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A Small Orange VS HostGator for Hosting a Blog

A Small Orange VS HostGator for Hosting a Blog

Both A Small Orange and HostGator are the top options for many bloggers for the establishment of blog sites. In the following, we’d like to make an A Small Orange vs HostGator comparison to figure out which one offers the better service. To come out the objective result, we have personally tried their hosting services and have collected the hosting feedbacks of their customers all over the world.

A Small Orange has been founded since 2003, devoting in delivering the most powerful hosting solution and the best customer service. At present, this web host has grown to host tens of thousands of websites worldwide.

HostGator has been established since 2002, serving for millions of websites with more than 850 professional employees. This company claims to guarantee at least 99.99% uptime and fast hosting speed that is less than 5 seconds for webpage loading.

Rating HostGator A Small Orange
Technical Support
Link Activation Not Recommended

About HostGator

HostGator steps into this industry since the year of 2002. With years of growth and efforts, this web host now has won a large number of industry awards for their offered service. They simply raise the bar when considering the web hosting for technical support, reliability and hosting speed. Even, this web host has received the recommendation that acknowledges their reliability and dependability on some niches such as WordPress, bloggers, Joomla and many more.

At present, there are around 500 HostGator staffs who have already addressed more than 5 million live chats, along with thousands of calls and emails on a daily basis. Since June, 2012, HostGator even has become one of the famous brands of EIG.

About A Small Orange

A Small Orange was found in the year of 2003 in Atlantic, with the aim of delivering the most reliable hosting service along with the best possible support service. At present, this web host has grown to be a famous hosting provider that offers the services to tens of thousands of webmasters all over the world.

As researched, we can conclude that A Small Orange is not the common web hosting provider you can find online. They never offer the so-called “unlimited packages” that actually may require you to take the costly upgrade for meeting your needs and expectations. Instead, they only require you to pay for the server resources, features and the support service that you need.

HostGator Wins Over A Small Orange

Price Value

HostGator regularly charges you starting at $4.95/mo, which leaves no heavy burden for the majority of common bloggers. Now, to give you more benefits, this web host releases a coupon code EUNGE30OFF, reducing the hosting charges down to $3.46/mo effectively.

As for A Small Orange, it is true that this web host charges starting at $2.9/mo only. However, this cheap price is valid to a feature-poor plan that can only be used for a static one-page site. As for the blog hosting packages, this web host recommends you to purchase from the Small plan, charging you starting at $4.16/mo.

Price HostGator A Small Orange
Plans in Comparison Hatchling Small
3 Years $3.46/mo $4.16/mo
2 Years $4.16/mo $4.16/mo
1 Year $4.86/mo $4.16/mo
How to Claim Link Activation Not Recommended

Feature Offerings

Both of these two web hosts offer sufficient server resources, cPanel control panel, 1-click script installation, free website builder, MySQL 5, PHP 5, Ruby, Python, Perl, CURL and many more. To be frank, they can meet the hosting needs of almost all the bloggers.

However, when comparing them intensively for this aspect, HostGator is better as this web host also provides:

  • 4,500 free website templates
  • $100 Google AdWords credits
  • $100 Yahoo, Bing credits
  • Free transfer for websites, domains, MySQL and scripts
  • Security measures of Password Protection Directories, Hotlink Protection and SpamAssassin
  • Advanced features for geeks including Cron Job, PCAN, GD library, CGI and many more

Besides, as comparing their cheapest packages of HostGator Hatchling plan and A Small Orange Tiny plan, the former one offers an unlimited allocation of server resources if you do not consume over 25% of the whole resource of a single server. The latter one, however, only allows 500 MB of storage and 5 GB of bandwidth.

Hosting Reliability

At least 99.9% uptime is the common guarantee of these two web hosts. To keep this promise, both of them adopt the quality web servers that are composed by some robust components. Besides, they all rent two world-class data centers to ensure a smooth server running.

  • HostGator – It has two data centers that are within the CyrusOne facility and the Ace facility respectively, featuring with at least 300,000 square feet, HVAC, diesel fuel tanks, UPS units, 24/7 monitoring and many more.
  • A Small Orange – This company also has two distinct US-based data centers, coming with the redundant and 2N architectures, onsite fuel, multiple backup diesel generators, biometric access and CCTV surveillance.

As we have personally monitored their uptime in the real word, we have found that HostGator succeeds in achieving a 100% uptime. As for A Small Orange, it achieves a 99.77% uptime on average, causing some downtimes that are lasting for tens of minutes.

HostGator vs A Small Orange - Uptime

Page Loading Speed

Besides the uptime, HostGator also has done a better job in terms of page loading speed by offering the CloudFlare CDN service. This kind of service simply copies your website data and content into multiple servers that are located at different server spaces all over the world. Once people load your webpage, they can be responded from the nearest servers. This greatly shortens the physical distance for data delivery, thus improve the hosting speed.

According to our monitoring result, the server response time of HostGator is about 200ms, only a third of the response time achieved by A Small Orange which is about 600ms.

HostGator vs A Small Orange - Speed

Support Channels

It is true that both of them succeed in offering responsive technical support that is available 24/7 via live chat and email. Even, the majority of real customers are highly satisfied with their support efficiency.

However, when it comes to their support channels, HostGator also allows the phone support which is a lack of A Small Orange. To be frank, this lacking may cause great inconveniences for customers who need instant help.

A Small Orange Wins Over HostGator

Free Domain

If you purchase the Small, Medium and Large plan of A Small Orange with a 12-month billing, you can get a free domain name with the .com extension for one year. HostGator simply lacks this offering, charging customers starting at $9.95/yr for domain name registration.


A Small Orange utilizes the CloudLinux operating system that is great for isolating the over-consumption of server resources and controlling traffic spikes, minimizing the downtime greatly. HostGator, however, does not work with CloudLinux.

Money Back Guarantee

The money back guarantee is used to achieve the sense of worry-free for you. With this guarantee, you can ask for your money back if you want to cancel your hosting account. For this feature, A Small Orange offers the longer period of 90 days than HostGator that allows 45 days.


Obviously, HostGator is a better option for blog building as compared with A Small Orange. It has done great in terms of the hosting charges, feature offerings, uptime, page loading speed and support. As we have surveyed their customers, almost all of them are highly satisfied with this web host.