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BlueHost VS FatCow - Comprehensive Comparison Based on Real Experience

BlueHost VS FatCow – Comprehensive Comparison Based on Real Experience

This comparison is made based on the performance testing carried out in the real world and our in-depth review concerning about the price, features, and technical support. Apart from these, we have also collected hundreds of real customer reviews to figure out the company reputation. Note that the result of this comparison is 100% objective and accurate, helping readers pick the better one easily.

Overall Comparison

This overall comparison chart is made by our editors according to their real hosting experiences with BlueHost and FatCow. After collecting their opinions, we have found that they are in favor of BlueHost especially when it comes to the package cost-effectiveness and hosting performance. Check the detailed chart in below.

Overall BlueHost FatCow
Comparison Professional Plan Pro Plan

BlueHost is one of the most trustworthy web hosting providers in the market. With the tens of years of experiences, this web host knows exactly what you want the most and how to satisfy you by offering the top-notch hosting solution. At present, this web host supports for hundreds of thousands of websites and manages millions of domains all over the world. The user base even expands constantly with a fast and stable pace. In addition, BlueHost has a large employee base that can handle a large sum of tickets, calls and emails on a daily basis.

FatCow has been founded since the year of 1998. This experienced web host grows with a fast speed via a dedicated group of talented people who are in the notion that only reliable and affordable service can ring true. They simply make every effort to ensure that the hosting service is easy to use, easy to own, and most importantly, can achieve the real business value.

Price and Features

Both of the two web hosts provide customers with an all-in-one hosting package along with all the features needed at a budget-friendly price.


Its hosting solution is priced starting at $7.99/mo originally that can be afforded by webmasters with no big burden. However, in order to alleviate this burden effectively, this company has offered a 51% discount that reduces the price down to $3.49/mo for customers who sign up through this special promotional link.

The cheap price and attractive discount, this company also offers loads of features that are all useful, such as free domain, unlimited domain hosting on one account, unlimited email addresses, unlimited server resources, automatic website backup service, enhanced cPanel, SimpleScripts app installer, free advertising voucher, and many more.

Note that this package can be refunded at anytime customers want with no question asked after they cancelling their hosting account.


This company prices it hosting plan at $49/yr for all the billing circles, meaning that customers need to pay about $4.08/mo no matter how long they decide to partner with this company. At present, FatCow also launches a promotion with a 23% discount, with which customers can sign up starting at $3.15/mo effectively.

In terms of the hosting offerings, FatCow has done a good job, providing customers with a large number of features and tools for website building and management. As compared BlueHost, however, this company is less satisfactory for it fails to offer the most easy-to-use cPanel. In addition, it does not including some advanced technologies into the package such as Perl, Cron Jobs.

BlueHost FatCow
Comparison BlueHost Plan FatCow Plan
Before Discount $7.99/mo $4.08/mo
Discount 51% 23%
After Discount $3.95/mo $3.15/mo
Money Back Anytime 30 Days
Domain Hosting Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain Yes Yes
Auto App Installer Yes Yes
Ads Credits Yes Yes
Perl Yes No
Ruby Yes No
cPanel Yes No
Cron Yes No
Claim Link Link

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is widely used by webmasters, especially new users, to set up their own websites, blogs, photo galleries, online stores and many more. In this case, both of these two hosting providers ensure the 100% support for this special tool by offering PHP 5, suPHP, at least 258 MB of disk space, advanced Apache servers and MySQL 5.

Even, if you want to get the more dedicated service along with the WordPress optimized hosting environment, you can also go with their managed WordPress hosting. With BlueHost, the service is provided based on the VPS technology that charges you starting at $12.49/mo only, coming with super-blazing speed, ultimately user-friendly, completely safe and secure, WordPress-focused controls and many more.

With FatCow, the managed service is less powerful, but you can be charged at a relatively lower price that starts at $3.75/mo only. In addition, the managed plans give you the customized control panel, pre-installed plugins and curated templates.

Uptime and Speed

To compare this aspect, we have collected the information about their web servers and data centers and have done an analysis carefully, for these two things play a vital role in influencing the hosting performance.

Web Servers

Both of the utilize expensive web servers with the best quality. They never purchase some cheap components from the market and assemble them into a server for utilization. Instead, all the web servers used by them are 100% factory tested with the best specifications.

BlueHost, in particular, adopts the Apache web servers coming with Linux Kernel, 8 processors, 16 cores, 256 GB of memory, SSD database storage, and CentOS, etc.

Data Centers

Generally, a quality data centers need to guarantee the uninterrupted power supply, automatic climate control, close facility monitoring, strict securing system, and the instant reactions to the sudden fire and water situation.

Honestly speaking, the data centers used by these two companies are already equipped with these infrastructures. However, BlueHost can guarantee a better data center monitoring for the three infrastructures are all self-built. This means BlueHost can have the full control over the server spaces. Therefore, once there is something happened unexpectedly, the experienced experts can deal with the issues instantly without the need to contact the third party.

The performance chart presented in above is made based on our real online test for the past few months. The websites used for testing is all built using WordPress with the same content, and the monitoring is on a basis of three-minute interval. As a result, BlueHost is 117% faster than FatCow. Besides that, this company also achieves a 100% uptime in the real world as we have monitored.

Technical Support

The customer support can never be ignored for any industry, especially the online dealing of web hosting. Therefore, both have paid much attention to this aspect by offering a round-the-clock technical support using multiple methods.

  1. Knowledgebase – Customers can get the basic knowledge of web hosting and the answers of FAQs easily. Even, they can leave some words in the forum and wait for the resolutions from the support team.
  2. Hotline – The support team is US based, so customers can communicate with these native English speakers effortlessly. The calling is no charging.
  3. Live Chat – Customers can launch an instant conversation using words by clicking the live chat button.
  4. E-mail -This is the most common support channel. As searched, both of the two companies can guarantee a short respond time.


As reviewed, both can provide a cheap web hosting coming with no big downtime and an amazing support. However, for customers who require a fast page loading speed and rich features, BlueHost is the better pick.