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Best Drupal Calendar Modules - Adding a Calendar to Your Drupal Site with Ease

Best Drupal Calendar Modules – Adding a Calendar to Your Drupal Site with Ease

Adding a calendar to the site becomes an essential issue for a lot of people who treat time as the most important thing in their life. In this case, more and more webmasters try to add a calendar on their website to inform them of some of the important dates or events making use of the powerful calendar tools.

Among many different types of CMS, Drupal is one of the most popular and common ones. Therefore, we have introduced many modules for your Drupal sites, such as security modules and SEO modules. This time, we emphasize the best Drupal calendar modules to help you add the useful and special calendar to your Drupal sites.


Downloads: 2,468,583
Last modified: February 8, 2014

DateDate is a package that includes date field, type date field and date API to help you create your own calendar successfully. As the most popular calendar module, it offers you powerful functions to add the date to your website. It can even allow you to record the specific day of the issue. In this way, you can easily find events according to the time.


Downloads: 866,245
Last modified: May 28, 2014

CalendarThis module allows you to create a calendar in a quick and easy way. You can just click the button on the up left to add the dates. What’s more, it enables you to check the date by choosing month, week, day, and year. Besides, you can use the calendar to record the information of the number of visitors, the peak time of the sites, and more.


Downloads: 115,691
Last modified: June 17, 2014

FullCalendarThis module allows you to record your plan on the calendar. The color of the calendar is white while the event blank is blue. If you want to see the plan of “today”, you need to click the button on the top left of the calendar. Therefore, it can help you remember the agenda of month, week or day.

Calendar Block

Downloads: 37,870
Last modified: January 28, 2013

Calendar BlockCalendar Block is a user friendly module that helps you design your own unique calendar. It enables you to change not only the color & size of the calendar but also the whole layout of it. That is to say, you can use it to create a perfect calendar which can suit the overall design of the website well.

Availability Calendars

Downloads: 33,270
Last modified: April 29, 2014

Availability CalendarsIf your websites are for hotels, restaurants or coffee houses, Availability Calendars is a perfect option for you to add your calendars. You can define your own dates, such as low season, high season, and more. What’s more, it enables you to come up a name for the calendar. Besides, it allows you to edit the date easily.

Event Calendar

Downloads: 18,500
Last modified: March 4, 2014

Event Calendarust like the name, Event Calendar is a module for you to add your events on the calendar. It allows you to choose different colors for different events according to the status, such as the festival is orange. What’s more, it enables you to add an email address to inform you of what you need to do.

Events Calendar Feature

Downloads: 14,394
Last modified: May 11, 2012

Events Calendar FeatureEvents Calendar Feature can allow you to add your event in the calendar. Moreover, it has some new features. For example, you can use it to add more than one event on one day. Every event is ordered according to the time. When you move the mouse on a certain day image, you can see the special event in the right side of the calendar.

Calendar Systems

Downloads: 14,301
Last modified: August 18, 2013

Calendar SystemsThis module supports varies calendar systems, including Iranian, Thai, Arabic, and more. Different systems can meet different people’s need. What’s more, it is easy to manage the calendar. For example, you can just type the date in the blank and click the “Upload” button to update your calendar.

Calendar Tooltips

Downloads: 13,642
Last modified: May 11, 2012

Calendar TooltipsCalendar Tooltips is an excellent module for you to create a clear and simple calendar. It allows you to see your schedule on the calendar. When you move your mouse on the date, a yellow box can appear to show you the details of the events. In this way, you can quickly remember the special days and complete the needed tasks.

Spider Event Calendar

Downloads: 5,510
Last modified: April 25, 2013

Spider Event CalendarThis module helps you manage the events in the calendar efficiently. You can add as many types of calendars as you can, such as work calendar, special day calendar and more. Besides, every calendar has different colors, and that depends on you. What’s more, the unique color of the day can help you remember your plan and do it timely.