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Arvixe vs GoDaddy - Which One Is The Better Blog Hosting

Arvixe vs GoDaddy – Which One Is The Better Blog Hosting

When choosing between Arvixe and GoDaddy for blog hosting, you have to think about their prices, features, technical support, industry reputation, ease of use, page loading speed, uptime and many other aspects. To save your time and efforts for comparing them, we have done a comprehensive Arvixe vs GoDaddy comparison, helping you pick up the better one easily. Note that to come out the precise result, we have experienced these two web hosts personally.

Arvixe Wins Over GoDaddy

Arvixe is a superior blog hosting provider that has been established since 2003. This company knows what you want, thus can support you well. As comparing with GoDaddy, Arvixe has done better in terms of price, features, support service and page loading speed.


Arvixe launches two blog hosting plans that were priced at $4/mo and $7/mo initially. Now, with the release of the coupon code BWH360, you can get the service starting at $2.8/mo effectively, already 30% off the regular price.

As for GoDaddy, this web host has launched a default promotional activity that achieves an up to 46% discount. However, the discounted price is still higher than that of Arvixe, charging you starting at $4.99/mo.

Price Arvixe GoDaddy
Plan In Review PersonalClass Economy
1 Month $6.3/mo N/A
6 Months $5.4/mo N/A
12 Months $4/mo $4.99/mo
24 Months $2.8/mo $3.99/mo
36 Months N/A $3.99/mo
Coupon: BWH360 Not Recommended


Both of them offer a wide range of hosting features that are all necessary for common bloggers, including sufficient server resources, easy-to-use cPanel control panel, 1-click script installer, PHP 5, MySQL 5, phpMyAdmin, CloudLinux, SSH, shared SSL, Cron Jobs, Perl, Python and many more.

However, as comparing intensively, Arvixe is more rich-featured than GoDaddy in the following aspects.

  • Domain name – Both of them offer the free domain name. However, Arvixe allows life-time validity, while GoDaddy simply charges you when you need to renew your hosting plan. Besides, if the term length of your domain is longer than that of your hosting plan, you have to pay for the additional registration term.
  • CDN – Arvixe offers the CloudFlare CDN service for free to improve the hosting performance, being available for all the web hosting plans. GoDaddy also has a Website Accelerator that uses the Content Delivery Network, but the service is only valid for US residents who purchase the Ultimate Linux Web Hosting plan.
  • Advertising Credits – Arvixe offers $100 credits for Google AdWords and another $100 for Yahoo! Bing. GoDaddy also claims to offer the ads credits for Yahoo! Bing and Facebook, but we cannot find how much money it allows.

Support Service

Arvixe has done pretty well in terms of technical support. It has established a self-owned support team that is available all the times even during the Christmas Eve. Once you have any issue, you can contact the support representatives via free hotline, live chat, email and ticket system. As personally tested, the response time of email and ticket system is around 10 minutes, and that of live chat and hotline is within seconds.

As for GoDaddy, this web host offers a global support via multiple hotlines for different countries. However, some areas like Brazil, Portugal and many more do not offer the all-time-available phone support. Besides, GoDaddy does not provide the live chat support for instant trouble-shooting.

Page Loading Speed & Uptime

To compare this aspect, we have set up two identical blog sites that are all based on WordPress, coming with the same template, plugin and contents. Then, after monitoring their server response time for around 6 months using Pingdom, we have found that Arvixe is about 76% faster than GoDaddy. The following chart simply demonstrates a small piece of how these two blog sites perform during the past days.

As for the reliability, both of them succeed in achieving at least 99.9% uptime. However, Arvixe is still better to achieve a 99.96% uptime while GoDaddy achieves 99.93%.

GoDaddy Wins Over Arvixe

GoDaddy is a large web hosting provider that supports more than 13 million of customers with over 59 million of domains under management. This kind of popularity clear indicates the good quality of its hosting service. In terms of Arvixe, this web host fails to achieve such a large customer base.

Besides, GoDaddy now has more than 4,500 employees and 14 facilities all around the world. All the staffs are professional and well-trained; all the facilities are advanced with the cutting-edge infrastructures. To be frank, Arvixe is far behind GoDaddy when it comes to this aspect. According to its official site, Arvixe only has three data centers for you to choose.


According to this comparison, Arvixe is absolutely a better option for the blog building, offering reliable and fast hosting along with a good support service and cheap prices. As for GoDaddy, it indeed has a large user base, but its customer satisfaction rate is not as high as that of Arvixe. Check the following chart to learn how customers view the hosting service of Arvixe.