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Best SSD Web Hosting - Up to 100% Faster Page Loading Speed
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Best SSD Web Hosting – Up to 100% Faster Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed of a website is pretty important, for this aspect affects the reading experience of visitors and the webpage ranking decided by search engines greatly. Therefore, many webmasters prefer to choose a reliable web host that can offer a fast hosting speed.

Generally, the web hosting company can achieve a peak performance by utilizing the robust web servers, cutting-edge data centers, and stable network. But now, many of them make use of some speeding up technologies to better improve the performance, among which SSD is the most widely used one.

In the following, we have listed three top-rated SSD web hosting providers after reviewing more than 50 quality options online, all of which are cost-effective offering the best hosting service.

Why They Are Best SSD Web Hosting

SSD, or solid state drive, is assembled by integrated circuit to store data. It has the same function, port, usage, size and appearance as that of the common hard drive, but it is much better in terms of the reading and writing speed, shock resistance, power consumption, heat resistance, portability, and many more. These benefits can explain well why web hosts choose SSD to boost the hosting speed guaranteed by them.

The hosting providers listed in below are all hand-picked by our professional editors based on the cost-effectiveness, support service, industry reputation, basic server infrastructure, and reliability. All of these three options are top-rated companies that do a much better job than the competitors. They are InMotion Hosting, BlueHost and WebHostingHub.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a CNET verified web host that includes SSD into the hosting packages for free. With the A+ Rating awarded by Better Business Bureaus, this company has been trusted by millions of customers and dozens of organizations around the world.

Cost-Effective Plans

There are three packages included in InMotion web hosting solution, each of which provides customers with rich features at an affordable price. Customers can purchase them starting at $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $17.99/mo respectively with this exclusive promotion link, and can enjoy the user-friendly site builder, hundreds of free applications, automatic script installer, popular cPanel control panel, SSH, Ruby, Perl, and the latest PHP and MySQL. Also, all of the three packages promise an unlimited amount of disk storage and monthly bandwidth.

Quality Data Centers

InMotion has two data centers that are located at Los Angeles and Virginia respectively, each of which establishes a solid partnership with Level 3 and nLayer, uses 10 gig Ethernet connection, takes advantage of top-rated network via Brocade, and guarantees power redundancy. Besides, all the web servers located at the two spaces are all of the high quality.

Speeding Up Technologies

In addition to the utilization of SSD, this company also makes use a smart routing technology named as Max Speed Zone. If customers and their visitors are within these special zones, the webpage loading of their sites can be super-fast. As monitored, this company can achieve no downtime and a short server response time of 237ms in the real world.


This is a trust-worthy web host that concentrates on offering a super-blazing hosting package for customers. Their service is charging customers starting at $3.49/mo effectively using this special promotion link.

Rich Features

The hosting package offered by this company includes a long list of features that are all needed by customers to better build and manage a website. For instance, it allows unlimited domains, email address, unlimited storage and transfer, 1-click installer, advanced cPanel, $100 credits for Google AdWords, and many more.

Technical Support

BlueHost offers an amazing technical support for customers that is available round-the-clock. Customers can get the service by sending them email and opening the ticket. All the support staffs are professional, and can offer the best resolutions within the shortest time.


This is another quality and reliable SSD hosting that has been serving for millions of customers worldwide with a good customer satisfaction level. Just like the other two recommended web hosts, WebHostingHub releases a special promotional link to reduce the price down to $1.95/mo from $8.99/mo.

Quality Service

Although this company sets a low rate for customers, it does not mean that the hosting service is of low quality. The customer service is highly awarded by customers for they can get the assistance at anytime they need via hotline, real-time conversation, and email. In addition, the hosting package includes dozens of features that are all useful and competitive, including free domain name, CloudFlare CDN, Softaculous, advertising voucher, cPanel control panel, and many more.

Peak Performance

WebHostingHub utilizes the industry standard data centers. As coming with the complete power redundancy, fast and stable network, Tier 1 bandwidth providers, security systems, and 24/7 monitoring, these centers can ensure a smooth and uninterrupted working for all the web servers featuring quality components and proper configurations.

Why to Choose SSD?

SSD, stands for Solid State Drives, can be viewed as an oversized and more complicated USB memory stick that stores information and data in the microchip. With it, you can get several benefits that edge over the traditional mechanical disks. In the following, we have listed some benefits as why you’d better choose SSD.

  • Long Life Expectancy – It is true that SSD is expensive, but it is surely worth the money due to its long life expectancy of more than 10 years. And for the normal mechanical drives, their life span is around 3 to 5 years. In this case, you do not need to consider the refresh practice after 3 years and to cool the machine using ice water after 5 years.
  • Better Performance – SSD does not have the moving parts, so it achieves the faster seek and access times than that of its mechanical counterparts. In addition, it can perform the high-bursting speed, which is great for reading and accessing some heavy workloads.
  • Small Physical Size – Generally, the standard disk is in the 2.5 inches or 3.5 inches formats, but SSD is much smaller with no more than 1.8 inches. The mini size takes little space on the physical machine.
  • Great Resistance to Shock – SSD has the great resistance to drop, shock, bump and outside forces. To be frank, the sudden movement can result in the devastating results on any mechanical drives. SSD, however, does not have the moving parts, so can hardly be affected by some physical abuses.
  • Low Failure Rate – It is unavoidable for the failure of electrical and mechanical devices, but you can enjoy the much lower failure rate with SSD.
  • Protection for Power Loss – SSD generally relies on the power circuitry to monitor the voltage changes. If the voltage drops, a secondary hold-up circuit can work at once to ensure sufficient power for drives.