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The 3 Best Cheap Web Hosting - Secrets Unveiled & Suggestions
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The 3 Best Cheap Web Hosting – Secrets Unveiled & Suggestions

cheapWhen it comes to choosing a cheap web host for PHP website, price is the top priority for many people. However, according to our experience, it is not easy to find a real trusted host at a cheap rate.

There are lots of secrets behind the so-called cheap service offered by some cunning web hosts. For instance, they may provide customers with an extremely low price at first, and then charge higher for the continued billing circles with a lot of hidden fees. Some other companies may offer a cheap rate with very limited hosting features. Once customers need more resources, they have to pay at an unreasonably high price.

With 2 experienced developers in the team, we would like to help you find a quality & cheap web hosting to start a blog or content website for personal or small business.

The Definition

In the point of view, the cheap web hosting shall be pricing around $4/mo with adequate useful features, including the latest PHP & MySQL, PHP extensions, URL Rewrite, multiple blogs on 1 account, 24×7 support via toll-free telephone, live chat and email, and a trust-worth money back guarantee.

Best Cheap Web Hosting

Due to the complexity of finding a trust-worthy cheap web host, we strongly recommend you going with BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, or WebHostingHub, which are tested by our real hosting experience.


BlueHost is one of the leading web hosts in this market that has millions of websites under management. Regularly, you need to pay at least $7.99/mo to get their services. But now, with the release of their exclusive promotional link showcased as below, you can get the 57% discount and sign up with them starting at $3.49/mo only.

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

In addition, the cheap hosting price does not mean the poor features. Each hosting plan of BlueHost contains a large number of useful features such as the cPanel control panel, auto script installer, SSL, SSH, daily backup service, PHP, MySQL, drag and drop site builder, free domain names, free marketing credits and many more.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a famous business hosting provider that pays much attention to the hosting reliability and performance using the quality web servers, cutting-edge data centers, reliable bandwidth providers, exclusive routing technologies and many more.

This web host regular charges you starting at $6.99/mo. With the below promotional link, however, the price is as affordable as $3.49/mo effectively.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

Just like BlueHost, this hosting provider does not sacrifice the hosting quality to ensure the cheap rates. Their premier technical support, in particular, is available for all the customers 24/7 via different support methods such as live chat, email, ticket, phone and online community. Whenever you ask for help, their support staffs can be ready to assist you.


This is the cheapest web hosting provider as compared with the other two award winners. This web host regularly charges you starting at $8.99/mo. If you sign up via this promotional link, however, the charge can be cut down to $1.95/mo effectively. In addition, unlike many other web hosts that may charge you highly for renewal, this web host sets an affordable renewal price.

In addition, this web host allows the 90 days money back guarantee for the risk-free online purchase.

WebHostingHub Promotion Link Activation

Secrets Revealed

In below, we have listed some common drawbacks and pitfalls of cheap hosting providers, and explain why we recommend these 3 hosts.

Problem 1: Poor Customer Service

supportExperienced and knowledgeable technical support staffs cost a lot of money on hiring. Therefore, a cheap host may outsource the support in result to be failed in offering reliable and timely customer service.

The 3 cheap hosts above provide the world-class support as some expensive hosting company offering. The technical support staffs are always patient, prompt, and experienced. Once you encounter any problems at a time, you can contact the representatives 24/7 via toll-free telephone, e-mail, or live chat.

Problem 2: Reliability & Speed

In order to save budget, many bad cheap hosting companies utilize low-priced hardware and data center, which results to extremely slow page loading speed making site visitors frustrating and going away. Besides, these bad hosts usually over-sells the shared server and tries to put thousands of account on a single server. Therefore, the reliability of each site is easy to be affected by abusive neighbors sucking up shared server resources at an alarming rate. Moreover, with more accounts on a server, the more risky for virus infection spreads across the accounts

BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub are absolutely different to sucking hosts. The sites hosted with them are guaranteed with 99.9% uptime. They know the quality hardware and datacenter infrastructure seriously influence the performance of sites. They know making the customers happy is making their business going for a long time. Therefore, instead of using cheap hardware, they all utilize the reliable factory-tested Dell server and state-of-the-art data center to ensure the hosting reliability and performance fundamentally.

Problem 3: Extra Charges

Sometimes, cheap hosts offer a low rate at first to attract customers, but charge much higher for the continued billing circles. Besides, these bad companies merely allow customers to have a large volume of disk storage & bandwidth, email usage, domain hosting, etc. If a site outgrows the allocated server resources, you have to pay at a high price for extra resources.

Choosing with the 3 hosts above, you no longer need to worry about this problem. The price of the hosting plans are totally transparent without any hidden set up fees. Besides, their hosting plans are designed with UNLIMITED (virtually) features, which are absolutely enough for a personal or small business site.

Problem 4: Refund Risk

money back guaranteeMany cheap hosting providers only offer a single 30 days money back guarantee, but hide the fact of setup fee, domain registration fee, or other service fee in refund.

BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub offer 30/90/90 days FULL money back guarantee without hidden fee, and ANYTIME post-rated money back guarantee. Besides, they all accept various payment methods. So it’s totally worry and risk free with the purchase with these 3 companies.


Due to many complaints of cheap hosting, many customers have no confidence with the quality of a low-priced hosting plan. In reality, you can have a both happy and affordable hosting experience with a real cheap host which cost down by the knowledge, management and experience.