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Blogger VS WordPress - Which One is the Better Blogging Platform Online

Blogger VS WordPress – Which One is the Better Blogging Platform Online

At present, blog has become one of the integral parts in people’s daily life. With it, people can record their daily activities and share these things with their friends and relatives. Also, the blog allows them to showcase their expertise, loving items, sudden sentiment, and many more. Some bloggers even make money online with their blog sites. With these benefits, having a personal blog can be a trending at present.

As both Blogger and WordPress are widely used by bloggers to build their online presentation, we have made a Blogger vs WordPress comparison in the following to help you understand which one is the better blogging platform and choose the most suited one.

Overview about Two Blogging Tools

Before starting this comparison, we firstly want to tell you the basic information about Blogger and WordPress, giving you the basic understanding about the two options.

  • WordPress – This is a blog building tool that is developed based on PHP and stores data in MySQL. After installing it to your hosting account, you can have a blog set up in seconds.
  • Blogger – This is a blogging platform offered by Google. To publish blog posts, you only need to sign up with it using your Google account, and then compose articles for publishing.

Honestly speaking, these two choices are totally two different items. WordPress is a tool while Blogger is a platform. However, they are all great options for blogging, making it easy to create blog posts and publish them with ease. To figure out which one is better, we have compared them based on the ownership, ease of use, charging, customization, function expansion, and SEO.

Blogger vs WordPress

Ownership – WordPress Wins

The domain name can be the most obvious indicator indicating the ownership of a website. If the domain is decided totally by you, then it means you are the real owner of your blog site. Considering this, WordPress simply gives the full control over the domain.

To use WordPress for blog building, you need to choose a good domain and register it from a domain registrar or a web host that can represent the main idea of your site perfectly with the proper domain extension. You simply can make the decision on your own.

In terms of Blogger, you domain looks like This means the domain name is simply predetermined by Blogger, taking the blog ownership away from you for you have no right to use your own domain name.

Ease of Use – Both Wins

Ease of UseTo be frank, both of the two blogging options are pretty user-friendly, which can be used by new bloggers without any hassle and large learning curve.

To use WordPress, you only need to choose a reliable WordPress hostingreliable WordPress hosting and install WordPress using the 1-click WordPress installer that is offered by the majority of web hosts. Then, the blog site can start running instantly. Besides, WordPress has an intuitive user interface, with which you can edit and publish posts, install theme and plugin, create and manage webpage easily.

To use Blogger, the things are even easier. You only need to login to Blogger with your Google account or Gmail, then your blog is already built online. With the easy-to-understand interface, you can start running your blog without learning.

Charging – Blogger Wins

In respect to the blogging charge, Blogger wins absolutely. This platform is 100% free to use. You do not need to spend even one penny to set up your personal blog.

In terms of WordPress, you can download it for free from, but you need a hosting service to support your WordPress blog. The average price of web hosting online is about $7/mo, which can be afforded by many blogger with no big burden.

Customization – WordPress Wins

CustomizationThe blog design is pretty important for it directly effects the initial impression visitors have on your blog site. Fortunately, both WordPress and Bloggers provide you with loads of possibilities for customization, with which you can come out the best design to attract online readers effectively.

To start customizing, the theme or template is necessary. From, you now can choose from more than 2,500 options, and the number can be more in the future. Besides, as WordPress is the most popular CMS online, there are many third parties or theme designers offering WordPress theme with the best design and layout.

Blogger also offers multiple template options, but the number is far below that of WordPress. In addition, you are not allowed to modify these themes with the style you like, so you are very likely to build a blog that has the same appearance with that of many other blog sites.

Plugins – WordPress Wins

The plugin is useful to expand the functions or add additional parts to your blog site. Some of these plugins even can optimize your blog site for faster speed and better SEO. In the aspect, WordPress has done a good job for there are so many WordPress plugins available achieving different purposes. Blogger, however, simply disallows you to install any plugins or widgets to the site.

SEO – Both Wins

Search engine optimization is important for any websites as it affects the online ranking and website traffic greatly. For this part, these two options all have done a good job.

WordPress is a light-weight script, coming with some simple lines of code that is preferred by all the main search engines. Also, there are a lot of WordPress SEO plugins available helping you optimize your blog site with ease.

Blogger is owned by Google, so all the blogs built using it is Google preferred.

Summary – WordPress is Better

According to this comparison, WordPress does well in almost all the aspects while Blogger lacks the benefits in some respects. In this case, we highly suggest you to build a blog site using WordPress. As this requires you to choose a WordPress hosting provider, we have already listed the top three trust-worthy ones in the following.