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Best Drupal Ecommerce Modules - Make Online Selling an Easy Thing

Best Drupal Ecommerce Modules – Make Online Selling an Easy Thing

When people plan to build their own online store, they should take everything which is related to ecommerce into consideration, such as payment, shipping, checkout, tax rate, and more. Therefore, some powerful ecommerce modules are needed to achieve these features. Last time, we have introduced the best WordPress ecommerce plugins and the best Joomla shopping carts for you.

As Drupal is the most powerful and stable CMS, more and more people use it for their ecommerce websites. We introduce the best Drupal ecommerce modules for you to build your attractive online store successfully.


Downloads: 683,208
Last modified: March 9, 2014


UbercartUbercart is the most popular and powerful module for people to start their online business. It offers every service for you to sell not only physical goods but also digital ones. What’s more, people can get the report of sales, product and customer information to help you analyze your business well and develop the better marketing strategy timely.

Drupal Commerce

Downloads: 347,815
Last modified: March 21, 2014


Drupal CommerceDrupal Commerce is a wonderful module for you to build your ecommerce websites successfully. As for product displaying part, it allows you to show your products in a dynamic way. Therefore, people can watch your product clearly and fully. Moreover, it supports various payment gateways to enable you to build an online store that can attract different people who favor different payment gateways.

Commerce Shipping

Downloads: 60,337
Last modified: March 21, 2014


Commerce ShippingJust like the name, Commerce Shipping is a module for you to deal with the shipping issue of your ecommerce sites. It offers you a shipping rate calculation system to help you provide shipping service for your customers. What’s more, it is a user friendly module that it has checkout form and order edit form for you to manage the shipping part of your order well.

Commerce Features

Downloads: 53,933
Last modified: September 16, 2012


Commerce FeaturesThis module helps you add features of your products that are sold on the ecommerce website. It supports you to deal with types of product, tax and customer profile. In this way, you can manage your products and customer groups well. What’ more, it allows you to sell your products to different profiles of customers to meet their needs.

Amazon Module

Downloads: 37,379
Last modified: March 11, 2014


Amazon ModuleAmazon Module can help you handle many issues of creating your online stores. You can decide how to divide your product into different types according to the features to attract people of various needs. What’s more, it allows you to create wish lists and receive customer reviews to improve service. In this case, more and more people may prefer to do business with you.

Commerce Flat Rate

Downloads: 32,181
Last modified: November 17, 2012


Commerce Flat RateThis module helps you calculate and set every flat shipping rate for your ecommerce websites. It enables you to define a new flat rate by adding a particular base rate in the edit form. What’s more, it can calculate the final price by adding discounts and rates automatically. In this way, the customers can know the price clearly.

Commerce Checkout Progress

Downloads: 29,742
Last modified: November 21, 2013


Commerce Checkout ProgressWith Commerce Checkout Progress, you can add a block in the checkout page. When the customer submits their order and enter the checkout page, they can see a box with the information of the product, including the name, the single price, the quantity and the total price. Moreover, the box uses simple lines and bright colors to make the information display clearly.

Commerce Customizable Products

Downloads: 24,897
Last modified: March 21, 2014


Commerce Customizable ProductsYou can infer from the name that this module is for selling customizable products. if people want to buy goods to meet their needs, they should input the details before adding it into the cart. Besides, it allows you to create your business card in the website by uploading your contact information and logo.

Commerce Physical Product

Downloads: 14,995
Last modified: September 28, 2011


Commerce Physical ProductIf you plan to build a website for selling physical goods, Commerce Physical Product is a perfect option. It supports you to divide your products into different types. Besides, you can give more information about your products in the describing field. In this case, the customers can know better about the products and decide to buy things that they really need.


Downloads: 14,674
Last modified: April 30, 2014


PaymentEvery online store needs the payment gateways to receive money from the customers who have made successful orders. Payment is a reliable and stable module for you to create a functional payment platform for your ecommerce website. That is to say, the customers only need a PayPal account or one credit card to go shopping in your online store.