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Best phpBB Hosting Companies for Online Forums
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Best phpBB Hosting Companies for Online Forums

phpBB, an abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board, is a free Internet forum solution. This software is written in PHP coding language and mostly used to contact with other users or power the entire website. Due to its excellence in maintaining ease of use and efficiency, this software finds its place among a number of webmasters by leaps and bounds.

Given that it is not easy to pick out an excellent phpBB hosting solution among a sea of hosting options, we have investigated and selected those three hosting companies – InMotion, BlueHost and WebHostingHub. Note that all of the three web hosts are industry-leading hosting providers with cost-effective price and powerful features. More details are in below.

Most High-Performance phpBB Hosting > InMotion

InMotionBeing aware that network performance is incredibly important to succeed online, InMotion makes use of SSD (solid state drives) to accelerate connectivity rate. In addition, this company establishes Max Speed Zones across the globe and guarantees much faster speed inside those specified regions. With regards to infrastructures, it takes advantage of RAID-10 storage arrays and unparalleled routing and switching hardware. According to the following performance chart, InMotion averages 236ms in responding to inquiries.

To minimize downtime as possible, InMotion takes advantage of well-equipped data centers distributed throughout the West and East coast of the United States. On top of that, this company puts a good number of technologies into practice, including multiple layers of redundancy and first-rated network core from Brocade. Also, it partners with worldwide ISPs like nLayer and Level 3. As a result, the average uptime of InMotion is close to 100% in a given month.

When it comes to price, InMotion includes a considerable amount of discount in every phpBB hosting plan. Take the intro-level Launch plan for example, this company currently offers a 56%-discounted price of $3.49/mo through the following promotional link. Note that each plan comes with a 90-day un-contractual money back guarantee and bountiful advertising credits.

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Most Powerful phpBB Hosting > BlueHost

BlueHostTo be frank, the excellence of BlueHost resides in rich features allocated in its plan. Firstly, this company utilizes the industry-acknowledged cPanel control panel, with which webmasters can have an absolute management over their forum websites. More than that, this web host applies a one-click app installer that enables people to download and install phpBB software within a few clicks.

In the meantime, BlueHost far meets the basic requirements of phpBB by using the latest version of PHP programming language, MySQL databases and Apache web server. In terms of top-concerned features, this company includes a bunch of server resources in the hosting plan.

  • Core Resources – unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer, email accounts, hosted domains and databases.
  • IP Addresses & Domains – DNS management, dedicated IP address and unlimited sub, parked and add-on domains.
  • Developer Features – MySQL database 5.5, PHP 5.5/5.4/5.3/5.2, Python 3.2/3.1/2.6/2.4, Perl 5.1 and Ruby on Rails 3.0/2.3, etc.

As for plans and pricing, BlueHost offers phpBB hosting plan that is started at the price of $3.49/mo through the following promotional link.

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Most Cost-Effective phpBB Hosting > WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub As a cross-international hosting company, WebHostingHub provides three phpBB hosting plans at the starting price of $8.99/mo. To cover people’s abilities and budgets as possible, this company now delivers a 78% discount. In this way, it allows purchasers to get the mentioned plans at the cheap price of $1.95/mo via this promo link.

WebHostingHub provides merchants with a rich set of freebies to promote online business, including up to $250 value advertising credits. More importantly, this company offers free domain name registration for new accounts unconditionally.

In addition to low-cost price and beneficial bonus, WebHostingHub offers the considerate refund policy. Unlike other companies have strict limits on account cancellation, this web host allows unsatisfied clients to ask for a refund within the first 90 days of purchase. As a matter of fact, this company has a rock-solid foundation of customer satisfaction and retains numerous users as loyal customers at no charge.

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Some Tips You Need to Consider When Choosing phpBB Hosting

In addition to our recommended hosting providers, you surely can review and try some other reliable options that have gained a large user base and great industry reputation. However, when choosing the phpBB hosting provider to run your forum or the discussion board, we highly recommend you to take the below aspects into consideration.

The Hosting Reliability and Performance

Without doubt, the forum and online community are great for encouraging the discussion and knowledge sharing among your readers. However, it can be nonsense if this platform is always inaccessible online or takes times to open and load. In this case, you need to make sure that your hosting provider is reliable enough to ensure you no serious and frequent downtime and the super-blazing page loading speed that takes no more than 3 seconds on average.

Generally, if the hosting provider chooses the DELL branded web servers or use the rock-solid components to develop their self-owned server machines, the hosting performance can be guaranteed to some extent. Also, it is great if they even rent the cutting-edge data centers and adopt the speed boosting technologies.

Truly Cost-Effective Hosting Plans

When choosing the phpBB hosting, many webmasters only consider the charges and look for the cheap options. However, besides the prices, you also need to think about the feature offerings. Based on our personal experiences, the truly cost-effective phpBB hosting needs to charge you no more than $10/mo and ensures plenty of server resources, user-friendly control panel, automatic phpBB installation service, daily backup and enough free extras.

Responsive Technical Support

It is possible that you may encounter some issues about the phpBB script or the management of your hosting account, domains, files, databases and others. In this case, you need to make sure that your service provider can ensure you the 24/7 technical support via multiple support channels. In this case, you can have your problems resolved timely.