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b2evolution vs WordPress for Blogging Software Comparison

b2evolution vs WordPress for Blogging Software Comparison

WordPress and b2evolution are the best and the most-used blogging software that have been created on the basis of PHP. Both of these two are free to use. They are all open sources, allowing you to simply download, install, and configure them. This way, you can easily create your own blogs and websites right according to your ultimate needs and requirements.

As both of them are quality, it becomes quite difficult when it comes to choosing one out of these two tools. In this case, we have made a b2evolution vs WordPress comparison focusing on all the aspects you may pay attention, such as the popularity, usability, customization opportunities, installation and many more.

User Target

JustHostWordPress is regarded to be the most-used tool for blogging on the web. All the beginners and advanced bloggers prefer using WordPress for the easy building and management, rich add-ons, and large customization chances. The features of great usability and support make WordPress a better blogging tool than all the other blogging platforms available on the web. Besides, WordPress is also being used by plenty of universities, businesses, celebrities, organizations and media business for creating their online visibility and presence.

For b2evolution, few business owners and newbies prefer it. The good thing is that some advanced bloggers and website developers welcome this software and use it for operating their personal websites and small blogs.


Both of the two tools are quite easy to be installed because of the presence of one-click installer of applications. This saves energy and time of most of the users may waste a lot of time for the script installation process.


easy wayIn terms of utilization, WordPress is better than b2evolution because it helps the users in managing their blogs in an easier manner.

Both WordPress and b2evolution offer HTML versions to the users for creating their pages and posts. However, the users of b2evolution cannot simply copy and paste their contents. When they do this, it creates variant kinds of errors. This makes the entire process confusing, for most of the bloggers do not have any knowledge regarding how to change HTML coding.

If you have the knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS, then using b2evolution can be fine and simple for you. However, if you do not have such knowledge, then WordPress can be preferred by you as it allows the content paste. This makes WordPress more helpful than b2evolution for beginners.


WordPress could be easily customized, and it can be used for any purpose. It is backed by an enormous community that consists of hundreds and thousands of web developers who are working with the WordPress update and refinement, along with the creation of a lot of themes and plugins. Some of them even share their using experience and offer the support for some new users.

b2evolution also has a user community, but due to its smaller users base as compared with WordPress, this community is not as that large as WordPress.

Themes and Plugins

designWordPress contains a large number of premium themes and plugins in it, which make it quite easier and helpful to be used for blogging and website development for website decoration. You can easily find out the required plugins and themes on the web, and can download them easily to alter the appearance of your websites and blogs. With the help of these themes and plugins, you can extend the working of your websites effectively. In addition to this, the installation of themes and plugins are easy and fast, and it does not require any technical knowledge on your part.

As compared with that of WordPress, b2evolution has a limited number of extensions and templates. It only contains 182 plugins and 107 skins. The procedure of the installation is quite easy and simple. However, there are certain extensions that need further configurations. In a case that you have a significant knowledge of coding, then you are able to do the work of customization while using b2evolution.


Presently, WordPress is providing its service to more than 60 million users on the web. It provides the ultimate power to more than 14% of the best websites of the world.

As compared with that of WordPress, b2evolution has a smaller base of customer and community in spite of the fact that it is being used by thousands of bloggers and businesses. According to a research result, b2evolution has only 893 likes on Facebook and the number of its Twitter followers is only 530.


All the aforementioned aspects for the comparison of WordPress vs b2evolution suggest that WordPress is a better and much more beneficial blogging platform for all the bloggers and beginners out there. If you want to create your own website or want to build up your own blog, then you can put your trust in WordPress as it leads the world of blogging and internet marketing.

Moreover, as WordPress requires a reliable hosting service for proper running, we have listed the best WordPress hosting options as following, all of which are cost-effective, making sure the excellent hosting performance and technical support.