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The Best PHP Books  to Learn From Newbie to Professional

The Best PHP Books to Learn From Newbie to Professional

phpPHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a free open source language that is widely used for plenty of programming purposes especially developing web applications. Since released, PHP has gained great attention and now becomes one of the most popular programming languages. At present, learning PHP is a trend in the area of web development.

However, it may be disappointed for those who try to learn PHP but cannot find suitable resources. In this case, we have picked up the most suitable books for you, beginners in particular, to learn PHP. Note that it is really a waste of time to find the PHP learning materials and what you should focus on is how to make the best of every minute to learn this popular programming language.

The 5 best books available in the market for learning PHP are listed as following and you can choose one or two of them that can meet your taste the most.

Head First PHP and MySQL

Head First PHP and MySQLThis book is a wonderful piece of the popular “Head First” series that you cannot put down once start to read. The visually rich format and excellent writing style makes the learning of programming with MySQL and PHP, especially for brand new beginners, so easy and fun. What’s more, it is considerate of the author to arrange a self-check part containing plenty of useful features to reinforce what have been learnt. By reading this book, you can learn how to:

  • Transfer static pages into dynamic ones
  • Prevent your data away from SQL injection attacks
  • Track password with the help of cookies

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Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, & CSS

Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSSWith this book, even newbies who don’t have any former related experience can start their programming journey with ease. What makes this book different is the integration of contemporary crucial open source technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS. After reading this book, you can get a good understanding of each technology and learn how to combine them to create interactive and data-driven sites. Carefully study this book and you can:

  • Upgrade your PHP to the latest version
  • Have the basic understanding of programming
  • Attach HTML and form for page creation with PHP

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Beginning PHP and MySQL

Beginning PHP and MySQLThis is a pretty good book for beginners who need a solid basis to start learning PHP. The author Gilmore, an experienced teacher in web developing for more than 10 years, introduces the general and new functions for PHP with a clear writing style in this book. It is well organized and gives you guidance to PHP and MySQL programming step by step. With this book, you can not only get to know PHP and the basics of object-oriented programming, but also learn how to move beyond basic PHP, including using the Zend Framework.

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Practical PHP and MySQL Website Databases

Practical PHP and MySQL Website DatabasesThis is a paperback book that pretty suites for novices who have little or no understanding of PHP but really want to design database-driven websites. It is also a good choice for college IT professors to make it as a course book for their students. After going through all the contents, you can quickly learn how to build interactive database-driven pages, how to make website databases secure, how to build sophisticated projects like blogs and e-commerce sites, and how to move a site to a remote host, etc.

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Murach’s PHP and MySQL

Murach’s PHP and MySQLThis is a top selling PHP book which is famous for the Murach’s style – the text on the left side while the code samples and bullet points on the right side, which makes the content clear and easy to understand. Once open this book, you can find it a great beginners’ book in web programming for it offers 6 chapters to bring in a basic introduction. Then the rest of the contents lead you to the essentials of PHP and MySQL. To be frank, this book is absolutely an excellent PHP tutorial for the beginners who want to get started to create database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL as quickly as possible.

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The 5 best PHP books are listed above and what you need to do next is to choose the most suitable for you and read it carefully. Just remember that all your learning is done by yourself and your efforts can definitely get rewarded.