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Arvixe Coupon Code for 30% Off Saving

Arvixe Coupon Code for 30% Off Saving

Arvixe is a web hosting company that provides customers with cheap hosting solutions by releasing special coupon codes. Among all the available coupon codes that can be found, BWH360 is the most beneficial one that achieves at least 30% discount off the regular charging.

Arvixe Coupon Code

This web host has two web hosting plans named as Personal Class and Personal Class Pro. Initially, they are charged starting at $4/mo and $7/mo. With the release of coupon code BWH360, however, customers can purchase them at the price of $2.8/mo and $4.9/mo only.

Note that these cheap rates are valid for the 24-month billing. If customers sign up with a 12-month billing, 6-month billing and 1-month billing, they can get a 20%, 10% and 10% discount respectively using this coupon code.

In the following, we have presented a price table, demonstrating the discounts and discounted prices of the two plans offered by Arvixe.

Price Personal Class Personal Class Pro
24 Months(30%) $2.8/mo $4.9/mo
12 Months(20%) $4/mo $6.4/mo
6 Months(10%) $5.4/mo $8.1/mo
1 Month(10%) $6.3/mo $9/mo

Free Extras

In addition to the cheap hosting charges, customers can also get some free extras by signing up with Arvixe using this coupon code.

  • Free domain name that is available for the whole life, without any renewal fees
  • Free $100 Google AdWords vouchers and free $100 Yahoo!Bing credits
  • 60 days money back guarantee

Important Update in September 2016 – Coupon Code Expired

Here is a piece of bad news that the coupon code mentioned above has completely EXPIRED. This means that you can no longer enjoy the cheap price of $2.8/mo for the Personal Class plan or the $4.9/mo for the Personal Class Pro plan. Besides, any other discounts discussed in this post are also not valid any more.

Since no coupon code is available currently, you will need to pay the following regular fees when buying Arvixe shared hosting plans.

  • Personal Class: $4/mo for 2-year term, $5/mo for 1-year term, $6/mo for 6-month term, and $7/mo for 3/1-month term.
  • Personal Class Pro: $7/mo for 2-year term, $8/mo for 1-year term, $9/mo for 6-month term, and $10/mo for 3/1-month term.

With no discount applied, Arvixe undoubtedly loses a lot of its competitiveness since cheap price is always the selling point. In fact, many web hosts has done much better than Arvixe no matter in the price, or the performance and technical support, including the following ones. To know why Arvixe is not ranked among the top web hosts, read this Arvixe review.