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Arvixe vs SiteGround - Which Is Better for Hosting a Blog

Arvixe vs SiteGround – Which Is Better for Hosting a Blog

The Arvixe vs SiteGround comparison is made for blog owners who are looking for a budget-friendly web host offering the fast and reliable hosting solution. In fact, both of these two web hosts are such kind of top-notch hosting providers, so choosing between them may be a headache for many bloggers.

In this case, we have made an Arvixe vs SiteGround comparison in the following, figuring out their pros and cons as compared with each other.

The following chart demonstrates the editorial rating based on opinions of real customers and our professional editors who have experienced their hosting solutions for more than a year.

Rating SiteGround Arvixe
Technical Support

Their Similarities

In fact, both of these two web hosts have offered a long list of hosting features to meet the needs of the almost all the common bloggers. Besides, as the online stability and accessibility are important for all the websites, these two companies also have done a lot of efforts to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime in the real-world.

Rich Offerings of Hosting Features

After checking their feature lists, we have found that both Arvixe and SiteGround are generous web hosts that offer rich-featured hosting solutions.

  • Sufficient allocation of disk storage and monthly data transfer.
  • Multiple websites are allowed to be hosted on one account.
  • Free service for domain registration, website setup and transfer, daily backup and many more.
  • Advanced cPanel control panel along with the 1-click script installer.
  • CloudFlare CDN service is offered for free, boosting the page loading speed greatly.
  • Free advertising credits for Google AdWords that are worth of $100.
  • PHP 5, MySQL 5, CGI, SSH, SSL, Perl, Python are included into the packages.

Great Hosting Reliability

Generally, the uptime that a web host can guarantee mainly depends on the utilization of web servers and data centers. In this case, both of them pay much attention to these two aspects to promise the highest level of hosting reliability.

  • Arvixe – This web host adopts the bleeding-edge servers with solid SSD drives in RAID 10. All the servers are located at three world-class data centers that are equipped with fully redundant power supply, parallel network architecture, multiple Tier One providers for bandwidth and 24/7 monitoring.
  • SiteGround – With the latest advanced Apache servers, all the hosted websites of this web host can be guaranteed with the ultimate security and reliability. To make sure that all the server machines can work properly all the times, SiteGround rents multiple server locations on three continents, each of which comes with industry-standard electricity redundancy and physical security.

Backed by these advanced facilities and machines, both of these two web hosts claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. According to our real-time monitoring for around three months, they have fully met their promises.

Arvixe vs SiteGround on Uptime

Support for Popular Scripts

At present, there are massive numbers of useful scripts available to help you set up different kinds of websites with much ease. However, all of these scripts require the rich hosting environment for the proper running. Luckily, both Arvixe and SiteGround have supported all the popular scripts well, such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento and WordPress.

  • 100% compatibility – Firstly, both of them ensure the 100% compatibility for these scripts. As most of these tools are developed based on PHP and MySQL, Arvixe and SiteGround all ensure the latest versions of them. In addition, some other technical requirements of each script are fully met by these two web hosts.
  • Properly adjusted server environment – All of their servers are tuned and adjusted in a proper manner to ensure the excellent hosting environment for these scripts.
  • Easy installation – In order to achieve the easy script installation and the fast website starting, both of these two web hosts include the 1-click script installer into their hosting packages. Arvixe, in particular, offers the branded Softaculous one.
  • Useful articles – After checking the articles available in their knowledge base, we have found a lot of useful contents telling you how to leverage these scripts in the most effective manner.

Aspects of Arvixe Wins Over SiteGround

Arvixe does a better job than SiteGround in terms of the hosting charges, page loading speed and the technical support. When comparing intensively for the hosting features, Arvixe also wins slightly.

Cheaper Hosting Charges

By default, the hosting prices of Arvixe Personal Class plan and Personal Class Pro plan are starting at $4/mo and $7/mo respectively. But now, this web host starts a special campaign with the coupon code BWH360, cutting the hosting charges down to $2.8/mo effectively with a 30% discount.

As for SiteGround, this web host originally charges you starting at $9.95/mo. At present, it also releases a default 60% discount that reduces the prices down to $3.95/mo.

Clearly, Arvixe is the cheaper option than SiteGround. In addition, it offers a longer money back period of 60 days, while SiteGround only has 30 days.

Price SiteGround Arvixe
1 Year $3.95/mo $4/mo
2 Years $3.95/mo $2.8/mo
Not Recommended Coupon Code BWH360

Faster Hosting Performance

No one likes a slow website, so Arvixe focuses on the hosting performance greatly. It adopts the solid state drives instead of the common hard drives, which can achieve a lower latency and better data access for your website. Besides, this web host utilizes the high-powered network with multiple Tier One providers for telecom and internet connections, with which the network path between your site and your readers can be shortened effectively.

In addition, by partnering with CloudFlare, Arvixe offers the CDN service that caches your website data via a large number of web servers that are located all over the world. Once a browser sends the request for loading your webpage, it can get the response quickly from the nearest server location.

As we have monitored the hosting performance of these two web hosts, Arvixe achieves a better result for our sample site than SiteGround, consuming an average of 270 ms for server responding. Check the following comparison chart that demonstrates how they perform during the past 24 hours.

Arvixe vs SiteGround on Speed

More Professional Technical Support

In fact, both Arvixe and SiteGround view the technical support service seriously. With any of them, you can enjoy a 24/7 support service via multiple platforms including email, live chat, hotline and ticket system.

However, the difference is that the support representatives of Arvixe are professional enough to resolve any of your issues, no matter how technical and complicated your questions are. As for SiteGround, its technical support is offered on an “as-available-basis”. If your request exceeds the common support scope, you’ll be charged for the paid support to get the advanced development services.

Some Minor Advantages Over SiteGround

Both of them offer the free domain for you. However, the domain offered by Arvixe is free for the whole life while the one offered by SiteGround is free for the first year only.

Arvixe includes the geek feature of Ruby on Rails into the hosting package. SiteGround, however, has discontinued the Ruby on Rails support for the shared web hosting plans.

Arvixe does not set any registrations on the usage of server resources, with the prerequisite that you are not over-using the capacities for some improper practices. But SiteGround decides clearly that how many web spaces and monthly bandwidth you can use for each month.

Both of them offer $100 advertising credits for Google AdWords, but Arvixe also offers another $100 for Yahoo and Bing advertising.

Better Hosting Security

It is true that you can get the safe and secure hosting environment from either Arvixe or SiteGround. However, if you care a lot for this part, you’d better consider Arvixe due to the below efforts they have made.

  • All the server machines are greatly adjusted with the segregation technology to prevent the potential dangers brought by the server users.
  • The data centers are all coming with the advanced security systems and the worry-free entrance/exit.
  • The daily backup service is offered for free, which can give you the regular and comprehensive website copies.
  • The DDoS prevention and firewall are also available.

Aspects of SiteGround Wins Over Arvixe

SiteGround has done a great job in terms of its knowledgebase and tutorials for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal exclusively, coming with rich information that helps you resolve almost all the common problems for blog building.

Besides, this web host offers the SSL certification for free for its GrowBig plan and the GoGeek plan. Arvixe, however, charges you at the price of $25 for each year no matter which plan you choose.


It is true that both Arvixe and SiteGround are the reliable blog hosting providers that offer rich features. However, according to this comparison, Arvixe is undoubtedly the better option that achieves a faster page loading and better technical support, and charges you at a cheaper price.