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The 5 Best Drupal Books - Helping Newbies Learn Drupal Systematically

The 5 Best Drupal Books – Helping Newbies Learn Drupal Systematically

Drupal is a free and open source content management system that has been used widely on the Internet. Unlike the other two popular CMSs of WordPress and Joomla that offer the easy handling, this one is mainly developed for some advanced users coming with a comparatively more complex interface. In this case, we have already come out a lot of Drupal related tutorials for you to better understand this tool, such as the best Drupal hosting, Drupal site showcase, beginner’s guide for Drupal, as well as the Drupal themes and modules.

This time, however, we’d like to introduce you some other useful learning materials – the best Drupal books that are all written by experienced Drupal users and Drupal developers, with which even newbies can know how to make use of this CMS from scratch.

Drupal 7 Explained

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Drupal 7 ExplainedThis book is 100% targeting at Drupal beginners who have little knowledge or even know nothing about this CMS. With it, you are able to learn about what Drupal can do for you and how it works with the simplest words and clear images. Even if you have no experienced Drupal before, you can know how to install it and how to handle the administration panel within hours.

In addition, this book also provides some relatively advanced tutorials including Drupal site management, website simplification, navigation creation, website backup, and website customization, etc. Note that Drupal 7 Explained does not contain the knowledge of scripting, coding, and programming. Everything included is basic, and can help people build and manage a Drupal powered site easily.

  • Dose not required Drupal experience
  • Contains no coding stuff
  • Introduces the basic knowledge about Drupal site building and management

Drupal for Dummies

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Drupal for DummiesThis book provides a systematically tutorial for Drupal, especially the version 7 that is pretty easy to use and handle. The book authors, Lynn Beighley and Seamus Bellamy, are the Drupal gurus who know everything about Drupal and can teach you with the most easy-to-understand descriptions. With their introductions, you can know clearly what Drupal can offer, how to take advantage of the new highlights offered by Drupal 7, and how to deal with some common issues. Note that even though you have never met Drupal before, you can install this tool, set up a site using it, and use themes and modules with ease.

  • Shows how to use Drupal clearly and systematically
  • Introduces the new features of Drupal 7 in detail
  • Offers some troubleshoots for the most common Drupal issues

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

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The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7Unlike the other books recommended in this list that are created by one or few authors, this book, however, it written by a group consisting of more than 30 writers who are all the Drupal developers. This contributes to the comprehensiveness and professionalism of this Drupal book, teaching people in an in-depth manner and helping them participate in the Drupal community easily.

With this book, you can set up a website using Drupal core with no hassles, customize the website with your preferred theme, extend the core functions of Drupal by making use of powerful modules, and many more.

  • Came out by a large group of Drupal professionals
  • Offers the detailed guide of how to join Drupal community
  • Is better for anyone who wants to get better using Drupal

Drupal User’s Guide

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Drupal User’s GuideThis book simply provides you a step-by-step guidance from starting to finish a Drupal powered website. Emma Jane Hogbin, the book author, has already taught thousands of people who are new to Drupal based on her own experience in the real world. One of the highlights of this book is that it not only introduce the knowledge of Drupal utilization, but also something about web design, helping you understand how to fit the two important parts together perfectly.

In addition, this book shows you about all the latest advanced features of Drupal 7, as well as how to make use of these benefits for your website.

  • Introduces Drupal installation on both Max and Linux operating system
  • Helps you get familiar with the new admin panel
  • Shows the knowledge about website optimization and customization

Drupal 7 Module Development

Price: $40.49
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Drupal 7 Module DevelopmentAs compared with the other four books listed in this post, this one is a little bit more technical as it is for software development. The book authors simply offer you some coding examples for learning and modifying Drupal in each chapter along with the illustrations of APIs. In addition, this book provides some architectural strategies helping you build up the Drupal tools and modules on your own based on your real needs. Honestly speaking, this book is an amazing option for PHP developers or those who are interested in Drupal development.

  • Great book for Drupal developers
  • Showcases some excellent coding samples in every chapter
  • Offers perfect strategies for Drupal development