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Best Green Web Hosting for Eco-Friendly Hosting Solutions
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Best Green Web Hosting for Eco-Friendly Hosting Solutions

When it comes to the selection of web hosting solutions, more and more webmasters nowadays not only concern about the hosting charges, feature offerings and hosting performance, but also think about the eco-friendliness. After all, almost every hosting server now produces about 1390 pounds of Carbon Dioxide every year on average, and the emissions continue growing. In this case, with the booming awareness of environmental protection, the green web hosting is the common option for many webmasters, especially for environmentalists.

As not all the web hosting solutions nowadays are eco-friendly, in the following, we have listed the top three green web hosting companies that offer the eco-friendly hosting service with the high hosting quality.

Best Green Web Hosting

Among all the web hosts that claim to offer the green hosting solutions, we finally choose GreenGeeks, InMotion Hosting and BlueHost as the winners. The detailed reasons as why we award them are listed the in the following.

Common Reasons of Why They Are The Best Green Hosting

Green Hosting Solutions

First of all, these three web hosts have adopted multiple methods to achieve the green hosting, such as the investment of wind energy, the utilization of green data centers and the purchase of certified REC credits.

  • The investment of wind energy is used for the compensation of polluting power they pull and the energy they use from the grid. For instance, if they pull 1x of power from the grid, they will purchase at least 3 times of wind energy that will be put back into the grid. This simply reduces the carbon footprint greatly.
  • In addition to the offsetting of power consumption and polluting, they also adopt the green data centers that are featuring with the recurring cooling system. With it, the data centers simply have the hot air generated by machines out of the building and have the cool air in, reducing the power energy utilization greatly.
  • All of these three web hosts utilize the quality servers that are not only featuring robust components for great hosting performance, but are also refined properly so that run better and use less electricity.

Besides these technologies, the three green hosting providers also have partnered with some green organizations such as Plant Tree and Tree for the Future.

Reliable Hosting Solutions

To be frank, the hosting reliability can be a top concern for any webmasters when choosing the web hosting package. This directly influences your website accessibility, browsing experiences and even the search engine optimization.

In this aspect, these three web hosts all have done a great job, being able to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime in the real world. The results come from our personal testing for the past 6 months using the Uptime Robot. The following three charts simply demonstrate how they perform during the previous 30 days.


InMotion Hosting


As for the reasons of how can they achieve such a great uptime track record, we have concluded the following two aspects.

  • Solid web servers that are powered by DELL factory-build components and the most efficient processors from Intel. Besides, these machines all come with the highest level of server specifications such as gigabit connectivity, solid state drive acceleration, Tier 1 backbones and sufficient server memory.
  • Multiple world-class data centers that are featuring with advanced technologies, including eco-friendly cooling system, uninterrupted power supply, fire suppression system, automatic climate control, key card security, 24/7 remote monitoring and many more.

Exclusive Reasons of Why They Are The Best Green Hosting

GreenGeeks – Helpful Technical Support

GreenGeeks offers an all-in-one green hosting package that is charging from $4.95/mo regularly for the 36 month billing circle. However, you can purchase at a cheaper price of $3.96/mo by visiting through this promotional link, cutting the hosting charge 20% off effectively.

In addition to the green hosting methods, cost-effective hosting charges and great hosting performance, GreenGeeks has done great in terms of the technical support. Its support team is available all the times and can be contacted in the ways of hotline calling, email sending, ticket opening and instant online conversation. According to customer feedbacks and our personal testing, whenever you ask for help at any time, you can get a great response within the shortest time.

InMotion Hosting – Fast Hosting

According to our testing result, InMotion Hosting has achieved a fast server response time that is around 237 ms for our sample website, which is much quicker than many other competitors on the internet. This is because InMotion Hosting utilizes multiple data centers and adopts the advanced routing technology to ensure the faster network, page loading, file downloading and email sending. Besides, it partners with some large ISPs so the data can be connected directly.

As for the hosting charges, InMotion Hosting also has three hosting plans that are charging from $7.99/mo. With this promotional link, however, you can purchase at the price of $3.49/mo effectively.

BlueHost – Affordable Hosting Charges with Rich Features

BlueHost is the most budget-friendly one among the three hosting options. It has a great hosting packages coming with rich feature offerings. With the released promotional link, you can get the hosting solution starting at $3.49/mo effectively.

Besides the cheap rates, BlueHost is really rich-featured, offering a long list of useful features to meet the requirements of all the customers.

  • Basic features – You can enjoy an unlimited volume of disk space, sub-domains, FTP accounts, and email accounts.
  • Free extras – There are some free extras including free domain name, free domain privacy and $100 Google AdWords credits.
  • Ease of use – The powerful control panel and 1-click script installer for hundreds of scripts are included into the package.
  • Security measurements – These include Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager and Password Protection.
  • Geek features – All the popular programming languages are included such as PHP 5, MySQL 5, CGI, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python and many more.

Besides GreenGeeks, BlueHost and InMotion Hosting, if you’re looking for another option, the list at this site is terrific good reference.

Why to Choose Green Hosting

Green Hosting, also known as the eco-friendly hosting, is a special hosting type that aims at eliminating or mitigating the environmental influences caused by the hosting solution.

At present, the hosting industry has a huge impact on the global climate due to the massive power consumption. After all, the running of server machines and the working of data center facilities require electricity. Data centers, in particular, need the uninterrupted power supply for electronic security, climate control and physical building. Even, the manufacturing of server components and hardware require a large amount of power.

As electricity is generated using the coal-fired power plants in most places around the world, the flourish of hosting service can result in the massive carbon footprint and carbon emission.

In addition to the power consumption, the environmental impact of hosting service also involves chemical processing, global transportation, industrial waste generation, land occupation for server spaces and many more.

As reported in 2005, the total electric bill for the hosting industry was $2.7 billion in the US and around $7.2 billion all over the world. Generally, a single server machine produces more than 630 kg of carbon dioxide and requires at least 1,000 KWh of energy for each year.

The green hosting, however, theoretically reduces the environmental impact to a large degree with the green methods and technologies. We have listed some typical ones in the following.

  • Adopt the advanced computer equipment with the low voltage.
  • Utilize the outside cooling system and optimize the airflow via servers properly.
  • Upgrade the CRACs and HVAC systems with more efficient units.
  • Use efficient occupancy sensors and lighting system in the data centers and office building.
  • Purchase some credits for renewable energy or directly generate the renewable energy.
  • Work with some other Green organizations such as Trees For The Future.