ticket. To be frank, the lack of live chat causes much inconvenience. Besides, many customers simply complain that the toll-free line is always busy.


We have to admit that CoolHandle achieves a great hosting performance and offers enough hosting features. However, due to its costly charges and the lack of money back guarantee, we do not recommend it for the majority of webmasters.

In fact, there are some top-level web hosts that offer all the benefits offered by CoolHandle, but do not have the drawbacks of this company. The following three options are totally worth trying.