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Best Joomla Blog Templates - Start a Well-designed Blog

Best Joomla Blog Templates – Start a Well-designed Blog

With the immense popularity of Joomla, more and more people choose to use this tool for website establishment. As the site appearance and layout cause a great impact on the first sight impression, we have already listed some top options for Joomla site in this template page like Joomla portfolio templates. In this collection, we’d like to showcase the best Joomla blog templates that are all of high quality and competitive features, helping you set up an attractive blog site with ease.

Note that this collection not only contains the standard blog themes, but also include some fashion and unique options. You can choose the style based on your own preferences.



This is a multi-functional Joomla template, but the majority of its users are bloggers looking to set up their personal blog sites. The whole design is simple and elegant, coming with some minor parts that are designed carefully.

The homepage has two sections for image display – the top and the bottom. The top section allows you to showcase some large images orderly, and the bottom area helps you display the small ones in a grid-based manner.


JNS Vintage


To be honest, this theme is really attractive giving people a sense of vintage. The theme designers have worked out every aspect carefully, including the background, homepage design, and the layout. There are also some animation effects integrated to make the whole theme animated.

JNS Vintage



The designing principal of this theme is simplicity and cleanness, just like its name suggests. To be honest, this kind of style is pretty suitable for personal blogs.

This template also has some animation effects. In the Recent Work sections, you can upload some images, usually the featured images of your recent article. Once readers put the mouse on these pictures, they can get a brief textual introduction floating on the images.

Note that Chimera is totally responsive featuring the Bootstrap framework. Also, it allows multiple color options, menu options, and page templates to achieve an easy customization.




This blog template is pretty special. The homepage is composed of some small images that are showcased in a grid-based way, and are coming with the same width and height. Note that these images are not used for decoration, but are used to represent articles. Readers can get the general information about one article by placing the mouse on the corresponding image.

In addition, this template has a special navigation system to maintain the completion of the homepage. The navigation bar appears only when readers click the small icon located at the left-top corner. Once the mouse leaves, the navigation bar disappears.




The navigation system of this template is absolutely unique. It is composed of some foursquare images that are placed among some other small pictures. Coming with a clear textual description, people can find the navigation easily. In addition, the left images are all animated, achieving an eye-appealing effect for the homepage.

This template is an one-page theme featuring a simple and fashion design. With the unlimited color schemes, webmasters can beautify their sites based on their own tastes.




This is a simple and creative Joomla blog template coming with the nature of responsive. As the image component plays a vital role in piquing readers’ attention, this template offers a lot of chances in the homepage, along with a well-organized display and layout. Some other features include multiple preset styles, responsive sliders and galleries, custom error page, and an easy-to-use admin.


Event Manager


The homepage of this theme has achieved a great combination of images and words. Every component is placed properly with sufficient spaces for breath. In addition, its design is 100% responsive, being able to adapt to any viewing devices automatically and perfectly.

Note that Event Manager is already Joomla 3.x compatible featuring the built-in Google fonts. Besides, the theme designers have paid much attention to search engine optimization, meaning that the website customized with it is SEO friendly.

event manager



Uber has a full-width image showcase section allowing you to display some of your favorite pictures easily and perfectly. Below that area, you can start a general introduction of your blog using some simple words, icons, and buttons. The placement is really well-structured, allowing you to present a lot in the homepage without giving people a sense of chaotic.

In addition, the template offers multiple color schemes, patterns, layout options, and a drag & drop builder, with which you can customize your site easily and freely.