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Best CS-Cart Hosting for Starting an E-Commerce Website
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Best CS-Cart Hosting for Starting an E-Commerce Website

CS-Cart is a popular shopping cart solution for the establishment of ecommerce sites, ranging from small online stores to large shopping malls. It offers the well-designed front-end by default, all the major payment and shipping options, manageable inventory control, promotional tools and many other ecommerce related software.

Besides, this tool allows a search engine friendly environment that contributes well to the indexing of your web stores, improving the online ranking among all the major search engines greatly.

Now, looking for a proper web host to run this PHP based shopping cart? The following award of the best CS-Cart hosting lists the top three winners based on our comprehensive review and comparison. They are BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub.

Why They Are the Best CS-Cart Hosting – Common Aspects

Fully Meet the System Requirements

In fact, there are only two critical things that a CS-Cart should have to guarantee a proper running of this tool.

  • PHP version 5.3 or greater
  • MySQL version 4.1 or greater

To be frank, the basic requirements of the server environment are quite typical which can be met by thousands of web hosts on the web. However, our recommended three companies not only allow the latest version of PHP and MySQL to ensure the 100% CS-Cart compatibility. In the meanwhile, they also allow the following features to better serve the CS-Cart users.

  • Safe_mode, GD library, CURL, Phar extension, ZipArchive extension and file_uploads are all enabled. Among them, the CURL support is used to ensure the secure connection of data and transferring of money via all the major payment systems.
  • .htaccess file has all the necessary directives including Deny, AddHandler, RewriteCond , RewriteRule, RewriteEngine, DirectoryIndex and Order.
  • Some key PHP commands are enabled including ftp_nb_fput, escapeshellarg, set_time_limit, mysql_pconnect, shell_exec and ftp_exec.

Rich Features

In addition to the above-mentioned hosting features that guarantee the proper running of CS-Cart, these three web hosts also allow some additional offerings, with which you can start and manage your CS-Cart store with ease.

  • Plenty of disk storage and monthly bandwidth; no utilization restriction has been set. In this case, you can upload as many products as you want and transfer as much data as possible for each month.
  • Multiple domains, FTP accounts and email accounts are allowed.
  • User-friendly cPanel control panel and the 1-click CS-Cart installation.
  • Free advertising credits that are up to $200 in total.
  • Money back guarantee that is coming with a long refunding period.
  • All of them allow the free domain name for new customers.
  • CloudFlare CDN service for the speeding up of webpage loading and the security level of websites.
  • Solid state drives for improving the hosting performance.

Responsive Support

All of these three web hosts have done well in terms of the technical support. They do not outsource the support service, but establish a self-owned support team that is available all the times even during the Christmas Eve.

Once you are in trouble, you can ask for help by sending the email, opening the ticket, dialing the hotline number or clicking the live chat button. There is always someone here to assist you for troubleshooting.

Besides, according to our personal experience and customers’ feedbacks, the reply efficiency of them is great – less than 5 seconds for live chat and phone call and less than 20 minutes for email and ticket system. In this case, you can choose the contact channel based on your emergency level.

Why They Are the Best CS-Cart Hosting – Exclusive Aspects

BlueHost – Reliable Hosting

BlueHostBlueHost is the leading CS-Cart hosting that has been trusted by a large number of CS-Cart users. With this exclusive beneficial link, you can get its service starting at $3.49/mo effectively, up to 60% off the regular charging. Besides, it allows an anytime money back guarantee that promises a high level of risk-free and worry-free.

In fact, this web host has done great when it comes to the hosting reliability. It claims to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime, but actually, it succeeds in achieving a 100% uptime according to our real-time monitoring.

This is because BlueHost only utilizes the self-developed web servers that are composed of the most solid and robust components, featuring with the 8 processors, 256 GB of memory, 64 slots, 64 TB of capacity and 64 drives.

Besides, this web host locates these quality servers at three world-class data centers that are equipped with the most advanced infrastructures and facilities.

InMotion Hosting- Fast Hosting

InMotion HpostingThis is another web host that has been recommended by CS-Cart developers. This is mainly due to its fast hosting speed promised for all the customers. According to our testing result of its hosting performance, InMotion only requires 237 ms for server response, much faster than the majority of common web hosts.

Besides, this web host regularly charges you starting at $7.99/mo. But now, you can get the hosting at the price of $3.49/mo only, 52% off the initial charge by visiting through the promotional link.

WebHostingHub- Affordable Hosting

WebHostingHubWebHostingHub regularly sets the CS-Cart hosting price starting at $8.99/mo, which can be afforded easily by the majority of webmasters. But now, it released a special promotional link, with which you can purchase starting at $1.95/mo only.

WebHostingHub is the cheapest one among the three web hosts. However, the cheap price does not mean the poor hosting quality. Instead, it offers rich features and guarantees the best hosting performance for all the customers. Besides, this company allows a 60 days full refunding policy.

Now, according to the online survey of its real users, this web host has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction.

General Knowledge You Need to Know About CS-Cart

To put it simply, CS-Cart can be regarded as one of the best all-inclusive solutions for starting and managing the online business, from a personal startup to a large-scale web mall. All the features you need to set up and grow your e-commerce site can be got from this tool, such as the properly designed storefront, powerful and advanced admin panel, unlimited scalability for more functions and many more.

To use this e-commerce solution, you have three plans to choose – one free option and two paid options.

  • The free mode gives you enough freedom for web content management, ensures the SEO friendly URLs and allows the multi-channel retailing.
  • The CS-Cart mode offers more than 50 default add-ons coming with advanced functions, along with the responsive design for your online store.
  • The Multi-Vendor is the most powerful one but charges you a lot. Unless your e-commerce site is of the large size and traffic, we do not recommend you to use this option.

As for the main features of CS-Cart, we have summarized the below aspects.

  • Ready for Starting – This shopping cart offers all the necessary tools for a rapid start of your online store. You simply need to finish some basic settings, add your selling items and start running the site.
  • Fast Speed – As compared with many other e-commerce solutions, CS-Cart is faster. Its developers have invested a lot in the boosting of performance, ensuring the super-blazing shopping experiences for your customers.
  • Mobile Friendly – This shopping cart achieves the mobile storefront and admin panel based on the Twigmo technology.
  • Power Admin – Its admin panel is crammed with a long list of e-commerce features, such as the integration of shipping methods, security technologies and marketing tools.
  • Cloud Search – Based on the Searchanise technology, CS-Cart ensures a smart system for product searches.