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BlueHost Review, Rating & Secret Revealed for Shared Web Hosting
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BlueHost Review, Rating & Secret Revealed for Shared Web Hosting

BlueHost has been providing quality web hosting solutions to enterprises and individuals since it was established in 1996. It is regarded as the largest shared web hosting service provider, but is it right for websites developed based on PHP? To make it clear, we have worked out a review on BlueHost hosting from several aspects, including price, PHP compatibility, control panel usability, uptime, speed and technical support.

We have hosted a couple of websites on BlueHost shared platform for over 3 years, and kept monitoring them closely all the time, so this review is promised to be unbiased.


BlueHost shared web hosting is one of the most rich featured plans over the Internet, which includes a free domain name and hundreds of marketing credits, and supports almost all cutting edge scripts such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl and secure shell access.

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Ease of Use

In order to ensure the best ease of use for the creation and management of any kind of websites, BlueHost offers the user-friendly cPanel control panel and the automatic SimpleScripts installer.

  • cPanel Control Panel – This is the most popular control panel that has been offered by a lot of quality web hosts due to its user-friendly interface and graphical icons. With it, you can manage and control everything with much ease, such as your domain name, email address, FTP account, files, databases, security and many more. Personally speaking, there is no learning curve to use this control panel.
  • SimpleScripts Installer – When it comes to the creation of websites, many webmasters choose to use some site builders such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and many more. However, installing these scripts into your hosting account manually is not a simple task for the common webmasters. In this case, BlueHost offers the self-developed SimpleScripts installer that can finish the installation practice simply via a few clicks.

Price & Discount

Since its establishment, BlueHost has been providing pretty affordable web hosting solutions for customers. The company has released only one hosting solution to host small & medium sized websites, which is named as Professional Web Hosting and priced at $7.99/mo. Now, the company is offering a favorable discount – more than 57% off for visitors going through this exclusive promotional link, with which the effective price starts from only $3.49/mo. In this way, customers are able to save $36 every year if they purchase the package on 3 years billing.

Moreover, BlueHost offers 30 days full money back guarantee and anytime money back guarantee, which means customers are entitled to get a full refund if they cancel their account in the first 30 days, and a prorated refund after 30 days. Besides, with the support of credit cards and PayPal payment, the purchase is totally secure and easy.

BlueHost Hosting Promotion Activation

PHP Compatibility

BlueHost hosting solution is 100% compatible with the latest PHP 5.4.x, which meets the requirements to run almost PHP open source scripts perfectly. What’s more, there are more outstanding features with BlueHost shared hosting solution to empower more powerful and secure web hosting environment.


BlueHost hosting is one of the most reliable hosting solutions among all the ones that we have reviewed so far. The company has invested more than 20 million USD to build its 3 state-of-the-art data centres in Provo, Utah, all of which are equipped with high performance servers, UPS power, a diesel generator, and so on. All these first-rate facilities have resulted in a good uptime – better than the 99.9% uptime guarantee.

We have hosted our WordPress sites with BlueHost for a quite long time, and have never had a serious downtime and interruption. Check out the statistics in the following chart which shows the monitoring result of our BlueHost website uptime in the Past 30 days.


BlueHost provides fast speed for webmasters to run their sites stably and smoothly. All the servers BlueHost uses are designed and built by themselves from the ground up with cutting-edge technologies. So with BlueHost, you are guaranteed to get both satisfying server response time and fast page loading speed.

In order to ensure the fast hosting speed, BlueHost not only utilizes the rock-solid server machines and the industry standard data centers, but also offers the speeding up technology of CloudFlare CDN for free. To use this service, you simply need to log into your control panel and activate the CloudFlare CDN function. In this way, your page loading speed can be boosted at least 3 times faster.

This is because CloudFlare locates more than 70 data centers all over the world, along with the quality server machines to cache your static webpages. In this case, when people access your site, they can be responded quickly from the nearest servers.

Technical Support

BlueHost offers 24×7 US based technical support through toll-free phone call, email and live chat. If customers need quick help, they are capable of chatting the live chat team in real time 24×7, and getting efficient assistance to resolve their issues instantly. For urgent matters, BlueHost can be reached anytime by toll-free phone call and give really effective support in average 30 minutes.

Besides turning to the technical support team, there is another way for customers to deal with their hosting issue. In BlueHost online knowledgebase, hundreds of helpful articles and detailed video tutorials are developed to help customers learn more about hosting issues and resolutions.

A Minor Drawback

Surely, BlueHost is a reliable web hosting provider that offers the quality hosting service. However, we have to mention that their hosting solution is Linux based only. If you are looking for the Windows hosting or the ASP.NET hosting, BlueHost is not the right choice.

Conclusion: BlueHost Is Right for Small Business

With the budget BlueHost hosting solution, customers are able to get good uptime and fast speed to run their sites. Besides, this package is very easy-to-use and featured in satisfying technical support, so customers can concentrate on their businesses without any distraction. Indeed, BlueHost is not only the perfect choice here, but also highly recommended at many other hosting review sites.

In a word, BlueHost is right and deserved to be recommended to individuals and small to medium sized business.