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BlueHost VS WebHostingPad on Hosting a Personal Blog

BlueHost VS WebHostingPad on Hosting a Personal Blog

Both BlueHost and WebHostingPad are award-winning blog hosting providers that have been trusted by a large number of bloggers all over the world. They all offer multiple packages that come with different features and prices, allowing you to choose based on your ultimate requirements and budgets. Besides, they pay much attention to the hosting performance, reliability and technical support, with the aim to improve your hosting experiences greatly.

As you may feel difficult to choose between them, in the following, we have made a BlueHost vs WebHostingPad comparison on their blog hosting solution, which is based on their cost-effectiveness, performance and customer service.

Rating BlueHost WebHostingPad
Technical Support
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Their Common Aspects on Blog Hosting

For the majority of bloggers, the hosting budgets and support channels can be regarded as the top priorities. Therefore, to better serve their customers, both BlueHost and WebHostingPad have done pretty well in these two aspects.

Cheap Hosting Plans

BlueHost has three hosting packages that are charged starting at $5.99/mo regularly. At present, however, this web host has launched a beneficial promotional campaign, with which you can get an up to 60% discount and purchase at the prices ranging from $3.49/mo to $13.95/mo effectively. To claim the discount, you only need to purchase via this special promotion link.

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

WebHostingPad offers two hosting plans in total. By purchasing with at least 4 years of billing circles, you can be charged at cheap rates of $1.99/mo and $3.99/mo effectively.

Without doubt, both of these two web hosts determine the budget-friendly hosting charges that can leave almost no financial burdens to common bloggers. Besides, they all offer the 30 days full refund policy to give you the risk-free purchase. The only difference is that after the initial 30 days, BlueHost allows the anytime prorated money back guarantee.

Multiple Support Channels

This part is especially important for both newbies and experienced bloggers. After all, no one can confirm that they will never encounter any hard-to-resolve issues when managing their blog sites.

In this case, both of these two web hosts hire a group of professional support team that is available all the times to assist you. Once you need help, you can contact these dedicated representatives by giving them a call, sending them an email and opening the live chat.

The only difference is that the support service of BlueHost is more responsive than that of WebHostingPad. After trying their hosting service personally, we have found that the response time of BlueHost email support is within 15 minutes, which is much faster than that of WebHostingPad. Besides, when contacting BlueHost via phone or live chat, we can always have someone talked about our issue. With WebHostingPad, however, it is possible to get no reply sometimes.

Summary – It is true that both BlueHost and WebHostingPad are affordable with helpful support service. When comparing in a deeper manner, however, BlueHost is better with the longer refund policy and more effective support service.

BlueHost Edges Over WebHostingPad

As your blog site is useful only when it is available to all the online users with fast loading speed, these two web hosts all pay much attention to the hosting reliability and performance. To figure out which is the better option, we have set up two identical blog sites that are hosted with them respectively, and monitored the website running for about three months using Uptime Robot. With the unceasingly monitoring, we have found that BlueHost achieves a better result in both uptime and speed.

Better Uptime Track Record

In fact, both of them claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for their hosted blog sites. Based on our testing, however, only BlueHost keeps this promise by achieving a 100% uptime for our sample site. As for WebHostingPad, the uptime is only 99.48%, coming with frequent downtimes during the past testing periods.

BlueHost Uptime

WebHostingPad Uptime

In order to achieve such a great uptime result, BlueHost has designed their servers and software from scratch and maintained everything in a professional manner.

All the servers utilized by them are developed using DELL branded components, SSD database storage, high-performing Intel processors and sufficient server resources. Besides, BlueHost locates these machines at their world-class data centers, each of which is coming with the advanced technologies to promise the uninterrupted working of server machines.

Faster Server Response Speed

According to the monitoring, our website hosted with BlueHost is already 148% faster than the site hosted with WebHostingPad. The former one only requires 320 ms for each server request while the latter one requires 793 ms on average.

In fact, what contrite to the fast BlueHost hosting not only include the quality servers and the advanced data centers, but also include their partnership with CloudFlare CDN. With this free CDN service, your website can be cached via multiple points all over the world for the improved page loading speed.

More Rich-Featured

It is true that both BlueHost and WebHostingPad offer all the necessary hosting features including plenty of server resources, cPanel control panel, 1-click script installer, free domain name, free site builder, unlimited email accounts and domain hosting, the latest PHP, MySQL, Perl and Python, etc. However, BlueHost is more generous by allowing the free advertising credits and supporting the Ruby on Rail programming.

Besides, as BlueHost includes the shared SSL certificate and SSH into all of their three plans, WebHostingPad only offers them in the Power Plan Plus package.

WebHostingPad Edges Over BlueHost

Personally, we fail to find any aspect that WebHostingPad is extraordinarily better than BlueHost. The only edge might be the fact that WebHostingPad does not set any restrictions on the allocation of disk storage, the number of domains allowed on one account, the number of parked domains and sub-domains, as well as the allowance of email accounts and storages. BlueHost, however, sets some restrictions on the Basic plan.


As for which one is the better blog hosting provider, we finally decide to choose BlueHost as it allows faster hosting, a higher level of hosting reliability, more effective support service and more hosting features.