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Best Drupal Security Modules - Top Options to Better Protect Your Website

Best Drupal Security Modules – Top Options to Better Protect Your Website

As Drupal is a popular open-source CMS and blogging platform, many webmasters feel that it is likely to suffer security problems with it as it makes the source code open to the public. Actually, it is not like what they think. On the contrary, it is because Drupal is open-source, many people are able to review the source code so as to help in finding out the problems and offering their resolutions to the Drupal security team.

Previously, our editors have written a post to tell you how to increase Drupal security to get rid of hackers. This time, we plan to recommend you some Drupal security modules which can be applied to manage and enhance the security of your site. In the following, we have listed the best 10 Drupal security modules, all of which are tested by the security team of Drupal, and you can use them without guilt.


captchaCAPTCHA is a very useful and popular security module which executes a challenge-response test. That is to say, whoever tries to submit some content should offer the valid response so as to prove that he is a human being other than spambots. With this module, you can get rid of the risk brought by the spambots.

SpamSpan filter

spamspan filterSpamSpan filter is mainly used to protect the email address on your website away from being recognized by spambots. It achieves this goal by mask the address in two ways. One way is to hide the email address with JavaScript, and the other way is to present the address as “nothing [at] nothing [dot] com” when JavaScript cannot be put into use.

Menu Admin per Menu

menu admin per menuMenu Admin per Menu is an easy to setup Drupal module that enables you to obtain full control over the menu items. With this module, you are able to allow different users to manage and modify different menus on your Drupal site without interfering each other, or you can just delete specific menu items.

Password policy

password policyPassword policy is a useful module that helps to enhance the Drupal security. With this module, the passwords employed by the users need to meet a set of constraints of complexity, length, lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, delay, username, digit placement and more. Thus, the passwords would be strong enough to avoid being divulged easily. What’s more, once a password expires, the user has to set a new password, otherwise he would be forbidden to login.

Administer Users by Role

administer users by roleWith Administer Users by Role – a security module for Drupal, you are able to allow certain users to manage other users with various roles. For example, with your permission, the authorized users can create other users for new roles.

Secure Pages Hijack Prevention

secure pages hijack preventionSecure Pages Hijack Prevention is compatible with the latest Drupal 7. Its main purpose is to stop the cookie hijacking from gaining unauthorized access to your SSL pages, which play a crucial role in transmitting private documents. Once it is applied to your secure page, there is no need to worry about the exploitation of your login information, for the login form is secured on the user page and login block.

Taxonomy Access Control Lite

taxonomy access control liteTaxonomy Access Control Lite is one of the Drupal node access modules, which are mainly used to avoid particular content that is accessible to specific users being read by others. Actually, who have access to the specified content is determined by the taxonomy of the node. Moreover, in spite of enabling administrators to grant view, delete or update the permissions according to taxonomies, this add-on also has the ability to hide the existence of taxonomies.

AES encryption

aes encryptionAES encryption is a perfect choice both for site owners and developers who want an easy-to-use Drupal security module. On the one hand, it allows site owners to give permission to the one that you trust to read the passwords in plain text. On the other hand, it offers the developers the extremely user-friendly encryption API, which can be functioned by setting aes_encrypt and aes_decrypt.

Security Kit

security kitAs you can infer from its name, this project is a group of security hardening options that help a lot in enhancing the security condition of your Drupal setup. With Security Kit, you are able to feel more relieved to exploit the various web application vulnerabilities.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

ldapLDAP is another popular Drupal security module which is adopted by more than 4,000 websites. This module can be integrated with LDAP for authorization, authentication, views, feeds and user provisioning. Besides, it also offers assistance for other modules. For instance, it can build some barriers like server configuration storage and query.

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