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Best TomatoCart Hosting for E-Commerce Websites
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Best TomatoCart Hosting for E-Commerce Websites

For people who are wishing to set up an e-commerce site using TomatoCart, the selection of the proper web hosting is essential. This shopping cart is an open source one, which achieves a smooth running only in a rich hosting environment.

In this case, we have listed three of the best TomatoCart hosting providers in the following, along with why they are the award winners and how to pick up a right web host for this e-commerce tool.

How to Pick Up the Best TomatoCart Hosting

When it comes to the selection of TomatoCart hosting, the following requirements are necessary to be taken into account.

  • Basic System Requirements – Including PHP 5.x+, MySQL 5.x+, Apache 2.x+ and Extjs 2.x+
  • Fast Hosting – Achieving a peak performance for better browsing experiences
  • Hosting Reliability – Making sure that the TomatoCart store is accessible all the times
  • Basic Features – Offering sufficient server resources, 1-click TomatoCart installer, cPanel, free advertising credits and many more, all guaranteeing a proper working of TomatoCart
  • Affordable Price – Setting up the hosting charges properly, ranging from $3/mo to $7/mo.
  • Responsive Support – Offering all-rounded and all-time-available support for both newbies and experienced store owners.

Considering these basic criteria, we award the below three as the winners. All of them have done great for these 6 requirements. Besides, they also have their exclusive benefits that can support TomatoCart-based websites well. Check the detailed information as following.

BlueHost – Reliable Hosting & Great Support

BlueHostBlueHost is a leading web host in this industry, hosting millions of websites over decades. It sets the hosting price starting at $3.49/mo only via this promotional link, without scarifying the hosting quality. Besides, all of its three hosting packages are rich-featured, including all the necessary features to support TomatoCart.


One of the main reasons as why we award this web host as the best TomatoCart hosting is its hosting reliability. We have done an uptime monitoring for a BlueHost-hosted sample site. Over the past months, there was no downtime happening. The following chart is only a small piece of our testing, showcasing the uptime for the past 30 days – 100% online already.

To guarantee the hosting reliability, BlueHost only uses the DELL web servers that are 100% factory built, and locates these servers at self-owned data centers coming with redundant sources of power, backup generators, 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections, automatic temperature and humidity control and many more.

Great Support

The support team of BlueHost is professional and all-time available. All the representatives are experienced, undergoing a strict training to learn how to support webmasters well. Besides, the support channels are various, including the hotline, ticket system, live chat and email. As investigated among hundreds of real customers, no one has complaints about BlueHost technical support.

InMotion – Fast Hosting & High Customer Satisfaction

InMotionThe second recommendation is InMotion, offering high-speed hosting for TomatoCart users. This web host offers a 52% discount via this promotional link, cutting the price down to $3.49/mo effectively.

Fast Hosting

InMotion tries the best to guarantee the fast hosting for TomatoCart with the solid web servers and the cutting-edge data center. Based on our real-world monitoring using Pingdom, our testing site hosted by InMotion achieves a great page loading and server responding speed. During the last 30 days, the average server response time of this sample site is only 237ms.

High Customer Satisfaction

Besides the cheap price and fast hosting, InMotion also has done great in terms of feature offering, uptime guarantee and technical support. After all, this is a long-lasting hosting company that has been in this industry for tens of years. They know what you want and how to meet your needs.

WebHostingHub- TomatoCart Recommended & Rich Features

WebHostingHubWebHostingHub is another great TomatoCart hosting provider. It is the cheapest one among the three winners, charging from $1.95/mo only via this special link.

Rich Features

The TomatoCart hosting offered by WebHostingHub is rich-featured. Check some great ones in the following.

  • Unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth
  • Free domain name
  • Multiple domain hosting with unlimited sub-domains
  • RVSite Builder and Softaculous installer for TomatoCart
  • CloudFlare CDN and SSD RAID 10 drives
  • cPanel control panel
  • $250 for Google AdWords and Yahoo/Bing
  • The latest version of MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl, CGI, SSL, SSI, SSH and many more
  • Nightly software update and data backup

What Is TomatoCart?

TomatoCart is a free and open source e-commerce solution that is designed based on the ExtJS RIA framework, achieving a second-to-none usability for all the online store owners. To ensure the best experiences, this tool covers almost all the features and functions a normal shopping cart can give to you and continues progressing for more extensibility. In addition, TomatoCart now supports some great features of one-page checkout, default email system, optimized URLs, Analytics Piwik, web-based on modules and many more.

Why They Are the Best TomatoCart Hosting?

In fact, all of our recommended web hosts have fully met the technical requirements of this shopping cart, so that you can install and use it without any hassle. In addition, all of them have further optimized the hosting environment to achieve the peak running of TomatoCart. Check the below parts for the detailed information.

Well-Optimized Web Servers

All of these three hosting providers pay much attention to the quality, specifications and components of their server machines, utilizing the DELL branded server components, solid state drives, Intel Xeon processors, up to 256 GB of RAM and many more. With these well-optimized server machines, any TomatoCart based websites can run with the best efficiency.

World Class Data Centers

The infrastructure of data centers is critical to the proper running of server machines, so these three web hosts all adopt multiple world class ones that are fully equipped with the below facilities.

  • UPS power generators for the unceasing power supply.
  • The system of water detection and fire suppression for any unexpected situation.
  • 24/7 data center monitoring to detect anything wrong quickly.
  • Climate control system to achieve the automatic cooling for all the machines.

Advanced Security Technologies and Features

To ensure a high level of security for the e-commerce platforms, they all offer a list of related features and technologies to protect your site away from some potential dangers, such as SSL, daily backup, IP blocking, SSH, Password Protection and many more.