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Best Ghost Hosting Services for Bloggers
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Best Ghost Hosting Services for Bloggers

As a free and customizable open source software, Ghost helps bloggers get their ideas or works published online with a beautiful and intuitive design. This software gets rising popularity among netizens, but it is rarely-supported in most shared hosting for its root-access requirement. Even if it is offered in some shared services, the optimization is not easy in the normal environments.

For better performance and compatibility, you’d better go with the VPS hosting. When it comes to best VPS solutions for Ghost, there are three recommendable options – BlueHost, InMotion and HostMonster. All of the three companies in this Ghost hosting review have optimized their service for better Ghost service and have a wide range of features, not to mention affordable price. Further down, there are some outstanding characteristics of them.


BlueHostHaving been in the web hosting market for a good duration of time, BlueHost is publicly-deemed as an affordable and trustable hosting company. As for VPS hosting, this company makes people have a rich set of options by releasing four excellent packages – Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate, all of which serve for different audiences.

In terms of price, BlueHost sets the plans at $29.99/mo, $59.99/mo, $89.99/mo and $119.99/mo, but now it gives a generous a-half discount for buyers going through the following BlueHost promotional link. In this way, this hosting provider puts the mentioned initial prices down to be as low as $14.99/mo. Note that the best price is for monthly service and the price for annual registration is $23.74/mo. On top of that, this company sets no limits on account cancellation and grants an Anytime refund guarantee, which is rarely seen.

Another spotlight is that BlueHost provides bloggers with the user-friendly cPanel admin panel and allows them to have a full access to CentOS operating system. What’s more, this web host integrates cPanel with a one-click app installer, with which bloggers are able to install and manage their preferred Ghost at an instant. Plus, to prevent site from hacking and spamming, BlueHost includes a series of protection measures like domain privacy, SiteLock and spam protection.

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HostMonsterHaving hosted more than 20,000 domains, HostMonster is gaining its market share by leaps and bounds. What really shines is that this web host gets customers assured with world-class technical support. It offers a variety of fast support channels including email and ticket system, all of which are backed by a team of well-trained and courteous staffs. What’s more, HostMonster makes independent users be full-fledged with tutorials and solutions in the help center section.

In view of products, HostMonster has released three optional packages. In this way, this company makes customers be able to choose the most suitable one according to abilities and demands. To name a few, in the Standard plan, this provider allocates 2GB RAM, 30GB storage, 1 TB of bandwidth and one free domain name with the price of $14.99/mo by going through the promotional link as below.

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InMotion Hosting

InMotionBeing highly rated by customers all over the world, InMotion is nothing but excellent. What makes InMotion different from other web hosts is its incomparable network and server performance. With its high-grade Smart Routing technology and partnership with industry-leading ISPs, this company makes site successfully run without any performance issue and keeps a rare high 100% network uptime.

In addition, being conscious that speedy page loading bring a good deal of traffic, InMotion invests heavily on data centers. In specific, this web host adopts SSD-drives which are tested to be up to 20 times faster than common spinning drives. Perhaps the most important factor that makes this company go beyond other peers is its Max Speed Zone where people are capable of getting 6 times faster transfer speed for email and site files.

For packages, InMotion has Ghost users stored with three choices – VPS-1000S, VPS-2000S and VPS-3000S. Note that each plan is created for certain purposes and is rated at different price. For instance, the VPS-1000S is fit for medium-sized Ghost sites charging for $29.99/mo regularly. However, for visitors clicking through the following InMotion promotional link, the prices are down to $14.99/mo.

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General Knowledge about Ghost

Ghost is one of the most popular open source tools, with which you can create an independent and customized online publication platform with ease. It is user-friendly and elegant, designed with the aim to help you spend less time for blogging. At present, this great tool has been downloaded for more than 1 million times by people around the world. Some of them are even the famous organizations such as Bitcoin, Code Starter, Graze, NASA, Envato, Coinbase and Mailgun.

In the following, we have listed some great features and highlights of how can Ghost be so popular.

Beautifully Designed for Publishing

Ghost is a well-developed application that allows you to edit and publish your own blog posts effortlessly. In addition, it offers a wide variety of useful tools to help you manage the overall running of your site effectively.

An Intuitive and Revolutionary Dashboard

Ghost developers pay much attention to the function and design of the dashboard. With the revolutionary dashboard, you can grab all the data and information about your site and manage them from one place. There is no need for you to click through multiple browser tabs for checking your email subscriptions, daily traffic, news feeds, overall performance and many more.

Even, you can leverage the default drag and drop function to arrange widgets for your custom dashboard, which displays the most important information in the first place.

A High Level of Freedom

With Ghost, you can modify themes for the unique design of your site and develop plugins for exclusive functionality. Also, you can host it on a public server machine or on your laptop, which is totally based on your preference.

Fast Performance

Ghost is developed based on a modern technology using Node.js, achieving the super-blazing running speed for your site. Based on some independent tests, Ghost is up to 190% faster than another popular blog builder of b2evolution. This means within the same time, Ghost can respond 19 requests while b2evolution only responds one.