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Best Blog Hosting - Top 3 Choices For Hosting a Blog
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Best Blog Hosting – Top 3 Choices For Hosting a Blog

Blog has become a common platform that acts as the online presentations for any people. With it, you can share your daily life, keep in touch with your friends, showcase your expertise, and even earn some money.

When it comes to the establishment of a blog site, you firstly need to choose a proper web host that offers reliable and quality blog hosting solution. As there are hundreds of options for this nowadays, we have listed the top 3 options in the following, narrowing down your selections greatly.

Top 3 Blog Hosting

After reviewing and comparing all the top-rated web hosts in this industry, we finally award BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and HostMonster as the best blog hosting providers. The reasons as why they are the award winners are listed in the following.

  • Affordable blog hosting charges – All of these three hosting providers set budget-friendly hosting charges that are starting at $3.49/mo effective. This level of hosting rate can be afforded easily by all the bloggers.
  • Ease of use – For an easy management of the blog site and the hosting account, the cPanel control panel is offered by free.
  • Blogging scripts – The three web hosts all offer hundreds of free scripts for blog building, along with the 1-click script installation that starts your blog in minutes.
  • Sufficient server resources – There is no limit on the utilization of server resources. If you do not over-consume the disk spaces and monthly bandwidth, you can upload as many contents as possible, as well as transfer a large amount of data for each month.
  • 24/7 support service – You can ask for help at anytime you need through multiple contact methods.
  • Security measurements – To prevent your blog from being destroyed by hackers, the three web hosts offer daily website backup service, Password Protected Directories, Custom Error Pages and many more.

Their Common Benefits for Blog Hosting

As the award-winning web hosts for blog hosting solutions, these three companies have done something in common. Check the details in the following.

Cheap Hosting Charges Starting at $3.49/mo

No matter which web host you choose among the three options, you can purchase at a cheap hosting charge.

  • BlueHost – charges you starting at $3.49/mo only with this promotion link, up to 60% off the regular rate.
  • InMotion Hosting – charges you starting at $3.49/mo only with this promotion link, up to 56% off the regular rate.
  • HostMonster- charges you starting at $3.95/mo only with this promotion link, 34% off the regular rate.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Many web hosts nowadays offer their custom control panels for bloggers to control and manage their website, hosting account, data, statistics and many more, the majority of which are featuring the hard learning curve.

All of these three web hosts offer the easy to use control panel for bloggers to control and manage their website, hosting account, data, statistics and many more. Even, BlueHost and InMotion Hosting offer the latest advanced cPanel control panel with no charging. By leveraging the icon-based user interface of this control panel, you can manage the following things with ease.

  • Files and database – You can directly manage the image files, backup files, backup wizard, web disk usage and many more. As for the database, the phpMyAdmin is pre-installed, along with the MySQL database wizard and remote MySQL.
  • Domain and emails – You can manage your add-on domains, sub-domains, email accounts, auto-responders, address importers, email filters simply by clicking the corresponding icons.
  • Security – SSH access, IP blocker, SSL, TLS, Hotlink Protection and Leech Protection can be started from the security area.
  • Advanced items – The management of PHP, Perl modules, RubyGem, Cron Jobs, DNS tracking, Apache handlers, error pages, MIME types and many more can be done easily.

Programming and Scripts

As the majority of blog building tools are based on PHP and store data on MySQL database, these web hosts all offer the latest version of PHP and MySQL. Besides, all the popular programming languages and modules are included into their hosting packages.

  • Modules: ImageMagickn, CPAN, GD Library, Curl
  • Language: Ruby on Rails, Python, SSL, Fast CGI, Perl

As for the scripts, you can instantly install hundreds of free scripts simply via a few simple clicks, such as WordPress, Open Blog, b2evolution, LifeType, Textpattern and many more.

Free Extras

Besides the basic hosting features, these web hosts also offer you some free extras as the additional benefits.

  • Free website builder.
  • Free domain name that is available in BlueHost and DreamMonster blog hosting.
  • Free backup service that is on a daily basis.
  • Free advertising credits for Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Among them, InMotion Hosting allows an up to $300 free credits.

Their Exclusive Benefits for Blog Hosting

BlueHost – reliable blog hosting

By designing and maintaining the web servers from scratch with a group of engineers, BlueHost delivers the highest level of hosting reliability for you. All the servers are developed with high-quality component, coming with 256 GB of memory, 64 slots, 16-Core AMD Opteron, 64TB of storage, 8 processors, 64 drives, 90x SAS2 ports via SAS, Linux Kernel 2.6.32 and SSD database storage, etc.

As for the data centers, BlueHost builds up their self-owned ones to promise the proper running of web servers instead of renting from the IDC companies. The data centers are all world-class, being equipped with advanced technologies for monitoring, security and climate control, etc.

This web host claims to guarantee at least 99.99% uptime. According to our real-world monitoring, it actually succeeds in achieving a 100% uptime.

InMotion Hosting – great support service

InMotion offers a premier support for all the bloggers. Hotline, email, live chat, Q&A community are all available for you to raise some questions. Whenever you are seeking for help, there is always someone here to help you resolve your issues.

Besides, the web host offers some great self-help solutions. In the knowledge base, there are a large number of posts and video tutorials about the blog hosting, website building and management, security issues and many more.

HostMonster – fast blog hosting

HostMonster is award-wining for its fast blog hosting. Its robust web servers are DELL branded, coming with Linux CentOS 64-bit operating system, Kernel and Quad Core Processors with 2.26 GHz. Besides, this web host rents the cutting-edge data center to guarantee the proper running of servers, coming with the top-notch redundant infrastructure for the uninterrupted power supply.

Besides, its network infrastructure includes the high-performing gear from Juniper, CISCO and Brocade for the maximum redundant network that ensures the low latency for page loading.

General Knowledge about the Blog Site

To put it simply, the blog site can be regarded as the online presence for some individuals, groups and businesses. With it, you can share your interested topics, your daily life, your special experiences, expertise and many more to your friends, acquaintances, relatives and some strangers as you wish.

With the increasing popularity of blogging, the blog has been divided into two types at present – the business blog and the personal blog.

  • The former option is generally added into the official business portal, acting as an inner blog area. With it, webmasters can showcase the latest news happened on their companies, better promote their business culture, answer some frequently asked questions from their customers and many more.
  • The latter option is widely adopted by individuals. It can act as the private platform for the online diary or the public one to showcase anything you want.

Popular Blog Builder

At present, there are a large number of blog builders available, with which you can run and manage your blog site with much ease. Among all the popular options, WordPress can be regarded as the hot one. Check some highlights of it in the following.

  • The easy-to-use interface that allows you to publish your blog posts with ease.
  • The easy installation process that allows you to start blogging quickly.
  • Plenty of plugins that help you add more blog functions.
  • Plenty of themes that help you better customize your blog appearance.
  • Almost no learning curve so that even 5-grade students can use it easily.

Luckily, all the blog hosting providers we have listed in this post are all 100% compatible with this tool, along with the peak performance ensured.

Start a Blog Site

Running a blog site is as simple as viewing a webpage. In the following, we have listed some simple steps, and you can check the detailed information from this page.

  • Choose a proper blog domain.
  • Sign up with a quality blog hosting plan.
  • Install a blog builder using the 1-click script installer that is offered by almost all the web hosts.
  • Start blogging with the crafted contents.
  • Optimize your blog site for more functions, better appearance and a higher level of SEO.