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BlueHost VS DreamHost - Which is the Better Web Host

BlueHost VS DreamHost – Which is the Better Web Host

Selecting the right web hosting between BlueHost and DreamHost is not easy because two providers both offer quality web hosting solution. We have been using their web hosting for more than 3 years and have an in-depth understanding about the overall performance. Here, we compare BlueHost VS DreamHost on packages, price, features, speed, uptime, and technical support, based on our real experience and verified customer reviews. Customers can learn about two providers in detail, and make the right choice easily.

Rating BlueHost DreamHost
Technical Support
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About BlueHost

BlueHost has been founded by Matt Heaton in the year of 2003 in Provo, Utah. During these years, this hosting provider has innovated the access to the ultimately high quality web hosting uninterruptedly. In order to empower the webmasters the right to harness the Internet in the full manner, BlueHost provides the comprehensive service and plenty of tools to people all around the world.

At present, this hosting provider has powered more than 2 million of webmasters throughout the world and has supported for thousands and more on the daily basis.

In addition, BlueHost has a vast team that is dedicated to ensuring the responsive help for webmasters around the clock per day. Now, they claim to have more than 750 staffs to promise the trustworthy hosting solution.

About DreamHost

In the year of 1997, DreamHost was founded in a dorm room by 4 friends who love the open source software and technology, bearing the strong desire to help webmasters start and run the online presence with much ease.

With tens of years of experience, this web hosting provider offers the services of easy domain registration, advanced cloud service and the reliable hosting solution to more than 1.5 million of websites, personal blogs and applications. Even, their service supports more than 400,000 normal webmasters, advanced developers, web designers, content contributors, small business owners and large entrepreneurs.

BlueHost VS DreamHost > Price

As the price is always the top concern of customers, especially these who have limit budgets. We put the price at first place and compare it carefully.

BlueHost web hosting is affordable for $5.99/mo regularly, but it offers 42% discount for customers going through this exclusive promotion link for $3.49/mo only now.

However, DreamHost web hosting is starting at $8.95/mo regularly. With the 34% discount, however, you can purchase at the price of $5.95/mo.

For this aspect, BlueHost wins slightly. Besides, in addition to the affordable price, BlueHost also provides rich free extras, such as 1 free domain name, free site builder, 1000+ free templates & themes, and $100 Google AdWords. Overall, BlueHost is more cost effective than DreamHost.

BlueHost VS DreamHost > Feature

As most of the customers expect everything from the shared web hosting, BlueHost and DreamHost provide full functionality to meet customer needs. They both offer unlimited storage and monthly data transfer, allow unlimited domain hosted, and support full Shell, SSH, etc.

In below, we come out a feature comparison between BlueHost VS DreamHost. Check out the detailed information as following.

Features BlueHost DreamHost
Plan in Comparison Basic Shared
PHP Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
cPanel Yes No
Rails Yes Yes
Python FastCGI Yes Yes
Perl FastCGI Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee Anytime 97 days
Google AdWords Credits $100 $75

According to this comparison chart, it is obvious that both BlueHost and DreamHost offer all the important and necessary features as discussed in below.

  • Server Resources – Unless you overuse the server resources, you can get almost no strict restriction on the utilization of disk space and monthly bandwidth. BlueHost, in particular, offers you 3 plans with different volumes of resources, so you can choose the most suitable one based on your needs and the maximum budgets.
  • Domain Hosting – Both of these two web hosts allow you to host multiple sub-domains and add-on domains on your hosting account. In addition, if you are the new customer, you can also get a free domain from them, which is valid for the first year of registration.
  • Email Service – With either of them, you are allowed to create and manage multiple email addresses along with the sufficient email storage. In addition, some special email filters or spam scamming service is also available.
  • Database and Programming Language – The phpMyAdmin is available for you to control your MySQL database. Besides, if you are looking to use the programming languages of PHP, Ruby, Python and Perl for some advanced purposes, both BlueHost and DreamHost can meet your needs.

However, when comparing these two hosting providers in a deep manner, we have found that BlueHost is surely more rich-featured. For instance, both of them offer the advertising credits for free, but the credits of BlueHost value up to $300, while that of DreamHost only value $100. In addition, if you sign up with the Business Pro plan of BlueHost, you can get a free dedicated IP address, which is charged by DreamHost at $5.95/mo.

Another obvious difference between them is the control panel. You can get the advanced and user-friendly cPanel from BlueHost, but a custom one from DreamHost. To be frank, both of these two options ensure the same level of functionality, but cPanel is more suitable for common webmasters featuring with an easy-to-use UI.

BlueHost VS DreamHost > Performance

Usually, BlueHost and DreamHost can keep the hosting sites running and online. However, BlueHost performance is better than DreamHost.

DreamHost offers a 99.92% uptime guarantee in the real world as we monitored. Meanwhile, BlueHost commits a 100% uptime at the most time. Read about the detailed uptime data we monitored in the past 30 days.



The main reason that contribute to BlueHost 100% uptime is that BlueHost builds 3 dedicated data centers in Pro, Utah, which are equipped with 100% Dell servers with 4x AMD Operton processors, 64GB DDR3 memory, RAID 10 SATA3 and 1000MBits intranet connection to routers. With over 150,000 MBits internet bandwidth, BlueHost has full strong ability to ensure the hosting sites fast and reliable.

We have tested the server response time of BlueHost and DreamHost for over 6 months. With the same WordPress website hosted on the two companies, BlueHost is 56% faster than DreamHost. Read about the server response time comparison chart as following:

BlueHost vs DreamHost > Script Compatibility

Both of these two web hosts have done great for the aspect of script compatibility. After all, people now are willing to use the advanced scripts to set up the websites with any size and kind they want. For instance, most people choose to use WordPress to run the blog site, OsCommerce to run the online store, vBulletin to run the online board and many more.

In this case, they all ensure the 100% compatibility for these scripts with the new versions of PHP, MySQL and many more. Furthermore, the 1-click installer is offered for the easy installation of these tools.

BlueHost VS DreamHost > Support

BlueHost provides 24Ă—7 US-based customer service through toll-free phone, live chat and email. With the phone holding time averages 30 seconds, and 100% in-house staffs in the US offices, customers can be confident there is always an expert prepare to help with their problems.

Besides, BlueHost also offers rich resources in the online Help Center where customers can learn much about web hosting with the Knowledge base, Started Wizard, Video Tutorials, User Forum, etc.

On the other hand, the customer support of DreamHost can be asked via email with a great responding efficiency. The only concern is that you have to pay a little to get the phone support and the live chat support.

In fact, we have collected 600 BlueHost reviews from real customers, and nearly 99.7% of the customers are satisfied with the technical support.

BlueHost VS DreamHost > Money Back Guarantee

As money back guarantee is an effective measure to protect the purchase security, we compare it in-depth. BlueHost provides the most powerful ANYTIME Money Back Guarantee that customers can get full refunds if they cancel their accounts within 90 days. After 90 days, they can also get pro-rated refunds.

DreamHost provides 97-day money back guarantee that customers can get a full refund within 97 days once they close the accounts.

BlueHost VS DreamHost > Conclusion

Both them have their exclusive pros and cons, but BlueHost is surely suitable for people who are looking for a fast and cheap hosting, coming with the great uptime and technical support.