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Best Cheap Web Hosting in Hong Kong - Best Choice For Business in Asia
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Best Cheap Web Hosting in Hong Kong – Best Choice For Business in Asia

Nowadays, Hong Kong web hosting has become increasingly popular with webmasters, especially for someone who is aiming at developing the business in China or some other Asian areas. Besides, some webmasters are also looking for a reliable hosting provider offering the most cost-effective service. However, since there are many hosting companies in Hong Kong, readers may be confused about how to choose the best suitable one.

According to our reviews on about 50 companies, we highly recommend In addition to the affordable price, this company also offers high quality services. In the following, we make an in-depth review on the aspect of its price, features, performance and technical support.

Editorial Rating has served more than 20,000 customers in the world. Based on our surveys on hundreds of customers, we find that is much more popular than some other Hong Kong hosting providers. The specific information is just as the following table.

ZhuJi91 Review
  • Reputation
    rating 4 of 5
  • Features
    rating 4.5 of 5
  • Uptime
    rating 5 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 5 of 5
  • Support
    rating 4.5 of 5
  • Price
    $4.95/mo, 45% off $8.95/mo regularly

Affordable Price has provided cost-effective hosting service since its establishment. Besides, both Linux and Windows web hosting are available to customers so that people can choose the best suitable hosting service based on their own needs. Both of the 2 services are starting at a budget price.

The Linux hosting service is regularly priced at $8.95/mo. However, readers can get a 45% discount through the promotion link as below. The discounted price is only $4.95/mo. For Windows hosting, this company also provides an attractive 35% discount, with which the price is cut from $8.95/mo to $5.95/mo.

Billing Cycle 36 Months 24 Months 12 Months
Linux Web Hosting $4.95/mo $5.95/mo $7.95/mo
Windows Web Hosting $5.95/mo $6.95/mo $8.95/mo offers 30 days money back guarantee. In the first 30-day registration, if customers are not satisfied with the service and cancel their accounts, they can get a refund. In addition, it supports the payment via PayPal to make the purchase convenient.

Zhuji91 Promotion Link Activation

Rich Features offers all needed features in every hosting solution, like abundant disk space, unlimited bandwidth, easy-to-use control panel, cutting-edge operating systems and advanced Microsoft technologies. Here, more features are listed in the following table.

Linux Web Hosting
  • Operating System
  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • phpMyAdmin
  • htaccess
  • Control Panel

Windows Web Hosting
  • Operating System
    Windows 2008R2
  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
  • IIS
  • MS SQL
  • MVC
  • URL Rewrite2
  • DAP
  • Full Trust
  • Silverlight
  • Control Panel

The Linux hosting integrates with cPanel while Windows hosting utilizes WebSitePanel. Both of the 2 control panels are commonly used by numerous customers to manage their websites. In addition, there are various 1-click installations available to people, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke and BlogEngine.NET, with which webmasters are able to make their sites more functional.

Reliability & Speed locates the data center in Hong Kong. Thus, this company can promise to deliver 100% uptime to customers in Hong Kong and China Mainland. For other Asian areas, the uptime is at least 99.9%. On the basis of our monitoring in the past 30 days, we present its uptime record in the following chart.

This company utilizes 100% DELL servers equipped with minimal 24 CPU cores, 24 GB memory, SSD and RAID-5 storage. With such robust servers, all the websites can run in a high speed. The following chart shows that the server response time of is 348ms on average, which is much faster than many other Hong Kong hosting companies.

Technical Support

To make sure that customers can get the best after-sale service, always focuses on providing the highest level of technical support that is in both Mandarin and English. Thus, both Chinese-speaking and English-speaking customers are able to communicate with the support team without barriers.

The technical support is available in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All the staffs are knowledgeable and experienced enough to help customers solve any issues promptly. People are able to ask for help by sending an email, and then they can get a response within 10 minutes.


According to this comprehensive review, is a trust-worthy hosting provider on the basis of its affordable price, rich features, high performance and first-ranking technical support. Here, we highly recommend this company to the webmasters who are looking for a reliable and cheap Hong Kong web hosting provider.

How to Choose the Best Cheap Hosting in Hong Kong

When picking up the best cheap web hosting provider in Hong Kong, we have taken several aspects into consideration for coming out the most reliable and objective result. Check some of our strict criteria in the following.

Advanced Data Centers Located in Hong Kong

Firstly, the web host needs to have the world-class and cutting-edge data centers that are located in Hong Kong, shortening the physical distance between you and your target readers effectively. After that, you can have your hosting performance improved to a large degree.

In addition, the data centers need to be equipped with the 24/7 monitoring for any sudden issue and unexpected situation, an automatic system for the climate control and machine cooling, uninterrupted supply for electricity to avoid the situation of power outage and many more.

Affordable but Not Extremely Cheap Hosting Price

It is true that you are looking for the cheap hosting solution, but it does not mean that you can sign up with some extremely cheap or even the free options, which are likely to bring you some frauds and scams, along with the devastating hosting experiences.

Rich Features with Ultimate Ease of Use

No matter how many plans this company offers, all of the available packages must include the necessary features such as sufficient server resources, SSH, SSI, PHP, MySQL, multiple domain hosting, enough accounts and storages for emails and many more.

In addition, as the combination of the user-friendly cPanel control panel and the powerful script installer ensures the effortless hosting experience for most webmasters, these two features are also essential.

Multilingual Support Service

Generally, if you choose a Hong Kong hosting, this means your target market is in China or the Asia region. In this case, it would better for you to choose a hosting company ensuring the multilingual technical support. After all, language can be a large barrier to the successful communication when you need help from your web host.