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Top 3 Best vBulletin Hosting for Starting a Forum
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Top 3 Best vBulletin Hosting for Starting a Forum

As the leading community software on the web, vBulletin now powers more than 100,000 sites all over the world, including some large social sites like FlyerTalk, Zynga, Houston Texans.

At present, there are two options for starting a vBulletin community site – vBulletin Cloud and vBulletin 5 Connect. The former option handles the hosting requirements of your site, starting at $14.99 each month. As for the latter option, you can only get the license for utilization. In this case, we have listed the top 3 best vBulletin hosting in the following that support vBulletin 5 Connect greatly, giving you great experiences for content creation, simplified site management and engaging content discovery.

Top 3 Best vBulletin Hosting

To pick up the best 3 options among hundreds of web hosts that support vBulletin well, we have set up the following requirements.

  • PHP 5.4.x or greater; MySQL 5.5 or greater
  • A rewriter engine that includes mod_rewrite on Apache
  • User-friendly cPanel control panel and 1-click script installer for newbies
  • Budget-friendly hosting charges and rich features for different hosting needs
  • Great uptime track records and fast page loading speed
  • Responsive technical support and high levels of customer satisfaction rate
  • Rich experiences and great industry reputation

In addition, the below settings are not necessarily required, but can make your vBulletin running better. Therefore, some of our recommended web hosts even support these criteria for a more enjoyable vBulletin experience.

  • cURL or OpenSSL support for the secured connections to third-party services
  • MySQLi support that allows a solid and robust software library for the connection of vBulletin database
  • OpCode Cache that greatly increases the performance of vBulletin with pre-parsing of PHP files
  • Iconv support that offers extra languages and characters

Based on these requirements, we award BlueHost, InMotion and WebHostingHub as the final winners. We’d like to present the detailed reasons in the following.

BlueHost – Reliable vBulletin Hosting

BlueHostBlueHost offers three vBulletin hosting packages, charging you starting at $3.49/mo effectively via this exclusive promotional link. With it, you can get a sufficient amount of disk space, monthly data transfer, email accounts, email storages and FTP accounts. Besides, some beneficial extras are also offered, including $200 marketing credits, CloudFlare CDN, free domain names, free website backups, enhanced cPanel, password protection, SSH, SSL and many more.

Reliable vBulletin Hosting

BlueHost is award-winning for its highly reliable web hosting solution. This company sets up three self-owned data centers to store its DELL-branded web servers. The servers are featuring with 16-Core AMD Opteron, 256GB of memory, 64TB of Enterprise Level SSD Database Storage, 64 drives and Linux Kernel 2.6.32. As for the data center, each of them is equipped with uninterrupted power supply, redundant network, strict monitoring, fire/water prevention system, and advanced security system.

Robust web servers and advanced data centers all guarantee a high level of hosting reliability. According to our personal testing with BlueHost, this web host achieves a 100% uptime for our tested website, even better than its 99.99% uptime guarantee.

InMotion – Fast Page Loading Speed

InMotionInMotion is the fastest hosting option as compared with other two companies. This web host releases a special promotional link that reduces the hosting charge down to $4.95/mo effectively. As for the hosting features, you can get unlimited storage and data transfer, 10 Gb/s redundant network, server rewind backups, hassle-free 97-day money back guarantee, PHP 5, MySQL 5, SSL certificates and Google ad credits.

Fast Page Loading Speed

Based on our performance testing, InMotion takes around 237ms for server response. This kind of hosting performance is top-notch in the industry.

WebHostingHub- Responsive Customer Service

WebHostingHubWebHostingHub offers three vBulletin hosting packages. Via this promotional link, you can get the service starting at $1.95/mo effectively. Besides, these packages guarantee plenty of space and bandwidth, free domain names, cPanel control panel, 90 days money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime, full adherence to vBulletin hosting requirements and many more.

Responsive Customer Service

WebHostingHub pays much attention to the customer service. Instead of outsourcing the after-sales support service to some third parties, this web host decides to set up a self-own support team. Each member staff needs to be professional, well-trained and friendly, offering effective troubleshooting with ease.

Besides, the technical support is available 24/7. You can ask for help by dialing the hotline, clicking the live support button and submitting a ticket. We have personally tested their support efficiency. According to our experiences, the response time of hotline and live chat is around 5 seconds, while that of the ticket system is about 3 minutes.

General Knowledge about vBulletin

To put it simply, vBulletin is an online forum script that is developed in the PHP programming language and uses the MySQL database, acting as a branch of Internet Brands.

The initial release of this forum software is in the year of 2000. During the past years, vBulletin has undergone several improvements and changes. In the following, you can check a list of its major revisions. Note that the current version is 5.0.

vBulletin Version 2

This version was released in 2001, coming with a large number of new features as compared with the version 1. For instance, you can send the private messages for your users, attach all the polls to your threads, enable the user avatars and get the user-friendly control panel.

vBulletin Version 3

The version 3.0 was released in 2004, with the initial goal to extend the function of the version 2 for the improved user experience and performance. However, with the better refinement, it has become a total rewrite, coming with the support for multiple languages, the WYSIWYG editor, multiple views for each thread, templates edited using CSS and many more.

vBulletin Version 4

In 2009, this script announced the development of the version 4, which was described as the extensive rewrite of vBulletin. It follows the object-oriented principle of MVC, along with the great capabilities in the extendibility of coding stuff.

This version includes functions for CMS and blogging, improved SEO optimization and a great system for attachment. In addition, the special StyleVars system has been inserted into the CSS variables from vBulletin Template Coding directly.

vBulletin Version 5 Connect

This is the latest version of vBulletin that was released in 2012. Initially, this release was for the verification and testing purposes. But now, it moves this script to a new direction, which is quite different as compared with the previous releases. Some of its major features are listed as following.

  • Built-in applications for Blog, Groups, Polls and Forum
  • SEO-friendly URLs with the custom meta descriptions
  • Extensible profiles for all the users with URL rewriting
  • Great management for member groups, SSL, security, CAPTCHA, email, password and many more