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BlueHost Promotion, Discount and Coupon Link - 44% Off

BlueHost Promotion, Discount and Coupon Link – 44% Off

BlueHost offers the biggest discount for the shared web hosting service which is 44% off the regular price – starting at $3.95/mo. For all the BlueHost customers, they can benefit from the new policy, especially for those who intend to have a long-standing subscription with the company.

Promotion – 44% Off

BlueHostDifferent from other web hosts, BlueHost, a professional web hosting company, carries out only one hosting plan which is named BlueHost Professional. This all-in-one hosting plan includes nearly all the tools and applications needed to set up a website.

The initial price for the plan is starting at $6.99/mo, however, now it gives a big discount which reduces the price down to $3.95 – 44% off. All the customers can get this low price by going through this exclusive promotion link. To be honest, this is the price for the 3-year plan. However, for customers who need a short time plan, this company provides the 1-year and 2-year plan. Our editors have listed the different billing circle prices in the following chart.

Billing Cycle Effective Price Discount
3 Years $3.95/mo 44% Off
2 Years $4.95/mo 29% Off
1 Year $5.95/mo 15% Off

In order to make customers feel risk-free and worry-free, the company guarantees anytime money back. Compared with other companies’ 30 or 45 days money back policy, to be frank, BlueHost’s policy is much better, which shows the resolution of this company to provide best hosting service for customers.

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

As for payment methods, the company offers not only credit card, but also PayPal. The latter is much more secure than the former for it doesn’t ask customers for their private information. Thus, customers can feel totally safe without worrying about leaking out information.

Extra Benefits

BlueHost is famous and welcomed by a lot of customers not just because it offers the best service at an affordable price, but also because it gives customers many extra benefits which are valued more than $600.

  • In order to let customers popularize their website, this company provides $100 Google Advertising Offer.
  • Free 24/7 technical support via various channels including phone calls, live chat and email are available in BlueHost. Besides, this company offers free site builder – Drag and Drop site builder to make the site building process easy and effective.
  • Apart from these mentioned above, the company also provides free domain and instant set-up.
  • What’s more, for customers who are worrying about hidden fees, BlueHost would be the best choice. According to real customer feedbacks, as a famous and trustworthy web host, this kind of situation has never occurred to this company.