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Best PHP Hosting for PHP Based Websites and Applications
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Best PHP Hosting for PHP Based Websites and Applications

The majority of webmasters are utilizing the PHP based scripts for website running and managing. Therefore, choosing a reliable PHP hosting is pretty essential to guarantee a proper operation of these scripts.

Among so many web hosts that include this language into their hosting packages, our award of the best PHP hosting 2016 goes for InMotion Hosting, BlueHost and WebHostingHub. In the following, we have explained the reasons for why we choose them in detail, as well as some tips for choosing a proper PHP hosting.

InMotion Hosting – Rich Features and High Level of Reliability

InMotionInMotion is a popular and experienced PHP hosting provider that offers three packages. Using this promotional link, you can purchase them starting at $3.49/mo, 50% off the regular charging that is from $6.99/mo.

The reasons as why we award it as the best PHP hosting provider mainly lay on two aspects – rich features and reliable service.

Rich Features – Besides the most basic hosting features including unlimited server resources, user-friendly cPanel, unlimited domain hosting and email addresses, InMotion Hosting also allows for lots of free add-ons. These include free Weebly Site Builder, 4500 templates, $100 Google AdWords, and weekly backups.

Reliability – As tested in the real world using Pingdom, our sample site supported by InMotion achieves a 99.99% uptime track record in the past month. This great reliability is mainly caused by the top-notch data centers used by InMotion, backed up by advanced equipment and all-time monitoring to ensure the uninterrupted working of quality web servers.

BlueHost – Affordable Hosting and Responsive Support

BlueHostThis is another famous and award-winning PHP hosting provider, serving for millions of webmasters all over the world. BlueHost also offers three hosting packages – Basic, Plus and Business Pro, coming with different levels of hosting features and charging at different prices. Therefore, customers can choose the most suitable one based on their needs and budgets.

Affordable Hosting – BlueHost aims at offering the budget-friendly hosting service, which is priced starting at $5.99/mo initially. Now, via the promotional link as below, customers can enjoy a large discount that is up to 60%, cutting the price down to $3.49/mo effectively.

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

Responsive Support – BlueHost has a great industry reputation in terms of technical support. This company does not outsource the support service. Instead, they build up their own support team to offer the best trouble-shooting to customers at any time via multiple methods including email, phone and live chat.

WebHostingHub – Fast Hosting Speed and Multiple PHP Selection

WebHostingHubWebHostingHub is the last award winner of the best PHP hosting 2016. Through this promotional link, you can purchase its great hosting starting at $1.95/mo effectively, along with all the required hosting features, including sufficient allocation of disk space and bandwidth, multiple domain hosting, cPanel control panel, SSH, shared SSL, 1-click installer and ad credits.

Fast Hosting – WebHostingHub is famous for its fast hosting service. It utilizes the SSD, exclusive Turbo servers, APC/OP cache, CloudFlare CDN and Railgun optimizer for the boosting of hosting speed.

Multiple PHP Selection – Via the user-friendly cPanel, customers can choose the version of PHP from 5.2 to 5.6 at present. When PHP version is updated, the selection will change accordingly.

How to Choose the Best PHP Hosting

Due to the large popularity and huge demand of PHP hosting, many web hosts simply oversell their services, resulting in a bad hosting solution. In this case, for customers who want to choose the PHP hosting on their own, the following criteria need to be taken into account. Note that our recommended companies all meet these requirements greatly.

  • Offer dual version of PHP and keep the version up to date
  • Run PHP as suPHP
  • Offer enough PHP memory limit, which is 64 MB basically
  • No serious downtime
  • Fast hosting speed
  • Include all the required features in the packages
  • At least 30 days refund policy

References About Recommended PHP Hosting

Besides our pickups, here are some links about the recommended PHP hosting at other sites,

General Knowledge about PHP

Originally developed since the year of 1995 by the renowned developer Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP is a widely used programming language that is mainly used for web development and applications. As the open source language, it can be used for free to create some dynamic webpages. The coding stuff is embedded into the HTML source code, and then, is interpreted by the web server just like Apache. Initially, PHP is intended to be a server-side language, but now, it has evolved to be much more diverse than ever before, being described as a multi-purpose programming language.

Check some reasons in the following concerning about why PHP is so popular.

  • PHP is preferred by newbies and beginners, for it can be easily incorporated into any HTML document. This achieves an easy process for adding some dynamic chunks of coding stuff into an existing website.
  • PHP is surely a lightweight option, thus, it can work properly on any kind of hosting types.
  • PHP is free of charges, which has been included by almost all the web hosts into their hosting plans with the latest version.
  • PHP gives you the freedom for pulling the content from a database. In addition, it allows the one-page template to be populated with different web contents.
  • PHP is an ideal option for the development of some secure applications.
  • If PHP has not been installed yet, you can install it on your own using your control panel.
  • PHP that comes with the updated version is one of the server requirements for most scripts and applications such as WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, Drupal and many more.

Linux or Windows for PHP Hosting

In fact, PHP is written based on the Linux web server originally, but now, it can be installed on the majority of available platforms and operating systems. For instance, PHP version 5.3 or higher can work on the Windows servers. However, we personally do not recommend you to choose Windows for your PHP scripts, for this match requires more works to be involved. Also, as compared with Linux, the Windows option costs more.