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The 5 Best Joomla Books for Beginners and Professionals

The 5 Best Joomla Books for Beginners and Professionals

At present, there are a lot of reliable content management systems online helping webmasters set up and manage their sites with ease, among which Joomla is one of the most widely used options. This tool is created based on PHP and stores data in MySQL. Since now, it has been downloaded for more than 50 million times all over the world.

Due to the tremendous popularity of Joomla, we have already come out a lot of Joomla related tutorials, such as Joomla hosting, Joomla site building, and Joomla speeding up, etc. This time, we’d like to forgo the online source, but turn to some paper-made resources of the best Joomla books. Note that these five books are created by Joomla experts, helping you learn about this CMS in a systematic manner.

Joomla! 3 Beginner’s Guide

Price: $44.99
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Joomla! 3 Beginner's GuideThis is a clear and profession beginner’s guide that can help newbies start using Joomla for website building and management easily and effortlessly. It presents all the steps in setting up a Joomla site using easy-to-understand words and high definition screenshots in a detailed way, along with all the needed and useful tips concerning about website maintenance to help you get the most out of this content management system. In addition, it also showcases some design inspirations to help you achieve an attractive and good-looking appearance for your website, whether you are looking to set up a small personal blog site or a complicated online store.

Note that this book does not tell you what this tool can do; instead, it teaches you what you can do with it. For instance, you can know how to get Joomla up and running properly, how to customize the design and the layout of your site, how to expand the function beyond the core Joomla installation, and many more.

  • Help beginners get started with this CMS in seconds
  • Present all the knowledge and information in a clear and well-organized manner
  • Cover all the aspects concerning about Joomal utilization

Joomla! 3 Explained

Price: $23.33
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Joomla! 3 ExplainedIn fact, this is the second edition of this book, adding detailed information about the latest version of Joomla 3. Stephen Burge, the author of Joomla! Explained, is a professional and experienced Joomla trainer who can tell you everything about this CMS using the simplest words. He has already helped thousands of newbies start using Joomla without any hassle, as well as thousands of Joomla users who know little about this tool master Joomla well. With the book created by him, therefore, you can experience little learning curve to get your site started with Joomla.

To help you better understand this book, Stephen simply makes use of some case studies in the real world, visually-appealing infographics, and the simple textual explanations.

  • Cover the information for Joomla of all the editions
  • Give real examples that are all tested
  • Present all the steps and tips in a detailed way

Joomla! 3 Boot Camp

Price: $28.51
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Joomla! 3 Boot CampThis book can be regarded as a 30-minute lesson that helps you get familiar with Joomla easily. If offers an in-depth and thorough introduction of Joomla, along with all the detailed solutions for the utilization of this tool. One of the best parts of this book is that it has an exercise section, with which you can get familiar with what you have learnt by completing the tasks. If you feel hard to do the exercises, you can refer to the answer and follow up the detailed and step-by-step guidance. In terms of the advanced users, they can also get what they want easily.

  • Help newbies master Joomla in no more than half an hour
  • Contain every aspect about Joomla mastery
  • Exercises available along with the corresponding answers

Joomla for Dummies

Price: $20.24
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Joomla for DummiesThis book is suitable for users of any kinds. Whether you are experienced webmaster or a beginner, this book can help you a lot. For instance, with it, you can know clearly how to set up a quality and interactive Joomla site without the need to compose even one line of the coding stuff, how to include the PHP and MySQL based module to your site to better enrich the functions, how to make use of the new features included in the administrative panel of the new versions, and many more.

  • Both basic and advanced skills are included
  • Show the knowledge with both plain words and images
  • Help people get familiar with Joomla easily and quickly

Joomla Bible

Price: $32.95
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Joomla BibleThis book can be regarded as a great bible of Joomla, helping you learn about this CMS comprehensively. It not only offers the steps of Joomla installation and website building, but also tells you everything about Joomla configuration, management, extensions and templates, etc. With this book, you can know how to publish, delete, and modify the posts, how to customize the appearance and layout of the Joomla powered site, how to stay highly in the search result page, how to protect your valuable information from being attached, and many more.

  • A comprehensive bible for Joomla
  • Easy-to-understand content for learning
  • Advanced knowledge for experienced Joomla users