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The Best OpenCart Hosting for E-Commerce and Online Business
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The Best OpenCart Hosting for E-Commerce and Online Business

Now, an increasing number of people move their physical stores to the Internet and build online businesses. One of the basics to establish a successful business website is to choose a quality web hosting provider that offers outstanding hosting services at affordable prices. Now that you are going to build an e-commerce website, OpenCart is a must-have feature, which is a free e-commerce software aiming to build online businesses with ease.

Therefore, our editors pick out three best OpenCart hosting for readers to build stunning and eye-catching e-commerce and online business. All these hosting providers offer budget-friendly prices, unmatchable performances, perfect business hosting features (OpenCart included), as well as responsive after-sale support.

InMotion – Affordable and Trustworthy

InMotion presents three business hosting plans including Launch, Power, and Pro that are pricing at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo, and $19.99/mo regularly. But now, the company gives a discount for all plans and people going through this special promotional link can get these business plans at $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo, and $17.99/mo. In fact, the hosting cost with InMotion is quite affordable.

InMotionConsidering people may have hesitation period after subscribing the service, the company guarantees 90-day full money back that ensures webmasters have enough time to test the quality of the hosting service. To tell the truth, although most web hosts offer 30-day money back guarantee, InMotion is generous enough to offer 90-day hesitation period.

Apart from price and money back policy, another important factor is uptime that decides whether potential customers can visit your site at anytime. Realizing the reality, the company costs a large sum of money to purchase industry-level servers and places them into state-of-the-art data centers in different geographical areas. Besides, those data centers are all green, which insists in reducing carbon footprint. With robust servers and world-class data centers, the company is proud to declare at least 99.9% uptime.

BlueHost – Cost-effective and Fast

BlueHost offers a quality hosting package starting at $5.99/mo originally. With this promotional link, however, you can get a special discount and purchase hosting solution starting from $3.49/mo. Besides, to offer more convenience for webmasters, the company provides multiple payment methods including MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, PayPal, and many more.

BlueHostIn addition to the affordable price, this hosting provider is also favored for stable and fast page loading speed. For online businesses, seasonal ones in particular, page loading speed has close relationship with customer satisfaction rate. As authoritative researches show, nobody will wait for a web page loading more than one minute.

To figure out the real data of BlueHost hosting speed, our editors carry out a performance testing for several months and make an average speed chart about the last month. Read the chart in below to know more information.

WebHostingHub- Budget-friendly and Rich-featured

WebHostingHubis a reputable hosting provider that provides 3 Linux shared hosting plans pricing starting at $8.99/mo initially. However, now, people can get 78% discount and purchase their hosting plans starting at $1.95/mo via this promotional link. Besides, the company also offers 90-day full money back guarantee.

WebHostingHubWhat’s more, WebHostingHub offers rich features to help webmasters build stunning business websites. It provides unlimited resources including disk space, data transfer, domain, subdomain, FTP accounts, mailing lists, and many more. In addition, the company also offers many advanced features, including Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Zent Optimizer, and many more.

Considering the demands of e-commerce website builders, the company provides many extra benefits to help site owners promote their business websites. All packages include $75 Yahoo and Bing vouches, $100 Google Adwards Voucher, free domain name, free SSD RAID 10 drives, free backups, free site builder, and so on so forth.

What to Look at When Choosing a Hosting Package for OpenCart

When selecting a hosting package for OpenCart, there are many factors to look into, such as the price, server resources, performance, reputation, support, etc. Among all these factors, some are more important than others, which are analyzed in below.

Special note: You should never host OpenCart on a free web hosting platform even if you can find one, or you will get nothing but a failure of your online business.


For eCommerce, the essential requirement is the complete security. The hosting provider must offer a secure and encrypted tunnel for transactions. No one will trust an online store which cannot keep customers’ credit card information safe.

Therefore, you have to make sure that the hosting package you choose includes the necessary encryption methods, and an SSL certificate. In a shared hosting environment, the hosting provider usually offers a shared SSL certificate, while most providers will allow you to purchase a private SSL certificate, too.

In addition, the provider must guarantee that its services are PCI compliant so that you can rest assured that your customers’ credit cards are well secured.


Besides security, uptime and speed should also be given the top priority because a slow or inaccessible website means nothing. You can check the user reviews and forums to know more about the uptime and speed statistics. And to make sure the best possible performance, a provider meeting the following requirements could be good.

  • Having a data center close to your target customers.
  • Using technologies like SSDs and CDN for speeding-up.
  • Doing website backups automatically.

Refund guarantee or free trial

Nowadays, almost all web hosts offer money-back guarantees. The standard refund period is about 30 days, and if you feel uncertain about the service quality, you can choose a provider allowing a longer refund time like 60 days or 90 days.

With such a guarantee, you get a trial period to test the features, support and performance, so that you can make sure the hosting package you purchase is what you really need. Free trials requiring no credit card information are also appreciated.

What is OpenCart and Why to Choose It?

OpenCart is a powerful and open source shopping cart system that is developed with rich features, ease of use and a high level of flexibility. As compared with many other online store solutions, this can be regarded as a robust one for internet merchants to start their own online business and step into the e-commerce field. Note that you can download and use it for free. Besides, with the unceasing development to fight against potential vulnerabilities and to ensure more features, OpenCart now is evolved to the version 2.0.

Why Choose OpenCart

OpenCart is the “out of the box” shopping cart, with which you simply need to install it to your hosting account, choose a template and add your product to have the online store up and running.

It supports multiple built-in payment channels to finish the order easily, such as 2Checkout, Paymate, PayPal, Skrill, SagePay, G2A Pay and many more. You can choose your preferred payment gateways and download them from the OpenCart Directory.

In addition to the flexible payment, you can also get the great convenience for the shipping method. With OpenCart, you can choose from the most widely used 10 shipping methods such as Citylink, Per Item, Flat Rate and UPS.

To help you better calculate your sales and generated profits, this powerful tool currently offers three different kinds of default reports that include the Sales Report, Product Viewed Report and Product Purchased Report.

  • Sales Report – It calculates your total sales on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Product Viewed Report – It checks which items are checked the most each day and which bring the most interests for your customers.
  • Product Purchased Report – It figures out which products are sold the best, helping you plan the most suitable promotional campaigns to better improve your online sales.