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The Best ASP.NET Hosting Companies - Starting at $2.95/mo
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The Best ASP.NET Hosting Companies – Starting at $2.95/mo

It is well known that ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft which enables users to design and build standards-based websites conveniently. On the Windows platform, ASP.NET is considered as the most preferable scripting language.

Therefore, an increasing number of web hosts are trying to improve their ASP.NET hosting. Although plenty of companies claim to provide the first-class ASP.NET hosting, only a minority of them have kept their promise.

Taking features, price, and many other critical factors into consideration, we compared more than 100 hosting providers and find the best 3 ones worth recommending. They are Host4ASP.NET, HostGator, and WinHost.

Host4ASP.NET – Best ASP.NET Hosting

Host4ASP.NETSome people maintain that it is always hard to sort out the products with high quality when they are sold at moderate or even low prices. Yet, Host4ASP.NET could spare users from that kind of worry by providing both affordable and reliable hosting plans. Host4ASP.NET, as its name implies, has professional engineers who are fully dedicated to ASP.NET hosting.

For beginners or anyone who has a limited budget, Host4ASP.NET is absolutely a preferable choice. The regular price of its web hosting is $6.95/mo, but now only $2.95/mo is needed for the same service owing to the exciting 58% discount through this promotional link. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by Host4ASP.NET, they can get their money back within 30 days.

Simultaneously, Host4ASP.NET is devoted to providing fast and stable ASP.NET hosting solutions for clients around the world. By employing cutting-edge technologies, the company helps its customers save a lot of page loading time. Additionally, state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies are adopted in the company’s data centers to ensure 99.9% uptime.

To simplify the management of websites and the installation of popular applications, the company supplies WebSitePanel which enables customers to manage their websites easily. All of these high-quality services offered by Host4ASP.NET are aimed to provide more possibilities.

HostGator – Individual ASP.NET Hosting

HostGatorHostGator is praised by many users as a world-class host which provides ASP.NET web hosting services with high quality and reasonable price. Set up in 2003, the company has concentrated on this service for more than a decade and has expanded its business worldwide. Apart from numerous positive reviews given by customers, the company has also received many hosting awards.

Firstly, for people who hardly have any experience with ASP.NET hosting and hesitate to choose an unfamiliar provider, HostGator is an ideal option since it charges as low as $4.76/mo and provides a 45 days money back policy which offers users enough trial time. You can get their service simply via this promotional link

In case of power outage, HostGator provides Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to ensure fully redundant data center power. The company also guarantees 99.9% uptime during any month. Additionally, this web host selects the best server locations in each continent to guarantee lower latency and higher speed.

To improve customer service, they offer the 24/7 support to help users solve their problems in time. Many highly dedicated and qualified staffs are working around the clock to help customers run their websites well. All of these factors contribute to the unparalleled advantages of HostGator.

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WinHost – Experienced ASP.NET Hosting

WinHostWinHost is another trustworthy APS.NET hosting provider we would like to recommend. This company provides 3 major web hosting plans including Basic plan, Max plan, and Ultimate plan. These plans which provide different resources and charge different fees are aimed to meet the requirements of different customers .

Still, the three hosting plans share some general features. All of them offer unlimited subdomains and Email accounts. And existing domain could be transferred to WinHost under any plans. With a professional control panel operated by WinHost, clients are able to manage their websites and install applications easily.

Here, we highly recommend the Basic hosting plan. As for price, clients could spend as low as $3.95/mo if they are ready to use this hosting plan for more than 2 years. No setup fee would be charged and only $12.95/year are needed to obtain a new domain name. Besides, WinHost provides the protection service for domain WhoIs privacy without any charges.

In spite of all the achievements WinHost has made, the company never stops its progress and always puts much emphasis on customer service. Thus, well trained staffs in the company are prepared at any time to provide immediate response and best solution for customers. Besides, WinHost has established a KnowledgeBase through which visitors could easily find many effective solutions.

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General Knowledge You Need to Know about ASP.NET Hosting

In fact, this is a special hosting type that works on the Windows based web server. With it, you can use any scripts that are developed using the Microsoft ASP.NET technology with the best hosting environment.

To be frank, as compared with the popular Linux hosting, the ASP.NET hosting is the better option if you are looking for the interactive applications and webpages. Especially, if you add some Microsoft products on your web content such the Microsoft Office and Exchange Server, this hosting type is surely recommended.

Tips for Choosing the Best ASP.NET Hosting

As for how to choose the best ASP.NET hosting, you firstly need to ensure that the web host is reliable enough to guarantee no frequent and serious downtime, fast speed, rich features, affordable prices and professional technical support. In addition to these common requirements, there are also some other tips you need to take into account.

All the ASP.NET Frameworks

To begin with, the hosting provider needs to offer all the ASP.NET frameworks from the basic version 1 to the latest version 4. In this case, you can enjoy the maximum flexibility to run your ASP.NET based website properly.

Knowledgeable Support Staffs and Tutorials

As researched, almost all the quality web hosts set up a group of professional support staffs that have the rich knowledge about Linux hosting, but few of them have the enough expertise about ASP.NET hosting. In this case, when choosing the hosting provider, you need to test the professionalism of their support representatives for the ASP.NET related knowledge.

In addition, enough tutorials about this hosting type are also essential.

Windows Operating System

The web host needs to support the latest version of Windows operating system along with the IIS. Thus, your site can work better in the rich hosting environment,

Full Trust Level and Dedicated Applications Pool

In fact, not all the web hosts support these two features. However, if your web host ensures these aspects, they do not apply some extra policies to the applications running on your site and can better protect you from being affected by some bad neighborhoods.