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Arvixe VS BlueHost – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

Arvixe VS BlueHost – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

With over 10 years’ hosting experience, Arvixe and BlueHost have grown into professional companies and enjoyed vast popularity in the shared hosting field. For both companies provide affordable hosting solutions, it is hard to tell which is the better choice for beginners. The Arvixe vs BlueHost helps readers make a decision by comparing the two web hosts in terms of the shared web hosting.

About Arvixe and BlueHost


Arvixe was founded in 2003. With the planned growth and rock-solid ground work, this web host now hosts thousands of websites globally. These sites include enterprises, businesses, personal websites, blogs. etc. Arvixe claims to achieve the great combination of unmatched affordability, reliability, peak performance and responsive support. However, it actually fails in the performance and support as many complaints are there.


BlueHost can be regarded as the leading web hosting provider in the market. Established in the year of 2003, this web host now grows with more than 700 experts to support millions of websites all over the world. The customer base even enlarges continuously.

Backed by the cloud-based online services, BlueHost is famous for the hosting reliability and hosting performance. Besides, with hundreds of professional employees who are pushing the boundaries for the quality hosting, they have gained a great customer satisfaction rate.

The following rating table shows the strength of Arvixe and BlueHost briefly, which is based on over 500 customer feedback collected by our editors.

Rating Arvixe BlueHost
Tech Support
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After having an overall view of the two shared hosting providers, let’s look into the information of price, features, performance and customer service.

Arvixe VS BlueHost > Plans & Price

Arvixe shared hosting is regarded as a big bargain because this company charges low hosting fees starting at $4/mo. The 2 hosting solutions, including PersonalClass and PersonalClass Pro, are priced from $4/mo and $7/mo. Additionally, once purchasing a package, customers are allowed to register a new domain free of charge.

BlueHost releases 3 hosting solutions called Basic, Plus and Business Pro, designed for both individuals and corporations. And now, the company enables a promotional link for the activation of up to 65% discounts. If customers purchase the service via the following link activation, the price is down to $3.49/mo. Besides, each plan includes up to $200 marketing and one free domain name.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Arvixe VS BlueHost > Features

In addition to affordable price, the sufficient resources and advanced featured are also the key to making Arvixe and BlueHost superior to other competitors. The information shown as below tells the amount of disk space & bandwidth, the version of programming language, the use of control panel, etc. Note that, the selected plans are PersonalClass and Basic.

Feature Arvixe BlueHost
Disk Space Unlimited 100GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain Yes Yes
MySQL5 Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
PHP5 Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Control Panel cPanel cPanel

Besides, there is a 1-click website builder that enables webmasters install multiple applications with a few clicks.

What’s more, BlueHost allows multiple free website scripts, like PHPBB, WordPress, and b2evolution. These scripts, then, simplify the development of a forum, blog, business site, wiki site, etc. Besides, by featuring osCommerce, Cube Cart, Agora Cart, Zen Cart and some other e-commerce applications, BlueHost can be a solid option for starting e-commerce sites.

Arvixe VS BlueHost > Reliability

BlueHost utilizes US-based data centers with redundant power generators, so that it delivers at least 99.9% uptime to the hosted websites all over the world. The technicians keep monitoring all servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of an emergency. During the past 30 days, we have tested the uptime of BlueHost. And as a result, we get the conclusion that this company achieves 99.99% uptime indeed.

Arvixe once offered a high percentage of uptime which exceeded 99.9%. But the records now are not that excellent. Sometimes the uptime falls below 99.98% due to the frequent small downtimes lasting about 15 minutes. And according to some Arvixe customers, some of the company’s servers are not reliable at all. The websites hosted on these servers usually go down suddenly for days.

Arvixe VS BlueHost > Speed

For the hosting speed, we have also tested the server response time of Arvixe and BlueHost and drawn a conclusion shown in the following chart. To be honest, BlueHost have done a better job.

In order to ensure the great uptime track record and the fast server response speed, BlueHost has done the following efforts.

  • They develop their server machines from the ground up with the DELL branded components, plenty of server resources, SSD arrays, RAID 10 and rock-solid drives. With the advanced machines, your website data can be delivered smoothly.
  • After investigating a large sum of money, BlueHost sets up multiple data centers to host their web servers. Each of the data centers is equipped with advanced facilities to ensure the proper running of all the machines.
  • To protect you from some bad users sharing the same web server, BlueHost offers the segregation technology to isolate your server resources greatly. In this case, you do not need to worry about the slow speed and frequent downtime caused by the sudden traffic surge of your neighborhoods.

Arvixe VS BlueHost > Customer Service

Arvixe allows a discussion board for all visitors and encourage them to raise questions to ask for help or give answers to help other people deal with issues. For BlueHost, its technicians have published a large number of tutorials on the official site and keep updating new posts regularly, from which people can get the valuable skills on hosting.

To test whether Arvixe and BlueHost offer responsive technical support from real persons, our editors contacted the support staffs via live chat, email and phone respectively to inquiry about shared hosting service. It is predictable that BlueHost is responsive in all the communication channels, but to our surprise, Arvixe does a really bad job in technical support.

Below are the reasons why we say the support service offered by Arvixe is bad.

  • The response time for tickets is too long. Unlike with BlueHost that customers can get a reply for tickets within 15 minutes, it takes Arvixe support agents more than 24 hours to reply those tickets reporting server issues.
  • Those support agents on live chat and phone don’t offer any help. They can blame the fault on the customers, and at most times, they only make regular replies which actually include no helpful information.

Summary – BlueHost Is the Solution

Based on the comparisons above, we can conclude that BlueHost is much better than its rival. This is not only because the company has better uptime and speed, but also the technical support which is helpful in the real world. Therefore, BlueHost is the one worth going.